Is your cellphone currently in a state that is less than optimal? Try to check its function using the following application!

Does your cellphone often have hardware or software problems? Have you ever checked your cellphone health using an application?

HP is a device that has become a part of lifestyle. For this reason, it is important to keep all HP functions running normally.

Who would not be annoyed if the HP heat up quickly when used everyday ?.

That’s just one case, what about other cellphone functions? Confused how to check HP health you? Let’s try using these applications!

Application to check the most accurate HP functions

There is no item that can be used forever. Likewise with HP, there is a time part hardware or software become obsolete.

Before it becomes damaged and difficult to repair, it’s a good idea to service HP. However, this is actually damage to your cell phone can be prevented / detected using the application, you know!

This application is usually used to check the basic functions of HP ranging from screens, speakers, to lights flashlight.

Here is an application to check the most accurate HP function ApkVenue recommendations that you can try:

1. Phone Check (and Test)

Application To Check the Function of HP 1 5bb98

The first is Phone Check which can check the function of your cell phone specifically but is easy to operate. This application was developed by inPocket Software.

Phone Check is designed to test cellphone functions such as the internet network, WiFi, screen, and CPU. The results will also be saved in an application that you can see at any time.

You can use this application if you think there is a problem with your cellphone. In addition, Phone Check can also be a standard for selling HP by showing the results of functional tests to prospective buyers.

Phone Check And Test Cf7cd
Phone Check (and Test)
DetailsPhone Check
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.7 (18,689)
Game Size3.8MB
Android minimum4.2 and up

2. Phone Doctor Plus

Application to check the function of the HP 2 489e5

Like a health doctor, Phone Doctor Plus This will try the basic functions of your cellphone and assess its performance. This application was developed by iDea Mobile Tech Inc.

Phone Doctor Plus will check the function of your device with a short process, and be able to check the health of your battery. So, suitable if you feel the HP battery has leaked.

The results that have been tested by this application will be saved and you will be given a simple assessment. Phone Doctor Plus has an attractive interface and is suitable for use by beginners.

Phone Doctor Plus 65d88
Phone Doctor Plus
DetailsPhone Doctor Plus
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.5 (35,761)
Game Size11MB
Android minimum4.0 and up

3. Dead Pixels Test and Fix

Application To Check the Function of the HP 3 57ed7

Next is an application to check the cellphone screen function, Dead Pixels Test and Fix. This application will check the health of your cellphone, especially the screen.

This application is specifically for mobile phones with LCD screens, and is able to correct damaged screens. You can operate Dead Pixels Test and Fix easily.

You just need to choose your desired needs, whether that check dead pixel or fixed dead pixel. Then, just follow the instructions given in the application.

Dead Pixels Test And Fix Fcabb
Dead Pixels Test and Fix
DetailsDead Pixels Test and Fix
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.1 (17,897)
Game Size2.4MB
Android minimum4.0 and up

4. Battery Battery

Application To Check the Function of HP 4 2d73a

Well, if this one application you must have heard. Accu Battery can help you identify and maintain a healthy HP battery.

This application is very useful because it can reduce the chance of a leaky battery. Accu Battery will tell you when to start and stop charging the battery.

In addition, this application will continue to monitor battery health in a matter of percent. Do not stop there, there is also an alarm feature so that it can give a warning to stop charging the battery.

Accu Battery D18b8
Accu Battery
DetailsAccu Battery
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.7 (138,783)
Game Size4MB
Android minimum5.0 and up

5. Device Info

Application to check the function of the HP 5 B3412

Device Info is an application to check other HP functions that you can use. Just like other applications, Device Info will check HP functions specifically.

However, this application provides information that tends to be more complete and more suitable for use by experts. So you can find out which parts should be corrected.

I was so complete check the application functions from Device Info, you can find out the health of each application installed on the HP. This is useful to find out which applications are no longer useful.

Device Info 40ff1
Device Info
DetailsDevice Info
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.7 (6,707)
Game Size2.5MB
Android minimum5.0 and up

6. DevCheck

Application to check the function of the HP 6 D535D

Same as Device Info, application DevCheck this is also very suitable for use by professional users to find out the specific functions of HP.

You can find out all information about HP devices specifically and are divided into a number of segments from Hardware to Apps.

DevCheck can also provide complete information about your cell phone real-time and knowing CPU usage in a statistical picture.

Dev Check Ok 4bce6
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.7 (6,200)
Game Size5.3MB
Android minimum4.1 and up

7. TestM Hardware

Application to check the function of HP 7 C411a

Last is TestM Hardware which you can easily use to check specific HP functions. This application also has a very interesting and easy to understand interface.

You can do a trial with a fairly short process with TestM Hardware, the range of HP identification is also wide from the screen test to the camera.

You can also see a complete hardware diagnosis. Do not stop there, this application is able to find the location of your cellphone repair in the form of maps.

Testm Hardware 4b0b9
TestM Hardware
DetailsTestM Hardware
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.1 (17,889)
Game Size29MB
Android minimum5.0 and up

The final word

That’s the application check HP functions easily and does not require any fees to download it. Which application have you tried, friends?

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!