Who says gadgets can make you break your fast? The proof is that there are several applications made by Google that can make fasting even more afdol in this Ramadan.

Ramadan month became one of the most awaited moments by the people of Indonesia with the majority of Muslims to run the obligatory fasting.

Well, there are many ways to make your fasting less boring and more romantic.

Armed with smartphone that you have, at this time a lot of content that makes Ramadan more exciting, one of them through a few application made by Google ApkVenue will review this.

Google Indonesia Presents #GoogleFriends Ramadan

Facing the moment of Ramadan, Google Indonesia has prepared some interesting content in #GoogleFriends Ramadan which can be enjoyed by various users the platform.

Google Friends Ramadan 49d6f

Photo source: Google Indonesia

This is also supported by changes in routine internet users in Indonesia, as explained by Veronica Utami, as Head of Marketing Google Indonesia.

Selama bulan Ramadan terjadi peningkatan pencarian sebesar 40 persen, kemudian jumlah unduhan dan transaksi di Google Play sebesar 20 persen, dan waktu nonton YouTube meningkat 40 persen juga
- Veronica.

As for a number insight interesting during the month of Ramadan, many people do searches related to supporting worship, food, shopping, and also religious content.

Collection of Applications Made by Google to Live the Month of Ramadan

Now, to deal with increased search with these content, Google also maximizes a number of applications and features it has.

There anything? You can read in full below.

1. Google Search

Google Friends Ramadan Qibla Finder C6f4c

Photo source: Google Indonesia

Search via Google Search be the feature most used by users.

During the month of Ramadan, Google Search brings features Ramadan One Box which presents supporting religious content.

You just need to enter keywords “Ramadan”, “Ramadan”, or “fasting” on the device smartphone you to know the prayer schedule today or for the next 30 days.

There is also a feature to search for named Qibla direction Qibla Finder which integrates technology augmented reality (AR) to accompany you during the homecoming trip later.

How to Determine the Direction of Qibla C36e0

How to Find Qibla Direction with the Google Qibla Finder Application

Want to pray in public but don’t know the Qibla direction? Here, ApkVenue has several ways to determine the Qibla direction easily.

2. Google Assistant

In addition, there are also some Google Assistant which makes it easy for you to operate smartphone only by using voice commands.

In Ramadan, the Google Assistant can be useful in managing your activities, for example “Ok Google. Remind me to pray at 3.45 in the afternoon” to make reminders.

Or set an alarm for dawn by mention “Ok Google. Wake up at dawn at 3 am”. Then Google will wake you up.

Oh yes, before using the Google Assistant feature, make sure you have changed the language settings to Indonesian, ok friends.

3. Google Maps

Google Friends Ramadan Gmaps 2124e

Photo source: Google Indonesia

Google Maps Icon
Google Maps for Android
Productivity Google Inc.

Not just for navigation, now Google Maps can also provide recommendations for the most fun breaking in the area around you, you know.

Google Maps in collaboration with Qraved displays a number of the best shared open places on the list “Restaurants for Bukber” which has been curated by a number of teams.

To find it, you just open the Google Maps application and swipe up the card at the bottom, look for the Qraved logo to find a bukber restaurant for you and your friends.

4. Google Play

Google Play Store Icon
Google Play Store
Productivity Google Inc.

During the month of Ramadan, you can also enjoy a variety of interesting and special content on Google Play, such as applications and games that can make fasting even more fun.

Not only that, there are also a number of discounts and special promos that you can buy using credit, you know.

5. YouTube

Youtube Icon
Video & Audio Google Inc.

Ngabuburit is the most fun watching the latest videos on YouTube. In the month of Ramadan, you can watch new and interesting content from Creator On The Rise in the tab Trending.

Content uploadedan update every Wednesday it will present a number of videos from YouTube creators who are on the rise.

6. Google Duo

Google Friends Ramadan Duo A054a

Photo source: Google Indonesia

Google Duo Icon
Google Duo
Social & Messaging Google Inc.

On this Lebaran you don’t have time to go home? Take it easy, you can still feel the moment of togetherness by using services video call from Google Duo.

With a smooth network and does not drain the quota, this application made by Google also presents a number of features, such as video call group, video messages, and Duo for Web that can be accessed on your PC or laptop.

How To Video Call Smoothly With Google Duo 516b1

How To Video Call With Google Duo | Guaranteed Smooth and Save Quota!

Want to make a video call but afraid that your quota will run out? Here, ApkVenue will tell you how to make video calls smoothly and save on quota

Very interesting, right? While there are still a few more weeks before Lebaran, make your fasting more exciting with a range of features #GoogleFriends Ramadan let’s go

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