Looking for cool apps for Android that are worth using in 2019? Here are a few list of applications.

Game or social media applications seem to be some of the most installed applications by people today on their cellphones.

Yet besides these applications, there are also many other cool Android applications that are no less useful.

Next time, ApkVenue will give you a list cool application for Andorid that’s worth using in 2019.

Want to know anything? C’mon, listen to the following full article.

Cool Application for Android 2019

Well, for those of you who are looking for cool applications to be-install it on the following Android mobile ApkVenue has some recommendations.

1. World Around Me

The World Around Me E04a1 application
World Around Me Find Places Around The Icon
World Around Me – Find Nearby Places
Productivity WT InfoTech

Integrating the latest technology Augmented Reality with a charming and dynamic interface, this one application is really must be installed for you who like traveling.

Through the application World Around Me You can easily find places if you want to visit such as restaurants, malls, cinemas, hotels and others, friends.

To use this application is also very easy way you know, first you only need to choose what place you want to visit after the application will ask for approval to access the camera.

Then you only need to aim the HP camera to a location around you, then the HP screen will display the names of the places.

Information World Around Me
Developer WT InfoTech
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (21,532)
Size 11MB
Install it 500K +
Android Minimum 5.0

2. WhatsAuto

Whatsauto 3946f application
Whatsauto F07e3

Are you so busy with office work that you don’t reply to messages on WhatsApp? Eits, just calm down. The thing is this application can solve this problem.

WhatsAuto is an application that allows you to reply to WhatsApp messages automatically when you don’t have to open the phone to reply.

Apart from that, you can also manage which contacts you want to reply to using the application.

So, through this cool application you don’t need to worry anymore the people who contact you will be angry because the message you did not have time to reply.

Information WhatsAuto
Developer Bringar Apps
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.0 (588)
Size 6.3MB
Install it 100K +
Android Minimum 5.0

3. Lynx

Lynx 657b7 application
Lynx F8ded
Lynx – Privacy Hide Photo Video

Have a secret photo or video in the HP gallery that no one but you want to access?

In addition to hiding applications, it turns out hiding photo or video files is also very possible to do you know, friends.

One of them is through an application called Lynx. This application can hide your secret photo or video files by moving them from the gallery to this application.

Regarding security issues, you don’t need to worry. Because this application allows users to provide a password so that other people can not open your private gallery.

In addition, Lynx also has several modes that make the application really safe, one of which is camouflage mode.

This mode can turn a camouflage application into a calculator application when other people want to try opening it.

Information Lynx
Developer PICOO Design
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.8 (31,848)
Size 4.6MB
Install it 500K +
Android Minimum 4.0
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