Looking for a free downloader application similar to IDM? Here, the 10 best downloader apps besides IDM that you can use for free!

Who doesn’t like a stable internet connection? Apart from being able to help work get done quickly, fast internet can also provide a comfortable surfing experience.

Especially for those of you who like downloading large files, a fast internet connection can also make you not have to wait long when waiting for the download to finish.

So that the download process is faster, there are also many people who use the application download manager such as Internet Download Manager.

Being one of the most popular download manager applications, apparently there are also applications downloader best besides IDM which can be an alternative for you to use.

Want to know what are the applications? Let’s look at the complete ApkVenue article below.

Application Downloader Best addition to IDM

If all this time you only rely on the IDM application so that the download process is faster, you must try a number of applications downloader The best addition to the following IDM.

1. Free Download Manager

The Best Downloader Application Besides Idm Free Download Manager D98e4
Free Downloader Icon
Free Download Manager
Downloader & Plugin freedownloadmanager.org

Same as IDM, application Free Download Manager It also has a variety of cool features that are no less okay when compared to applications downloader the other.

Some of the advantages possessed by this application are the availability of a torrent downloader media player, and the integrated media file convert feature in it.

That way, you don’t need to bother installing additional applications to enjoy the features that are already available in this application.

Information Free Download Manager
Developer Freedownloadmanager
User Rating 8/10
Size 48MB
OS Windows

2. EagleGet

The Best Downloader Application Besides Idm EagleGet B2aea
Eagleget Icon
Downloader & Plugin EagleGet

Besides having a look user interface A clean and attractive application EagleGet also equipped with various interesting features you know, a friends.

These interesting features such as Smart Video Grabber, Malware Checker, Automatic Refresh Checker Download Address, and many more.

How to operate this application is very easy like the IDM application, so you will not be confused anymore to use it.

Information EagleGet
Developer EagleGet
User Rating
Size 6MB
OS Windows

3. FlashGet

The Best Downloader Application Besides IDM Flash Get E4472
Downloader & Plugin Trend Media Co. Ltd.

Need application downloader best besides IDM, but with a charming appearance? Then you should try it FlashGet.

Application downloader This is almost similar to IDM, but what makes it different is FlashGet has a very modern look, the following features are also many.

The advantages of FlashGet are starting from the HTTP, FTP, BT and eMule download protocol support, lightweight memory, very fast download process, and many more.

Information FlashGet
Developer Trend Media Co. Ltd.
User Rating
Size 6MB
OS Windows

4. Folx

The Best Downloader Application Besides Idm Folx 7c9df
Folx Icon
Downloader & Internet Eltima

If the application downloader ApkVenue mentioned earlier is an application for the Windows operating system, then the application Folx this is especially for you Apple laptop users.

Folx has indeed become one of the leading applications for MacOS users because of its diverse features, and of course it’s free.

Features that distinguish Folx from applications downloader the other is the ability to download and search for Torrent files directly from the application.

Information Folx
Developer Eltima
User Rating

5. Download Accelerator Plus

The Best Downloader Application Besides IDM Download Accelerator Plus 0f207
Download Accelerator Plus
Downloader & Plugin SPEEDbit

Application Download Accelerator Plus is an application downloader best besides IDM which is quite popular.

Besides having the main function as downloader in general, the Download Accelerator Plus application also offers a variety of additional features which are certainly very useful.

Some excellent features such as video to MP3 converter, video player, video converter, and there’s more.

Information Download Accelerator Plus
Developer SpeedBit Ltd
User Rating 7/10
OS Windows

Application Downloader Best Besides Other IDM …

6. Jdownloader

The Best Downloader Application Besides Idm Jdownloader 26e5e
Jdownloader Icon
Downloader & Internet JDownloader

As an application downloader hidden besides IDM, JDownloader can be said to be successful in presenting cool features but it’s free.

Equipped with simple settings, this application also has a feature that is okay auto-extract archive, which can help you when downloading files with ZIP or RAR extensions.

This Jdownloader application is a program open source so that it can be used for free.

Information Jdownloader
Developer AppWork GmbH
User Rating 8/10
OS Windows

7. DownTango

The Best Downloader Application Besides IDM DownTango A20f8
Down Tango Icon
Downloader & Internet Red Sky

If you don’t want to be bothered with lots of confusing settings, then Downtango maybe it can be selected as an application downloader best besides IDM.

Through its simple appearance and essential features, DownTango is guaranteed not to give weird, annoying buttons. Suitable for you who don’t want to be bothered!

Information Downtango
Developer Red Sky
User Rating
Size 13MB
OS Windows

8. iGetter

The Best Downloader Application Besides IDM IGetter 88320

Application iGetter is an application downloader The best addition to the next IDM that can be used by users of the Windows or MacOS operating system.

Visually this application at a glance is very similar to the Internet Download Manager application, it’s just that this application has several excellent features such as various levels of customization for downloads.

Besides this application also has the ability to detect the status of your internet connection, friends, so the application can connect or disconnect automatically.

Information iGetter
Developer Presenta
User Rating 6/10
OS Windows & MacOS

9. Internet Download Accelerator

The Best Downloader Application Besides IDM Internet Download Accelerator 6449b
Internet Download Accelerator Icon
Internet Download Accelerator
Downloader & Internet WestByte

Internet Download Accelerator or IDA does not have a modern look like FlashGet or EagleGet, but that does not mean this application has features that are worse than other applications.

Like IDM, IDA is also equipped with superior features such as ZIP Preview, FTP Explorer, to Active Visual Cart.

If you want an application powerful, without having to pay attention to appearance, then Internet Download Accelerator could be an option.

Information Internet Download Accelerator
Developer Westbyte
User Rating 7/10
OS Windows

10. Ninja Download Manager

The Best Downloader Application Besides Idm Ninja Download Manager 783f3

Ninja Download Manager is one application downloader best besides IDM with a simple and modern appearance.

In addition, the download speed can reach 10x the standard download speed by dividing the file into several parts, then download it from a different server.

This application can also download YouTube videos and provide a video converter feature to change the file format after the download process is complete.

Information Ninja Download Manager
Developer Download Ninja
User Rating 8/10
OS Windows

The final word

Now, that was 10 applications downloader best besides IDM that you can use as an alternative.

By using the application downloader above, the download process with a large size will run faster. Have an application downloader best besides other IDM? Write it in the comments section below, yes!

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