The best Android graphic design application is able to help students design with just a smartphone.

Do you like making graphic designs? Or are you a student majoring in graphic design?

Creating a design on a PC requires a supportive application, especially if it is used for college activities and professional work.

Besides using a PC, it turns out there are also applications on Android that provide services for graphic design. Of course it can help you to work mobile.

Well, here are the recommendations for the best Android graphic design application and you can use it for free. Come, see the following in full!

The Best Android Graphic Design Application, Suitable for Students!

Graphic design is a process for communicating using visual technology that forms a certain writing or picture. Its function is to give a message in an interesting way.

The word graphic design itself has long been used, namely since 1891 ago from the publication of books by William Morris Kelmscott Printing. This name continues to grow until now.

Helped with computer technology, graphic design is increasingly developing and forming a number of specialized techniques that require supporting applications.

In fact, there are now the template which provides certain designs to make it easier for designers to make their work. In addition to the PC, you can also use the cellphone as a tool for design.

You do this by using an application like the following:

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

The Best Android Graphic Design Application 1 D8946

First is the famous Android graphic design application Adobe Photoshop Express, of course you are already familiar with this one name.

Like the photo editing application on his PC, this application can make you easier to edit photos or provide additional design in the picture.

Adobe Photoshop Express has various unique features such as perspective correction, noise removerfilters and more to make your design even more optimal.

Adobe Photoshop Express Android
Adobe Photoshop Express
Photo & Imaging Adobe Systems Inc
DetailsAdobe Photoshop Express
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.3 (1,214,457)
Game SizeVary
Android minimum4.4 and up

2. Desygner

The Best Android Graphic Design Application 2 1f04a

The next is Desygner which you can use as a tool for simple graphic design on HP. This application has a number of free templates that you can use.

You can make many things through this application from the Header, Poster, Banner, even though the logo. However, you must subscribe to enjoy the full features.

This Android graphic design application is perfect for you to use as a new person in the world of design. Curious to try the application?

Desygner Free Graphic Design Photos Bb110
Desygner: Free Graphic Design & Photos
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.7 (28,280)
Game Size23MB
Android minimum5.0 and up

3. Posters

Offline Android Graphic Design Application 3 E5617

Like the name of the application, Posters is an offline Android graphic design application that is suitable for you to use in making smart, contemporary posters.

This application has a number of free templates that you can use and other premium features that you can use if you subscribe.

Posters also provide a number of extras that can make your poster more attractive from GIFs to funny stickers. Nice!

Posters 3d806
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.6 (2,347)
Game Size36MB
Android minimum5.0 and up

4. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Android 4 A0036 Graphic Design Application

Well, if Adobe Illustrator Draw it has features suitable for you interactive image designers. Like other Adobe applications, this application is connected with other Adobe.

You can create designs manually without the default template from the application. The tools provided in this application are also very diverse and easy for you to use.

Adobe Illustrator Draw has interesting features such as zooming up to 64 times, various types of pens, drawing layer, and much more. Come on, immediately try the application!

Adobe Illustrator Draw 84c8d
Adobe Illustrator Draw
DetailsAdobe Illustrator Draw
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.4 (89,110)
Game SizeVary
Android minimum5.0 and up

5. Canva

The Best Android Graphic Design Application 5 109e5

Do you want the most famous and easy to use application for graphic design?

Canva This could be the answer. This application has a number of features that are very suitable for making logos and posters. You who are still laymen are guaranteed to be able to use this application.

In addition, you can also edit photos so that they become more interesting like professional works. Even so, you have to subscribe to enjoy all its features.

No wonder Canva can be a graphic design application for beginners at most ApkVenue recommends.

Canva Create Beautiful Designs Anywhere Icon
Canva – Create Beautiful Designs Anywhere
Productivity Canva
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.7 (, 511,602)
Game Size16MB
Android minimum4.1 and up

Other Android Graphic Design Applications …

6. Logo Maker Plus

The Best Android Graphic Design Application 6 D06a6

If you are looking for an Android 3D design application, Logo Maker Plus this could be one application that you can count on. You can create logos with a number of interesting features.

One interesting feature is the 3D logo feature with a variety of font choices. You can find more than 700 types of fonts from Latin to Arabic though. Great!

Logo Maker Plus 7286c
Logo Maker Plus – Graphic Design & Logo Creator
Photo & Imaging Logopit
DetailsLogo Maker Plus
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.7 (129,959)
Game Size21MB
Android minimum4.2 and up

7. Infinite Design

Best Android Graphic Design Application 7 A9025

Infinite Design is an application that has interesting features and tools that you can use to design images or photos. You can adjust the design very freely and easily.

Not only that, Infinite Design also has features for drawing in 3D. You can save images in various formats such as SVG, JPEG or PNG.

Infinite Design Icon2 Icon
Infinite Design
Video & Audio Sean Brakefield
DetailsInfinite Design
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score3.9 (38,357)
Game SizeVary
Android minimumVary

8. Invitation Card Maker

Online Graphic Design Application 8 18d62

Invitation Card Maker made by Greetings Island this is one of the graphic design applications for Android that is most suitable for you to use in making invitations.

Invitation Card Maker has a number of interesting templates that you can use for various events ranging from Bridal Shower to job promotions though.

You can find more than a thousand designs with various fonts and photos provided. Interested in using this application, friends?

Invitation Card Maker D1565
Invitation Card Maker
DetailsInvitation Card Maker
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.7 (20,594)
Game Size22MB
Android minimum4.4 and up

9. SketchBook

Free Graphic Design Software 9 B5e00

Do you like to draw anime or graphic designs manually without the help of templates?

Well, this one Android graphic design application can be your mainstay. SketchBook it provides a number of features such as layers and pens with various models.

In fact, you can find more than 10 types of pens and brushes for sketching in your cellphone. This application is very simple to operate and has complete tools.

Sketchbook F4818
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.3 (301,571)
Game SizeVary
Android minimumVary

10. ArtFlow

Android Graphic Design Application 10 239b9

Last is ArtFlow which you can use as a tool to manually create drawings or graphic designs. This application supports design activities in a professional manner.

And able to render 50 image layers with a resolution of 6144×6144. Of course you need a tough HP specifications to be able to lift this feature.

ArtFlow provides more than 100 pens and brushes that you can use to draw, and 10 types of filters to maximize image results.

Artflow Icon
ArtFlow || Paint & Sketchbook
Photo & Imaging Artflow Studio
RatingRated for 3+
Review Score4.2 (26,855)
Game Size12MB
Android minimum4.4 and up

The final word

That’s the best Android graphic design application that you can download for free on your cellphone. Which application is your favorite, friends?

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!