Do you want to download the best hadith application for Android? Here, a few recommendations of the best Islamic hadith applications that you can try!

If the Koran application is widely available and is also used by Muslims, then do you already have a hadith application on your cellphone?

As we know, Muslims have two references to the source of Islamic law, the Koran and hadith.

Therefore, as with the Koran, we also need to study the traditions in order to know Islam more deeply.

Especially in the fasting month like now, activities related to religion and goodness certainly become a reward field that we can do.

Islamic hadith application

Unlike the Koran application or even daily prayers that are scattered on the internet, the recommendation of the hadith application seems to be rarely found.

Quiet! for those of you who are looking for a hadith application, in this article ApkVenue will love you 5 recommendations of the best hadith applications for Android.

1. Hadith Sahih Muslim

Application of Hadith Sahih Muslim Ba956
Sahih Muslim Hadith 2ef74
Sahih Muslim hadith

From the many hadith applications available, Sahih Muslim hadith can you make a choice to-install it on your Android cellphone.

This Sahih Muslim hadith is claimed to be the most complete application that provides around more than $ 300 5000 hadiths you can learn.

In addition, this application is also equipped with several features that will facilitate you in learning the hadiths.

These features include Hadith search feature, bookmarks, share the hadith, and also font settings.

All of that you can enjoy for free through the Sahih Muslim Hadith application.

InformationSahih Muslim hadith
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.7 (249)
amount Install it10K +
Android Minimum4.0

2. Complete Hadith

Application of Complete Hadith 1110e
Complete Hadith 72fea
Complete Hadith

Recommendations for the next hadith application that you can install it is Complete Hadith.

As the name implies, this application provides features that are very complete you know, friends.

Not only hadiths, this application also gives users such features daily prayers, live radio, live tv, video propaganda & science, Asmaul Husna, and many more.

In addition, you can also listen to the full audio reading of the Koran from sura 1 to 144 you know.

How complete, right, friends?

InformationComplete Hadith
DeveloperCV. Jogja Technology Gadgets
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.6 (1,802)
amount Install it100K +
Android Minimum4.1

3. Encyclopedia of Hadith – Book 9 Imams

Application of Encyclopedia of Hadith B5666
Saltanera Logo Encyclopedia9 Icon
Encyclopedia of Hadith 9 Imam
Browser Saltanera

Hadith Encyclopedia is one of the most popular hadith applications because it offers a very complete collection of traditions.

It turns out that the process of making this application is quite time consuming, you know, which is around 10 years. No wonder this application is a collection of hadiths 9 books.

This application is loading 62,000 more traditions than 9 such famous hadith books Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Daud, and many more.

In addition to the complete collection of traditions presented in this application, there are also features that are certainly very helpful for you in learning them.

One of the most interesting features is degree of hadith. This feature allows you to find out whether the given hadith is entered into the degree of saheeh, hasan, or da’eef.

Anyway, this Encyclopedia of Hadith application is highly recommended for those of you who want toinstall it Islamic hadith application.

InformationEncyclopedia of Hadith – Book 9 Imams
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.7 (27,709)
amount Install it500K +
Android Minimum4.4

4. Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad

Application of the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad D37e1
Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 6ea54
Prophet Muhammad’s hadith

The recommendation of the application of the following hadith is named Prophet Muhammad’s hadith.

As the name implies, this application contains a collection of Prophet’s traditions available in Arabic and Indonesian.

Not just a collection of traditions, this application also contains the names of the Prophet’s friends who narrated them.

The application of the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is intended to make it easier for users to access the traditions so that they can become lessons and practice them in daily life.

InformationProphet Muhammad’s hadith
DeveloperCreavy Dev
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.8 (192)
amount Install it10K +
Android Minimum4.1

5. Islamic Quotes

Application of Islamic Quotes A8685
Islamic Quotes De0b9
Islamic Quotes

Recommendations for the last hadith application from ApkVenue namely Islamic Quotes.

This application allows you to learn the Koran and hadith more easily and fun because you will get a daily reminder containing Islamic quotes sourced from the hadith.

Another advantage of this application is the database traditions that will be updated regularly so that you won’t miss the latest traditions.

In addition, this application has a simple interface that makes it easy to use.

InformationIslamic Quotes
DeveloperRendev Mobile
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.8 (116)
amount Install it1K +
Android Minimum4.0

The final word

Here it is, some recommendations of Islamic hadith applications that can beinstall it on your Android cellphone.

Now, if you have downloaded the above hadith application, don’t forget to also practice it, yes, the knowledge. May be useful!