Do you want to scan documents but don’t have a scanner? Take it easy now you can scan documents through the scanner application on your Android phone. Here is the list!

Sometimes there are times when we need a scanner to digitize important documents such as diplomas, family cards, etc.

But what happens if you don’t have the device? Pathetic? No, you don’t need to worry this time you can scan documents using only the application!

For those of you who have an Android phone you can directly scan the document using only the camera. Well, here is a list of the best android scanner applications from ApkVenue.

10 Best HP Document Scanner Applications on Android

Digitizing documents is no longer a difficult matter. Especially with so many HP scanner application that you can use on your Android smartphone.

All your needs above you can immediately fulfill easily using the following applications. Check it out!

1. Adobe Scan

Scan Application on Mobile F0058
Adobe Scan Pdn Scanner Ocr Icon
Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR
Productivity Adobe Systems Inc

Adobe Scan is one of the latest document scanning applications. You can also mark all important data such as scanning documents and receipts.

By using this application you will be easier to read the required documents. You can also send documents via e-mail or back-up through the Cloud.

This application is able to move various types of documents. However, this one application is quite heavy and tools available less friendly to people who are not too familiar with Adobe.

Details Information
Developer Adobe
Rating 4.6 (282,130)
Size Varies based on rank
Install it 10,000,000+
Android Minimum 5.0

2. Easy Scanner

Scan Application on Mobile 8b4d2
Easy Scanner Camera 5c880
Easy Scanner

The next application is Easy Scanner Camera to PDF. This application, which has a size of around 25MB, has been it more than 500 thousand Android users.

This application has a function to scan documents in JPG and PDF format with clearer results and also not less sharp.

This application is lightweight, but does not sacrifice the quality of the results a scan awake. Unfortunately, this application often hangs if you scan too many documents.

Details Information
Developer Bfery
Rating 4.5 (9,837)
Size 17MB
Install it 1,000,000+
Android Minimum 5.0

3. Office Lens

Hp 3 Ff6da Scanner application
Officelens Icon
Office Lens
Office & Business Tools Microsoft Corporation

Office Lens is an application from Microsoft for document scanners. This application is suitable for school or business purposes.

This application also offers the best quality for things like receipts, blackboards, sketches, business cards, notes and so on.

Not only that, the scanner application on the Android cellphone is also available in Chinese, English, Spanish and German.

The drawback, this application has a size large enough so that it is not suitable for use middle to lower class smartphones.

Details Information
Developer Microsoft Corporation
Rating 4.7 (386,328)
Size Varies with device
Install it 10,000,000+
Android Minimum 5.0

Other Scanner Applications. . .

4. Scanbot – PDF Document Scanner

Hp 4 8dfd0 Scanner Application
Scanbot Pdf 009d4
Scanbot – PDF Document Scanner

The next application is Scanbot – PDF Document Scanner. This application, designed by Doo GmBH, is about 23MB in size and has been downloadeddownload it more than 1 million users.

This application is an image or document scanner application which can be in the form of JPG or PDF files.

You can also edit posts directly in the document using this application.

The size of the application is lightweight and can directly do direct editing is an advantage of this application.

However, this application does not yet support all image formats and sometimes appears a bug.

Details Information
Developer doo GmbH
Rating 4.2 (38,602)
Size 22MB
Install it 1,000,000+
Android Minimum 5.0

5. Simple Scan

Hp 5 Ba50f Scanner application
Simple Scan 3ffd6
Simple Scan

Simple Scan is a simple PDF document scanner. Can be used for formatted files PDF or JPEG.

The document scan application on the cellphone also offers several mode image processing so that it can be clearer.

You can also buy the pro version for $ 4.99, but with the free version there are already many features available, really.

This application is simple to use even though it has many features available. For now, this application is only able to save files in PDF and JPG format.

Details Information
Developer Easy inc.
Rating 4.7 (82,148)
Size 24MB
Install it 5,000,000+
Android Minimum 4.4

6. Camera Scanner Image Scanner

Hp 6 122f6 Scanner application
Camera Scanner Image Scanner 88ce0
Camera Scanner Image Scanner

The next Android scanner application is Camera Scanner Image Scanner. This application is very lightweight.

This AccountStudio creation application has a size of around 9.8 MB and has beendownload it more than 1 million Android users.

This application is almost the same as the application the scanner others that function to quickly scan documents into JPEG and PDF files.

Details Information
Developer AccountStudio
Rating 4.5 (72,110)
Size Varies with device
Install it 5,000,000+
Android Minimum 4.1

7. TurboScan

Turboscan is a lightweight application and has all the basic features for a the scanner.

This application can process transfers very quickly and you can save documents to PDF, JPEG or PNG.

One of the advantages of this one application is the process scanningits relatively fast. In addition, this application has features that are quite complete, although sometimes it appears a bug.

Details Information
Developer Picsoft Inc.
Rating 4.6 (11,350)
Size 7.6MB
Install it 1,000,000+
Android Minimum 4.0

8. CamScanner (Recommended)

Scanner Icon
CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator
Photo & Imaging IntSig Information Co., Ltd

CamScanner Phone PDF Creator is an application that has a size of about 37 MB and was created by INTSIG Information Co.

This application has been-download it more than 100 million Android users. This application functions as scanning a document into an image or PDF file.

This application is also classified as one the scanner which produces very sharp images or files.

Details Information
Developer INTSIG Information Co., Ltd
Rating 4.6 (1,809,520)
Size Varies with device
Install it 100,000,000+
Android Minimum Varies with device

9. Genius Scan

Application of Hp 9 9055a Scanner
Genius Scan 2ffe2
Genius Scan

Genius Scan is one application the scanner the most popular document. This application supports the main features for document scanning, conversion, and sharing.

In addition, this application also offers features to improve the scanning of documents such as school notes and others.

With the large size of the application, unfortunately the feature to improve scanning is not too stable.

Details Information
Developer The Grizzly Labs
Rating 4.5 (62,353)
Size Varies with device
Install it 1,000,000+
Android Minimum Varies with device

10. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner 7fc87
Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner PDF Scanner App is an application designed by Appxy. This application is about 38MB in size and has been downloadeddownload it more than 10 million Android users.

This application has a function that is almost similar to a document scanner which later you can change the format to PDF or JPEG.

How to scan images into PDF files in this application is quite easy by just taking pictures.

Details Information
Developer Appxy
Rating 4.7 (358,399)
Size 12MB
Install it 10,000,000+
Android Minimum 4.0

The final word

That is a recommendation ten of the best HP scanner applications on Android. With these applications, you no longer need to buy a machine the scannerfriends!

Which makes you interested? Don’t forget to say in the comments column, ok?

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