Come on, tease your friends with the following Android face change application. Guaranteed to make you laugh until you have an upset stomach! The application below can be downloaded for free!

Want fun with your friends? Here, you can try the following best Android and iOS face change applications.

If you want to try it, ApkVenue has summarized 8 face change applications that you can download for free on Google PlayStore.

Guaranteed to invite your friends laughter!

8 Best Android Face Change Applications

1. Face Swap

Face Change Application 1 D63a2

1 Face Swap F366f
Face Swap

Face Swap arguably is one of the best Android face changing applications.

This Face Swap application can replace your face with a celebrity or cute animal in just a second.

In addition, this application also provides Motion Stickers themed animals, cartoons, and so on.

Information Face Swap
Rating 4+
User 10 million +
Size 42MB
Android minimum 4.3 and up


Face Change Application 2 C2ad0

Msqrd Icon
Photo & Imaging Masquerade Technologies, Inc

The next face change application is MSQRD. This application carries the concept of your selfie short video digitally edited so that it looks like another face.

MSQRD also provides virtual accessories, such as masks or you can also swap your face with your friends.

Now you can share the results later with your friends via social media.

Information MSQRD
Rating 4+
User 10 million +
Size 34MB
Android minimum 4.3 and up

3. Face Swap – Wombatica Software

Face Change Application 3 8cea1

3 Face Swap 8ae83
Face Swap – Wombatica Software

Face Swap made by Wombatica Software It also carries the concept of video.

You and your friends can take videos wefie and later the two of your faces will be exchanged.

Not only that, in this application there are still many facial choices that you can choose such as animals, zombies, and so forth.

Information Face Swap – Wombatica Software
Rating 4
User 10 million +
Size 26MB
Android minimum 4.4 and up

4. Face Swap – Photo Face Swap

Face Change Application 4 Dffea

4 Face Swap Photo Face Swap A3a11
Face Swap – Face Swap Photo

Next there is a face change application for Android is Face Swap – Face Swap Photo.

Besides being easy to use, this application can make, editing the results of the exchange of your face look realistic or real.

Another interesting feature of this application is Face Bomb Effect, where you can change photos containing multiple faces into one face of the same person.

Information Face Swap – Face Swap Photo
Rating 3+
User 10 million +
Size 21MB
Android minimum 4.4 and up

5. MixBooth

Face Change Application 5 E9b6d

5 Dd96a Mixbooth

This one application is somewhat different because instead of changing faces but instead mixing two faces at once into one face.

MixBooth you and your girlfriend can try to guess what your child will look like.

Information MixBooth
Rating 4
User 5 million +
Size 10MB
Android minimum 2.3 and up

6. Face Switch

Face Change Application 6 3ae0d

6 Face Switch 2c06d
Face Switch

The next face change application is Face Switch. With this application you can swap faces and also combine faces.

Face Switch is a unique and easy to use face swap application. Through this application you can change your eyes, lips and skin color.

Exciting right?

Information Face Switch
Rating 3
User 5 million +
Size 9.1MB
Android minimum 4.0 and up

7. Face Changer

Face Change Application 7 4005c

7 Face Changer C532c
Face Changer

Well, next you can laugh with the Face Changer application.

With this application, you can change every part of your face.

You can use your friend’s photo then change his hair to bald, his nose to pig’s nose, and so on.

Information Face Changer
Rating 4+
User 50 million +
Size Different for each device
Android minimum Different for each device

8. Change face: swap face, change hair

Face Change Application 8 7be6e

8 Change Face Swap Face Change Hair 36dc6
Change face: swap face, change hair

Finally there is the Change Face application, made by Mon Dev.

This application uses AI technology to swap faces, and even skin tones.

You can be fun with Change Face, for example, change your haircut before you go to the salon just to check how your face is if you cut your hair.

Information Change Face
Rating 4+
User 100 thousand +
Size 40MB
Android minimum 4.0.3 and up

The final word

That’s 8 face change applications that can make you laugh! Good luck, guys!

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