Google has just announced the winner of the 2019 best application award version of the Google Play Store. Who are the winners?

Google just announced the winners of the annual Google Play Store award. Not only applications and games, Google Play Store also provides movies and books for you to download, you know.

Well, in appreciation Best of Google Play 2019, there are 4 categories of winners namely, The Best Game, Best Film, The Best Book, and of course The Best Application, friends

This award is given to the best products that managed to dominate in 2019. In fact, there are also newcomers who can immediately win this award.

6 Best Applications of the 2019 Google Play Store Version

In this article, ApkVenue will only discuss about apps that won the 2019 Best Application award from the Google Play Store.

In addition to the Best Application, Google Play Store also announced the winners of 5 sub categories in the Application category.

You must be curious, right, with all the winners of the best 2019 Google Play Store app? Immediately, check the following article!

1. Ablo (Best Application 2019)

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Of the many applications that were released in 2019, surely there is one application that is the most prominent. Yup, the application is named Ablo This is the best application this year.

Ablo is a chat application that will bring you together with people all over the world. You can get acquainted with people abroad while deepening your foreign language skills.

Who knows you who have been dreaming of having a stranger’s boyfriend can finally meet your soul mate. Oh yes, you can also share your trip abroad with your friends, you know.

Ablo has been downloaded more than 1 million times and has a rating 4.3 stars from 86 thousand users. No wonder this application is a champion.

2. FUNDS (2019 User Preferred Applications)

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Category User Choice Application 2019 won by Fund. This digital wallet application is made in Indonesia, you know.

In today’s digital era, non-cash transactions are the choice of many people because they are practical and certainly many cashbackplease.

Dana is a digital wallet application that is practical and easy to use. It’s no wonder that applications are downloaded more than 10 million times This is the choice of many people.

3. Fitness RPG (Best Daily Application 2019)

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Unlike the 2 categories above, the next category has several winners. However, ApkVenue will only explain 1 unique application from each category.

Fitness RPG is one of the winners of The Best Daily Application 2019. This award is given to applications that make your life easier every day.

Well, this Fitness RPG is an application / game that will keep you motivated to do your activities. The reason is, the more you walk, the more points your character will get.

These points can be used to upgrade your character to be stronger. The stronger your character, the easier it will be for you to complete the mission.

Besides Fitness RPG, there are 4 other applications that win the 2019 Best Daily Application, viz Fund, Yummy, Sayurbox, and Plant Nanny 2.

4. Zenius (Best Personal Development Application 2019)

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Category The Best Personal Development Application 2019 won by 5 applications, viz Scripts by Drops, Zen Music, SleepTown, Smarter, and Zenius.

However, ApkVenue will focus more on discussing the Zenius application because it is an Indonesian product, a friends. Zenius is perfect for improving your learning abilities.

This application will provide learning videos and thousands of practice questions to prepare you for National exam, friends

However, to access all the premium features of this application, you have to pay. Even so, Zenius is guaranteed to develop yourself becoming smarter.

5. Riliv (2019 Best Unique Application)

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Category The Best Unique Application 2019 given to a newcomer application that is not yet known to many people but offers a unique concept.

There are 5 winners in this category, i.e Big Bang AR, Morphin, Moselo, Relax, and Side. However, ApkVenue will focus on discussing applications Relax, friends

Riliv is an application that offers meditation and counseling services. This application is also a mental health application first in Indonesia.

Riliv offers counseling services with certified psychologists online for those of you who feel prolonged depression and sadness.

There are also meditation guides and articles on mental health, friends. Oh yes, this application is made in Indonesia, you know.

6. Video Editor (GlitchCam) (Best Entertainment Application 2019)

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The next category is The Best Entertainment Application 2019 given to the best applications to fill spare time and increase creativity.

There are 5 winners in this category, i.e Concepts, Video Editor / GlitchCam, Enlight Pixaloop, My Talking Pet, and Paint by Number. ApkVenue will only focus on discussing Video Editor, friends

GlitchCam is a video editing application that offers hundreds of effects glitch for your video. In addition, you can also add music from your cellphone or even use free music provided by the application.

This application has a rating 4.6 stars and has been downloaded more than 10 million times, you know. This application is guaranteed to make your Instagram feeds even smoother.

The final word

Thus ApkVenue’s article about the 6 best applications in 2019 Google Play Store version. ApkVenue recommends that you try all of the above applications.

Don’t forget to write your comment in the column provided, yeah. See you in the next ApkVenue article!

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