Not only on Android phones, applications and games you can also run on a PC or laptop using the best Android emulator, you know

Have you ever thought that some Android applications or games will be more optimal if played on a PC or laptop?

For example, the PUBG Mobile game is more fun to play with a keyboard or mouse.

Well, for you who want to play mobile games on PC, here are some recommendations The lightest and best Android emulator in 2019 for your PC or laptop.

What is an Android Emulator?

Before discussing further, you already know what it is Android emulator? Emulator is a program that allows computer users to use other operating systems on the computer.

Simply put, an Android emulator is a program that allows you to use the Android operating system on your laptop or PC.

Examples of some popular Android emulators include BlueStacks and Nox App Player.

In addition to the Android emulator, there are many other emulators that allow you to run programs from one operating system to another.

For example, you can play your favorite PS2 games on an Android phone by using the best PS2 emulator.

List of Lightweight and Best Android Emulator Applications for PCs in 2019

Apart from the emulator ApkVenue mentioned above, there are many recommendations for the best Android applications you can choose below.

Of course all have advantages and disadvantages of each, according to your needs, from playing Android games on a PC or laptop, to using the chat application.

Then which Android emulator is most suitable for you? Consider the following complete list!


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AMIDuOS is an Android emulator that works well for all needs, starting from the developer and game. You can download and enjoy it for free for 30 days.

Furthermore, there will be 2 options, namely the Jelly Bean Android version for US $ 10 (around Rp 140 thousand) or Lollipop for US $ 15 (around Rp 200 thousand).

AMIDuOS provides complete features and support for Android users and application developers. You can try this emulator for free for 30 days, you know.

Advantages Deficiency
Works on Windows 7/8/10 Only available versions of Jellybean and Lollipop
Complete features and support Paid options with a 30 day free trial
User and developer support

Download AMIDuOS via the link below:

Amiduos Icon
Productivity American Megatrends

2. Android Studio


Android Studio highly recommended for you who work as a person the developer. Get a license directly from Google, this emulator is highly recommended for testing applications and games.

But remember, Android Studio is not the best choice for you who use it for social media or games only.

The reason is, you need good coding skills as a programmer to be able to run this emulator. Too bad, right, if only used for gaming?

Advantages Deficiency
Intended for developers Need special coding expertise
Free to arrange programming
Full support from Google

Download Android Studio via the link below:

Android Studio Android Emulator Icon
Android Studio – Android Emulator
Productivity Google Inc.

3. Andy

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Andy is one of the best Android PC emulators that you can enjoy all its features for free.

Andy will offer you the freedom to explore various features of Android on a PC, ranging from applications, games, launcher, even though the installation of root access.

Not only in the Windows operating system. You can also use Andy on the MacOS operating system. Besides being free, this emulator is also very flexible.

Advantages Deficiency
Windows and Mac support
The user interface is like an Android display
Fully featured and completely free

Download Andy via the link below:

Andyroid Icon
Productivity AndY

4. GameLoop

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GameLoop is the latest update from Tencent Gaming Buddy which is very popular among PUBG Mobile gamers because of the direct support of the developer.

Not only for PUBG Mobile, GameLoop also supports other games like Arena of Valor, Honkai Impact, and many more.

In appearance, this Android emulator is devoted to playing games only. So, for those of you who want to play social media, better try another emulator.

Advantages Deficiency
Supports many Android games Devoted to playing games only
Support from the developer
Strong performance

Download GameLoop / Tencent Gaming Buddy via the link below:

Pubg Mobile Windows 28a6a
PUBG Mobile PC
Shooting Tencent Mobile International Ltd.

5. BlueStacks 4

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Bluestacks has become the best Android emulator that is commonly used. To use Bluestacks smoothly, at least you need a PC specification with Minimum RAM of 2GB.

BlueStacks 4 itself gets full support from BlueStacks Gaming Platform which provides better and faster performance to support the gaming experience.

The latest Bluestacks has faster, more stable performance and is equipped with several features such as location settings.

Advantages Deficiency
Support various applications and games Somewhat lag, especially on inadequate VGA
Periodic updates
Runs on limited computer specs

Download BlueStacks via the link below:

Bluestack 2 Offline Installer Icon
Bluestack – Android Emulator
Drivers & Smartphone Bluestack

Another Best Android Emulator …

6. Genymotion

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Genymotion make it easy for the developer Android to test applications or games with several devices at the same time.

Therefore, this Android emulator requires special coding expertise. If you only want to use it to play games or play social media, it feels really.

So far Genymotion can run smartphone emulators like Nexus One with Android 4.2 or Nexus 6 with Android 6.0.

Advantages Deficiency
Intended for developers Need special coding expertise
Periodic updates Free trial service with paid options per year
The Android 8.0 Oreo base is available

Download Genymotion via the link below:

Drivers & Smartphone Genymotion

7. KOPlayer

7 Da607

KOPlayer is one of the new players in the world of Android emulator for PC. For you Android gamers on PC, KOPlayer can be an option.

This emulator can certainly run Android applications on a PC and can turn your keyboard into controller for some Android games.

The installation process and its use is very easy, although there are still a few a bug. However, overall, this one emulator is really good when used to play games.

Advantages Deficiency
Intended for gamers There are still many bugs
Support for Intel and AMD based processors
Complete mouse and keyboard settings for playing games

Download KoPlayer via the link below:

Koplayer Logo Icon
Drivers & Smartphone KOPLAYER Inc.

8. Manymo


Manymo could be an interesting choice. Manymo does not require you to download because this Android emulator can be used directly online.

You don’t need storage space to install this Android PC emulator. You simply open this emulator through a browser.

Unfortunately, Manymo offers quite expensive payment options for personal users.

Advantages Deficiency
Used online through a browser Payment options are too expensive
Does not take up PC storage space

Download Manymo via the link below:

Manymo Android Emulator Icon
Manymo – Android Emulator
Productivity Manymo

9. MEmu

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MEmu is an Android emulator that supports various versions of Android, starting from Jelly Bean, Kit Kat and Lollipop.

One of the big features is support for chipset Intel and AMD. For normal use, MEmu is very smooth in running most Android applications on PC, friends.

Not only flexible, this emulator also does not require high specifications, aka very lightweight. Playing games using MEmu is guaranteed to be even more fun.

Advantages Deficiency
Intel and AMD processor support
The ability to play Android games
Light and smooth

Download MEmu via the link below:

Memu Android Emulator Icon
MEmu – Android Emulator
Productivity MEmu

10. Nox


Photo source: Source:

Apart from BlueStacks, one of the most popular Android PC emulators among gamers is Nox. With Nox, you can play the Mobile Legends game very easily, you know.

Nox which is one of the 2019 lightweight Android emulators offering a myriad of features, especially those that are quite helpful in playing Android games on a PC.

With Nox, you can play games using the keyboard and mouse, even joystick if you have.

Advantages Deficiency
Smooth playing games
Compatibility for Windows and Mac
Gamepad control support

Download Nox via the link below:

Nox App Player 8fd3a
Nox APP Player
Drivers & Smartphone BigNox

11. XePlayer

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In addition to NoxPlayer, you also have other options for playing Android games on a PC or laptop, namely with XePlayer.

If you like Nox Player, maybe you will also like XePlayer. Because the two emulators have almost the same performance.

XePlayer itself supports up to millions of games to be played using a keyboard and mouse mechanism. This best Android emulator also supports the Windows XP operating system, 7, 8 to 10.

Advantages Deficiency
Windows XP operating system support up to 10 Need high specifications for the best performance
The performance is similar to Nox Player
Compatible with almost all applications and games

Download XePlayer via the link below:

12. Remix OS Player

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Remix OS Player is an Android emulator on PC developed by Jide. Remix is ​​a new player in the world of Android emulator for PC.

So far only Remix OS Player supports Android to Marshmallow versions. The installation process is quite easy.

But unfortunately, Remix OS Player does not support AMD-based CPUs. If you use AMD, you can try another emulator.

Advantages Deficiency
Optimization for playing Android games Still based on Android Marshmallow
Mapping for keyboard and mouse buttons Does not support AMD processors

Download Remix OS Player via the link below:

Remix Os Player Android Emulator Icon
Remix OS Player – Android Emulator
Productivity Jide

13. Windroye

13 JPG 777a2

As one of the lightest and oldest Android emulators, Windroye have a fairly simple display.

This lightest Android emulator can be downloaded for free with a fairly easy install process. Windroye is also very suitable for you who have limited PC specifications.

Windroye is perfect for those of you who don’t like to be complicated. You don’t need to set these emulators to run the application you want.

Advantages Deficiency
Lightweight used on limited PC specifications It’s too old school
Simple features

Download Windroye via the link below:

Latest Windroye Icon
Drivers & Smartphone Windroy

14. Genymotion Cloud

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Genymotion Cloud is another variant of the application at number 6 in the list. You don’t need to install to use this emulator.

With this program, you can use a virtual emulator. You can choose device which you want to simulate with the operating system.

Display Genymotion Cloud is very easy and easy to see. However, this program requires a PC with high specifications so that the application runs smoothly.

Advantages Deficiency
Intended for developers Need a PC with high specifications
Suitable for playing games and testing applications
Has an attractive and easy to use interface

Download Genymotion Cloud via the link below:

Genymotion 2fe61
Genymotion Cloud

15. Jar of Beans

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Is the name unique, friends? Jar of Beans is an emulator that uses Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Base and already supports Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM).

The excellent feature of Jar of Beans is this emulator portable format, so you don’t need the installation process at all, guys.

Of course it will be easier for you who only use the Android application on a PC just at any time right? Very practical!

Advantages Deficiency
Portable support without the need to install Only supports Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
Fast performance

Download Jar of Beans via the link below:

Jar of Beans C6958
Jar of Beans

16. YouWave


Just like Windroye, YouWave also become one of the oldest Android emulators. There are 2 versions of the application that you can use.

For the free version, you will only get the Ice Cream Sandwich version. Meanwhile for the Lollipop version you have to pay US $ 29.99 (around Rp. 400 thousand).

But, because this is a lightweight Android emulator, YouWave is suitable for you as an Android emulator for low spec PCs.

Advantages Deficiency
Light and compatible on many PCs Limited features
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 support Support only up to Android Lollipop (paid)
Limited gaming capabilities

Download YouWave via the link below:

Youwaveandroidv2 2 0fu
Productivity YouWave

17. ARChon

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ARChon not like most other Android emulators. This Android emulator only requires Google Chrome to run the application in it.

The advantage of this emulator is that this application does not take up large memory on your PC. Even so, the ARChon installation process is quite complicated for beginners.

ARChon itself is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. You just have to install Google Chrome on the OS to be able to install ARChon.

Advantages Deficiency
Can be used only in Google Chrome The installation process is difficult
Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux

Download ARChon via the link below:

Archon Android Emulator Icon
ARChon – Android Emulator
Productivity Vladikoff

18. Droid4X

1 263e8

Droid4X has its own advantages and disadvantages. This best Android emulator offers a simple display and can be used to play games.

Besides Windows, Droid4X also supports the MacOS operating system. Unfortunately there are still many a bug on Droid4X compared to other Android emulators.

No need to worry if you use Droid4X to play games. Although there are still many bugs, but the emulator’s performance is qualified enough to play games.

Advantages Deficiency
Light and smooth There are still many bugs
Supports Windows and Mac
The ability to play simple games

Download Droid4X via the link below:

Droid4x Logo Icon
Drivers & Smartphone Droid4X

19. LeapDroid

2 A5094

LeapDroid is an Android PC emulator that was acquired by Google. This emulator brings Android 4.4 KitKat with support keyboard mapping to play the game.

When you first install, you will get the option to download popular games such as Clash of Clans and Pokemon GO, you know.

Not just for playing games. You can also run social media applications like Instagram or Facebook very freely.

Advantages Deficiency
Support playing various game titles Support only up to Android KitKat
Easy keyboard mapping

Download LeapDroid via the link below:

Leapdroid Android Emulator Icon
LeapDroid – Android Emulator
Productivity LeapDroid

20. VirtualBox

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If you don’t feel comfortable with the emulators ApkVenue recommended above, you can also create your own Android emulator.

You can create your own Android emulator application using VirtualBox and image from

You can use this emulator by following the many tutorials circulating on the internet. In addition, you also need capable coding skills.

Advantages Deficiency
Intended for developers Need coding skills
Flexibility to make emulators as needed

Download Virtual Box via the link below:

Developer Tools Oracle

How to Install the Android Nox App Player Emulator on a PC

Well, of the many Android emulators that you can use, ApkVenue recommends that you use the Nox App Player, especially if used to play Android games on a PC.

But do you already know how how to install Nox App Player to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or PUBG Mobile?

Here, ApkVenue has reviewed the details below!

Step 1 – Download the Installer

First you need to download and install the offline Nox App Player installer, which is around 300MB in size. You can get it via the link below.

Nox App Player 8fd3a
Nox APP Player
Drivers & Smartphone BigNox

Step 2 – Installation Preparation

Open the installer and all you have to do is click the button Install it. Don’t forget to check the “I have read and accept the Nox License Agreement“Button.

How to Install Nox on PC 01 53b8e

Step 3 – Installation Process

The Nox App Player install process will run automatically and takes approximately 10 minutes. When done, just click the button Start.

How to Install Nox on PC 02 77e8a

Step 4 – Register for a Gmail Account

Before using the Nox App Player, login and first register the Gmail account that is used to access the Google Play Store.

How to Install Nox on PC 03 66266

Step 5 – Registration is Complete

If you have entered your Gmail email address and password, then you can use the Nox App Player on your PC or laptop. It’s easy, right?

How to Install Nox on PC 04 Fa7ae

Apart from the steps above, you also still need to make arrangements so that the Android emulator is more comfortable to use.

You can read more about the ApkVenue article below: How to Install Nox Player Emulator Android on PC / Laptop Complete 2019.

The Advantages of Using an Android Emulator on PC

Excellence Emulator Android 10fe3

Photo source:

The presence of an Android emulator on a PC or laptop is certainly not without purpose. So what are the advantages and advantages of using an Android emulator compared to using directly on a smartphone?

Here are some benefits that you can feel if you use an Android emulator on a PC or laptop:

  1. No need to worry about the battery running out, because desktop devices will use power supplies continuously and don’t need to worry lowbatt.
  2. Fast and adjustable performance, especially if you use a PC or gaming laptop that has high performance in its class.
  3. Bigger screen, compared to smartphones or tablets that have a limited screen span, you can enjoy a variety of content more freely on a PC or laptop screen.
  4. Easier control, if you use the keyboard or mouse to scroll screen, typing text, to playing games.
  5. Relieved storage space, without having to worry about running out of limited internal memory to store various large applications and games.

The final word

Well, that is the recommendation of the best lightest and fastest Android emulator for PCs or laptops in 2019. Smooth or not the Android emulator also depends on the application and specifications of the PC being used.

Which one do you think is the best Android emulator? If you have other recommendations, don’t forget share in the comment column, yes!

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