Do you want to have bokeh videos without having to buy expensive gadgets? The following bokeh video application that can make your video results more cool.

For you photography lovers must be familiar with the term bokeh?

The thing is, bokeh has become a very familiar term in the fields of photography and videography. Bokeh itself has a meaning where the background is blurry and very contrast with the main object.

Being able to give results that look more attractive and professional, therefore the current bokeh effect has become the belle of children today, friends.

Unfortunately, not all cellphones are equipped with bokeh mode for video recording, so they need the help of a bokeh video application to make it happen.

Want to know what are the best bokeh video applications that you can use? Come on, see the full article below!

How to make a video with bokeh effect?

Bokeh Mobil Video Application Android A5168

Simply put, there are two ways you can do to produce videos with bokeh, friends effects.

First, use gadget specifically like a DSLR camera that does provide bokeh mode and the second uses technique editing.

But, as we know that DSLR camera devices are priced relatively expensive so that they can only be reached by certain circles.

But don’t be sad! Because we can still use the second method, which is technique editing. You can take advantage of many video bokeh editing applications circulating in the application store as ApkVenue will discuss the following.

Recommended Best Bokeh Video Application on Android

Do you want the video recording to look better with a bokeh effect but your Andorid cellphone doesn’t support it? Don’t worry!

Here, ApkVenue gives you some recommendations for the best bokeh video application for Android phones that can make your video results even smoother.

1. Blur Video

Recommended Fcffd Best Bokeh Video Application

The first bokeh video application you can use, i.e. Blur Video Alpha Project developer.

Through this application you can easily edit videos that have been recorded to have a blur effect on the background.

This application itself provides three bokeh modes viz Free Style Blur where you can determine for yourself which parts will blur, Insta No Crop to make the edgesthe frame) the video is blurry, and Fun Blur.

Advantages of Blur Video:

  • Free application downloaded
  • Simple and easy to use display

Disadvantages of Video Blur:

  • The bokeh effect is not neat
  • There are no other supporting features
Details Blur Video
Developer Alpha Project
Minimal OS Android 4.0 and above
Size 30MB
Download it 500,000+
Rating 3.5 / 5 (Google Play)

2. Blur Videos & Images

Bokeh Fe0ca Video Application

Don’t like the bokeh video application before? Then maybe the application is called Blur Videos & Images this could be another alternative.

This application made by Arsal Nazir developer allows you to apply effects to videos or photos like a bokeh photo editing application.

Interestingly, this application also allows you to select which areas will be blurred so that the results can be neater and not square like most bokeh video applications.

Unfortunately the bokeh effect created is not very good because there is a clearly visible boundary line between the object and its background.

How to use it is also rather difficult so it requires time for adjustment. But, this application can be used to edit videos of long duration.

Advantages of Blur Videos & Images:

  • Support on all Android phones
  • Can edit long videos
  • Can edit photos and videos

Lack of Blur Videos & Images:

  • Bokeh effect is not good
  • The boundary line between the object and background cannot be removed
  • There are no other supporting features
Details Blur Videos & Images
Developer Arsal Nazir
Minimal OS Android 4.2 and above
Size 29MB
Download it 100,000+
Rating 3.7 / 5 (Google Play)

3. InShot

D8763 Android Bokeh Video Editing Application

The next bokeh video application is InShot made by the developer InShot Inc. which you can download for free.

Through this application you can add background blur to the video so it looks more attractive

But, the blur that is meant here is not the bokeh effect that is produced when you record using a DSLR camera, but only the frame photos that turn into bokeh.

Even so, but this application provides various supporting features that you can use to make the video look even better, including to make a video slideshow from photos.

Advantages of InShot:

  • Can add music and various effects
  • Suitable for long video edits

Disadvantages of InShot:

  • Can only add background blur
  • Unable to make bokeh video
Details InShot
Developer InShot Inc.
Minimal OS Android 4.3 and above
Size 30MB
Download it 100,000,000+
Rating 4.8 / 5 (Google Play)

4. Google Camera

The 6019a Bokeh Android Video Application

For you Android cellphone users, you must be familiar with the application Google Camera which is very popular this one?

Is one of the application products made by Google that is in demand by many people, Google Camera does offer very satisfying features and shots.

Not only good for taking pictures, this application also offers quality results that are no less good for video recording.

In fact, Google Camera is able to record videos with pretty good bokeh effects and feature support stabilizer which serves to minimize shake.

Well, for those of you who are interested in downloading this one application but don’t know how to install it, you can read ApkVenue’s article on how to install Google Camera without root on an Android phone.

Google Camera Strengths:

  • Equipped with many interesting features
  • The results of video recording are quite satisfying
  • Easy to use
  • Can be downloaded for free

Weaknesses of Google Camera:

  • Not all Android phones can install Google Camera
  • In some types of mobile applications run slowly
Details Google Camera
Developer Google LLC
Minimal OS Varies with device
Size Varies with device
Download it
Rating 3.8 / 5 (Google Play)

5. Bacon Camera

De793's Best Bokeh Android Video Application

The last alternative bokeh video application that you can use is Bacon Camera made by developer F.G.N.M.

This application itself is basically almost the same as Google Camera, where there is a mode for taking pictures or videos complete with various supporting features.

For the video recording mode, it is also equipped with a bokeh effect so that the object image looks more prominent than the background.

For those of you who might not be able to use your Android phone to install Google Camera, this Bacon Camera application can be a replacement.

Advantages of Bacon Camera:

  • Very complete feature
  • The application is easy to use and lightweight
  • Applications can be downloaded free

Lack of Bacon Camera:

  • There are advertisements though minimal
  • The quality of the bokeh effect produced is standard
Details Bacon Camera
Developer F.G.N.M.
Minimal OS Android 5.0 and above
Size 9.8MB
Download it 1,000,000+
Rating 4.0 / 5 (Google Play)

The final word

Well, there he is, friends, some recommendations for the best bokeh video application for Android phones from ApkVenue. You can choose it according to your wishes and HP specifications.

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