Do you need a vehicle to take you home to your hometown? Relax, ApkVenue will give you the best car rental application recommendations that you can use!

It won’t feel like we will meet the Eid al-Fitr holiday soon. In your opinion, what is most synonymous with Eid?

In addition to the diamond and chicken eggs, Eid is identical to the name going home. Returning to my hometown is always a precious moment.

How to return to the village? If you don’t have a private vehicle, you can use public transportation or rent a car.

Well, this time ApkVenue wants to give you a recommendation car rental application the best you can rely on when going home!

9 Best Car Rental Applications

The applications that ApkVenue will recommend for you are various. There are indeed special car rental applications, there are ticket applications, to motorcycle taxis online.

However, all of them have features to rent a vehicle, really? Come on, just listened to list!

1. Djaloer

Djaloer 1be5e

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Djaloer Cheap Car Rental B9679
Djaloer | Cheap Car Rental

Djaloer provide car rental around Jabodetabek and outside Jabodetabek. Car rental prices in Djaloer are relatively cheap.

Even though it’s cheap, Djaloer still provides the best service with healthy vehicle and experienced driver.

Information Djaloer
Developer arivani sopian
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 3.9 (15)
Size 3.7MB
Install it 1,000+
Android Minimum 2.2

2. Rentalcars car rental

Asd 5278a

Photo source:

Car Rentalcars 3eac3
Rentalcars car rental

As the name suggests, this application provides a 24-hour car rental service. Rentalcars car rental available in more than 200 countries and regions, including Indonesia.

But the drawbacks, this application has a relatively expensive rate, because car rental places in Indonesia that work with the application are still very limited.

Information Rentalcars car rental
Developer Car hire RentalCars24h. Aluguel de Carros
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.6 (461)
Size 1.7MB
Install it 50,000+
Android Minimum 4.1

3. DOcar – Rental

Docar 7d661

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Docar Car Rental 9a6ba
DOcar – Rental

DOcar provide car rental services in most major cities in Indonesia. DOcar is suitable for you who want to take a vacation in a certain area because of its extensive service.

Not only that, DOcar has many variants of cars ranging from standard cars to luxury cars at prices that are certainly affordable.

Information DOcar – Rental
Developer PT DOcar Rental Indonesia
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 3.8 (26)
Size 3.0MB
Install it 1,000+
Android Minimum 4.0

Other Applications …

4. HipCar

Hipcar Bd7ac

Photo source:

Hipcar Car Rental B41cd
HipCar – Car Rental

HipCar claims to be the best online car rental application in Indonesia. Then, what are the advantages of HipCar?

HipCar provides 24-hour service at low prices, but the most striking advantage of HipCar is you no need to meet the car owner to take the key.

The reason is, you only need to open the car door through the application. Sophisticated, huh?

Information HipCar
Developer Hipcar
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.3 (1,903)
Size 18MB
Install it 100,000+
Android Minimum 4.1


2cb80 rentalcars

Photo source:

Rentalcars Com E7952
DOWNLOAD won the award as the best car rental application three times, so there’s no doubt how good it is.

You don’t need to print a receipt to bounce the car. Everything is available in the application.

The bounced car also has GPS system so if you forget where to park it, you just have to access the application to search for it.

Information Car Rental App
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.1 (21,076)
Size 14MB
Install it 1,000,000+
Android Minimum 5.0

6. Movic

Car Rental Application 1 03807
Movic E3b7b

The next application is Movic. This car rental application was developed by PT Astra Digital International, huh!

Movic presents the best car rental services easily. In addition, each trip is also equipped with insurance packages.

If you have a car that is unemployed at home, you can register your car for rent and get money.

Information Movic
Developer PT Astra Digital International
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 3.9 (3,342)
Size 27MB
Install it 500,000+
Android Minimum 4.4

7. Traveloka

2 D90ed Car Rental Application
Traveloka – Book Flight Hotels
Productivity PT Traveloka Indonesia

If this one might already be on your smartphone. Application Traveloka indeed known as a versatile application.

Initially focused on providing airline tickets or hotels. Increasingly, Traveloka has more complete and varied functions.

One of them is the car rental feature. This feature will be very useful when you are on vacation and need a vehicle to walk around.

Information Traveloka
Developer Traveloka
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (363,918)
Size Varies with device
Install it 10,000,000+
Android Minimum Varies with device


Car Rental Application 3 72eb6
Tiketcom Hotel Plane Icon – Hotels & Airplanes

You can also rent a vehicle through the application Tiket.comfriends! This application does have many features that are very useful.

You can get car rentals in various cities such as ApkVenuerta, Malang, Lombok, Solo, etc. easily.

So, you don’t need to worry about the vehicle with this application!

Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (119,765)
Size 28MB
Install it 10,000,000+
Android Minimum 4.3

9. Grab

Car Rental Application 4 021a7
Grab Grabtaxi Icon
Grab (GrabTaxi)
Productivity GrabTaxi Holdings

The last application that you can use to find car rentals is Grab. This online motorcycle taxi application has features for this.

The rental method is also very easy. When you order GrabCar, there will be a rental option next to the top.

If you want to drive yourself, you can take advantage of this Rent feature from Grab!

Information Grab
Developer Grab Holdings
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.4 (3,216,194)
Size 72MB
Install it 100,000,000+
Android Minimum 4.0.3

The final word

That was earlier 9 car rental applications the best version of ApkVenue. How, of the five applications before there are suitable for you?

These car rental applications can at least be the second choice when your favorite rental places are full.

If you know of other car rental applications, write them in the comments column, yes. Happy renting.

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