The prank application was created to exclaim and invade others. But beware, these 5 Android prank applications might make fasting invalidated, you know.

Prank application is one type of application that is most popular with Android users. Not for serious matters, this type of application is certainly used to bully friends or other people.

This time, ApkVenue will review a little about five Prank application on Android which can make fasting invalidated.

5 Prank Applications on Android that Can Make Fasting Cancel

The five applications below are some examples of fun prank applications for you to use to work on friends or others.

I was so ignorant, did not rule out the possibility that the person you are working on could be shocked, angry and might even cancel his fast. Following the application:

1. Ghost Radar Ultimate Prank

Prank application 1 49e90

As the name implies, the application Ghost Radar Ultimate Prank is an application that can ‘juggle’ your Android smartphone into a ghost detection tool.

Yes, you can see the appearance in certain corners of the room at the location or where you are.

For your friends who are very innocent with magical things, don’t ever tell them to try this app!

Ghost Radar Ultimate Prank Icon
Ghost Radar Ultimate Prank
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2. Crack Your Screen Prank

The Prank 2 F189f application

Photo source: Chupamobile

This application is actually already known to many people, even the majority of users of smartphones or Android devices. Yes, Crack Your Screen Prank is an application that can make the smartphone screen seem cracked and broken.

In this fasting month, you should not prank your friend’s smartphone that is fast ‘hot’ with this application. Immediately went berserk when he saw the smartphone screen broke, then the fast was canceled, poor?

Crack Your Screen Prank Icon
Crack Your Screen Prank
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3. Lie Detector Prank

Application of Prank 3 652c5

You must have heard or seen a detector that can detect lies. Whether true or not, a lie detector application called Lie Detector Prank is definitely a lie.

But for your friends who do not know and you are working with this application, be careful he can get angry because he does not accept being accused of lying you know.

Lie Detector Prank Icon
Lie Detector Prank
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4. Fart Sound Pranks

Application of Prank 4 6e099

Fart Sound Pranks is an application that can create a fake fart sound coming from your smartphone or Android device.

Usually, people use this application to embarrass their friends in public places. But be careful, do not let your friends get angry at you and his fast is canceled huh.

Fart Sound Pranks F2935
Fart Sound Pranks

5. Xray Food Prank Scanner

Prank 5 E5f0c application

Different from other prank applications, this one application might just be successful in making fasting more smoothly.

Yes, Xray Food Prank Scanner is the application the scanner fake foods that display disgusting objects or ingredients that are in a food.

Instead of invalidating, your fast can become smoother because there is no appetite because of this application.

Download it Xray Food Prank Scanner via the Google Play Store

The final word

That’s five Android prank applications who is so ignorant, maybe just can make fasting ignorant people become canceled.

Applications that are actually created for excitement and a little bit of this person should not be used excessively yes. Especially if it makes fasting invalidated. Agree?

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