Your cellphone suddenly slow? Maybe you need a RAM cleaning application that can lighten the performance of your cellphone, check the application recommendations in this article!

Does your cellphone and PC feel slow lately?

Besides being caused by a virus, maybe this slow problem could be caused by a full RAM, a friends. Because, every time you open an application, some of the space in RAM will be used.

This can also be caused by many app background the walking. But you don’t need to worry because there is an easy way to set it aside.

You do this by using a RAM cleaning application for HP and PC. What are the applications? Come on, see more!

10 Best Android and PC RAM Cleaner Applications

RAM or Random Access Memory is a form of data storage and computer code that is being used. Every RAM has a data storage limit.

Of course you are familiar with the name RAM, huh. Generally, all computer devices have RAM that works to store data.

Including cellphones and computers that you use everyday. When your device lags or slows open multiple applications simultaneously, it means that your RAM capacity is full.

If this happens, you need to clean RAM so that you can clean it so you can move on your HP and PC smoothly.

One of the easiest ways to clean RAM is to use an application. Come, see the following recommendations:

The Best Android RAM Cleaner Application

Well, here is a recommendation for a powerful RAM cleaning application to get rid of ‘junk files’ on your Android!

1. Nox Cleaner

Android RAM Cleaner application 1 B64e7

The first application is Nox Cleaner, this application has many useful features that you can operate easily.

In addition to cleaning RAM, you can clear cache and unused data with just one click.

You can also run game booster for a smoother gaming experience without lag. Not stopping there, Nox Cleaner has a feature battery saver too. Nice!

Download the free Nox Cleaner application on the Google Play Store.

Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Reviews 4.8 (655,695)
Application Size 18MB
Android minimum 4.4 and up

2. CCleaner

Android Cleaner Application 2

The next application is CCleaner. Besides being able to clean RAM, this application also has various features to improve the performance of your cellphone.

You can optimize your gaming experience, fight viruses, and delete cache data that is less useful. All you can do is just a click.

You can also use CCleaner to monitor your HP system such as CPU usage, amount of RAM, and internal memory used. Great!

CCleaner for Android
Cleaning & Tweaking Piriform
Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Reviews 4.5 (1,191,417)
Application Size 17MB
Android minimum varies

3. Speed ​​Booster

Ad4fe Android RAM Cleaner Application 3

Well, if Speed ​​Booster This is suitable for you who use a lower class mobile phone. Because this application only uses 2MB of internal memory.

Even so, Speed ​​Booster has a variety of mainstay features that can make your cellphone become fast as new. Of course, using RAM booster.

There are also features of CPU Cooler, Junk File Cleaner, Battery Booster, and many more. Speed ​​Booster is an Android cleaning application that ApkVenue recommends for you.

Download the free Speed ​​Booster application on the Google Play Store.

Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Reviews 4.7 (128,972)
Application Size 5.4MB
Android minimum 4.0 and up

4. Clean Master

Android Cleaner Application 4

Another cleaning application on Android smartphones is Clean Master. By using this application, your cellphone will be cleared of cache, junk files, and junk applications that have been uninstalled.

There are many features that you can use from this application, one of which is History Eraser which will help you delete and delete residual files easily.

Besides Clean Master also has a security feature for WiFi that can secure mobile phones from public WiFi that is not trusted. Come on, try the application!

Clean Master Icon
Clean Master (Boost & AppLock)
Cleaning & Tweaking Cheetah Mobile Inc.
Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Reviews 4.7 (44,294,237)
Application Size 20MB
Android minimum varies

5. Phone Master

Android D304a RAM Cleaner Application

The latest Android RAM cleaning application is Phone Master, this application is a complete package to help your phone be safe and free from lag.

You can use various features such as application lock to secure sensitive personal applications or manage internet data so that your usage does not cross the line.

The rest of the features will certainly make your cellphone faster and free from less used data.

Download the free Phone Master app on the Google Play Store.

Detail Specification
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Reviews 4.7 (119,743)
Application Size 9.7MB
Android minimum 4.4 and up

The Best PC RAM Cleaner Application

If 5 applications to clean RAM before for Android, then the following 5 applications you can use to clean your PC or Laptop RAM.

1. Wise Cleaner

PC RAM Cleaner 1 87de8 Application

For PC RAM cleaning applications the first is Wise CleanerThis application can be used to optimize PC performance by removing unused memory.

Not only that, this application can also ‘tidy up’ the memory so that your computer can run faster without being there lag or error.

Download the official Wise Cleaner app

Detail Minimal Specifications
OS Windows XP
Processor Pentium 233
Memory 128MB RAM
Storage 10MB

2. Iolo System Mechanic

Applications for Pc RAM 2 03bbf Cleaner

The next is Iolo System Mechanic which you can use for free to clean RAM and make your PC or laptop system more structured.

This application is able to clean data cache which interferes with the CPU process, so your PC can perform various activities faster.

In addition, this application can also clean various problems such as error, and secure PCs from viruses.

Download the official application of Iolo System Mechanic.

Detail Minimal Specifications
OS Windows 7
Memory 1 GB RAM
Storage 60MB

3. IObit Advanced SystemCare

Pc RAM Cleaner Application 3 25a51

Well, if IObit Advanced SystemCare it has the best interface design among others. In addition there are also a variety of features.

You can tidy up the data on the HDD and repair error on the system with one click. In addition, IObit Advanced SystemCare will run in real-time.

Make your PC performance is maintained every day. This application is certainly paid and you can buy it on the official website.

Download the official IObit Advanced SystemCare application.

Detail Minimal Specifications
OS Windows XP
Storage 300MB

4. Piriform CCleaner

PC RAM Cleaner 4 Ec057 application

Besides being used on cellphones, CCleaner also available in the PC version which can clean RAM with just one click.

You can restore lost files, while using the Piriform CCleaner application. Not only that, there are also security features for file privacy and browsing.

Download the official Piriform CCleaner application.

Detail Minimal Specifications
OS Windows 2003, 2008, and 2012 Server

5. Razer Cortex: Game Booster

PC RAM 5 Cleaner application 525a7

Do you like to play games?

In that case, this PC RAM cleaning application can be your mainstay. What else if not Razer Cortex: Game Booster. This application is able to optimize CPU performance for gaming.

In addition there is also a System Booster feature that is used to delete data that are considered not important and cache in RAM that is not useful will also be minimized.

So that your gaming experience can run more smoothly.

Razer Cortex Icon
Razer Cortex: Game Booster
System Tuning Razer Inc.
Detail Minimal Specifications
OS Windows 7
Processor 300 Mhz processor
Memory 256MB RAM
Storage 250MB

The final word

That’s 10 RAM cleaning applications for Android and PC that you can use for free. Now you don’t need to worry about how to free RAM so the device doesn’t lag.

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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