Offline GPS will help you navigate when your smartphone does not have internet access. Check out ApkVenue’s article about the best offline GPS application.

GPS is one of the important features of every smartphone. With this GPS application, of course you don’t need to be afraid of not knowing the direction when going to a certain place.

Even so, most current GPS applications can only be used online alias connected to the internet. For you who don’t have Internet connection, of course it will be quite difficult.

To overcome this problem, this time ApkVenue will recommend several the best offline GPS application you can use. Stay tuned.

10 Best Offline GPS Applications

Offline GPS will certainly help you when traveling to places that do not have an internet connection, such as in remote places, villages, or in the mountains.

You can first download a map of the area you want to visit. The map that you have downloaded will then be integrated with the satellite so you can find out your specific position.

Don’t forget to always update the map that you downloaded. Sooner or later, road access will always change according to needs.

Without wasting any more time, here are recommendations 10 of the best offline GPS applications you can use. Check it out!

1. Google Maps

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Google Maps Icon
Google Maps for Android
Productivity Google Inc.

Maps Google made is one of the best GPS applications to be a direction wherever you go.

Google Maps also provides features Offline Mode. This feature allows you to find directions without having to connect to the internet.

To use the offline features in the Google Maps application, You must download the map first. After that, you can use it offline.

InformationGoogle Maps
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.3 (10,443,182)
SizeVaries With Device
Install it5,000,000,000+
Android MinimumVaries With Device

2. Polaris GPS Navigation

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Polaris Gps Navigation 2283a
Polaris GPS Navigation

Application made DS Software this is suitable for you who have a hobby hikinghunting animals, camping, hiking, and activities outdoor the other.

Polaris Navigation GPS also equipped with a compass as well as several other advanced features, such as distance & time, magnetic heading, latitude & longtitude, and many more.

InformationPolaris GPS Navigation
DeveloperDS Software
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.4 (34,173)
SizeVaries With Device
Install it1,000,000+
Android MinimumVaries With Device

3. Sygic: GPS Navigation & Maps

Offline Gps Application 3 84393
Sygic Gps Navigation Offline Maps F4b4f
Sygic – GPS Navigation & Offline Maps

The next is Sygic: GPS Navigation & Maps. Artificial offline map application Sygic it offers 3D offline maps that you can save on your mobile.

Therefore, you can use Sygic without an internet connection. The maps that are served in this application are also updated every year. So, you can always rely on this application as navigation.

InformationSygic: GPS Navigation & Maps
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.4 (1,551,126)
SizeVaries With Device
Install it50,000,000+
Android MinimumVaries With Device

4. GPS Navigation System, Traffic & Maps by Karta

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Kps Gps Offline Navigation Dbac6
Karta GPS – Offline Navigation

The next Offline GPS application is Karta GPS – Offline Navigation. Artificial application Karta Software Techologies This also allows you to access maps without an internet connection.

Besides being free, this application is also very practical. There are features to find a parking space and a guide for pedestrians that is perfect for those of you who are traveling abroad.

InformationGPS Navigation System, Traffic & Maps by Karta
DeveloperKarta Software Technologies
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.5 (70,737)
Install it5,000,000+
Android Minimum5.0

5. Offline Maps & Navigation

Offline Gps Application 5
Offline Maps Navigation E6110
Offline Maps & Navigation

The next Offline GPS application is the application Offline Maps & Navigation. Application made by Navigation. it has various interesting features, the friends.

Apart from being an offline pointer, this application also has features multi-language, GPS, speed limit, 3D buildings and many more. You can use this application for many things.

InformationOffline Maps & Navigation
DeveloperMaps, GPS Navigation
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.7 (347,120)
SizeVaries With Device
Install it10,000,000+
Android MinimumVaries With Device

Other Best Offline GPS Applications …

6. Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps

Offline Bdaad Gps Application
Navitel Navigator Gps Maps 30c82
Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps

Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps is an offline GPS application that is equipped with various features, including Navitel traffic, weather, turn-by-turn, 3D Mapping, and many other features.

You have to download the map first to use this best GPS application offline. Not just a pointer, this application can also show the weather.

InformationNavitel Navigator GPS & Maps
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.1 (190,148)
Install it10,000,000+
Android Minimum4.0

7. CityMaps2Go Plan Trips Offline Maps Travel Guide

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Citymaps2go Plan Trips Travel Guide Offline Maps 85666
CityMaps2Go Plan Trips Travel Guide Offline Maps

Application City Maps 2Go is the best GPS application that has unique features. Besides you can use GPS offline, you can also book hotel rooms or lodging directly using this application.

The ordering process is also quite practical and fast. In addition, the search feature by category will also make it easier for you when you want to find a place that you want.

InformationCityMaps2Go Plan Trips Travel Guide Offline Maps
DeveloperUlm gmbH
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.3 (68,773)
Install it1,000,000+
Android Minimum5.0


Offline GPS Application 8 14ad6
Mapsoffline Icon
MAPS.ME Offline Map & Routing

MAPS.ME is the best GPS application that you can use offline. This application has coverage of 345 countries and islands which are equipped with detailed maps.

In addition, you will also be spoiled with easy navigation features such as car driving modes, pedestrians, and motorists, equipped with distance and estimated time.

In addition, you can also use the features of this application to book hotel and lodging rooms practically, friends.

InformationMAPS.ME B.V.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.5 (1,076,064)
SizeVaries With Device
Install it50,000,000+
Android Minimum4.0.3

9. Locus Map Free – Outdoor GPS navigation and maps

Offline 9 Dc07c Gps Application
Locus Map Free 78aa7
Locus Map Free – Outdoor GPS Navigation and Maps

Locus Map is the next offline GPS application that is suitable for you who like to do activities outdoor, like climbing mountains and more.

The features presented by the GPS application are recording tracks and storing trip statistics in detail.

That way, you will know which locations you have visited and how long it will take.

InformationLocus Map Free – Outdoor GPS navigation and maps
DeveloperAsamm Software, s. r. o.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.4 (41,924)
Install it1,000,000+
Android Minimum5.0

10. MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

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Mapfactor Gps 67d60
MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

Finally, there are other best offline GPS applications, i.e. MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps. Application made MapFactor you can use this without an internet connection in more than 200 countries.

Features that are featured in the MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps application include intuitive voice, turn-by-turn navigation, speed limits, and camera warnings, and route routing.

InformationMapFactor GPS Navigation Maps
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer)4.5 (962,222)
SizeVaries With Device
Install it1o.000,000 +
Android MinimumVaries With Device

The final word

Those are some of the recommendations of the best Offline GPS application that you can try. If you have other application recommendations, don’t forget share in the comment column. Good luck.