Want to download an interesting iPhone application? Here are 15 recommendations for the best and free iPhone applications in 2020.

Although the status of an exclusive smartphone, the iPhone also of course requires applications to support the needs of everyday users.

Because without applications, the iPhone is just an ordinary elegant cellphone without any ability.

Speaking of applications, there are currently a lot of applications available for iPhone users who are no less good than Android apps, friends.

Even though there are a lot of them, in reality only a few of them are worth downloading.

Well, for those of you who just bought an iPhone or are looking to download a new application for your iPhone, in this article ApkVenue will give you some recommendations.

Recommended Best Free iPhone Application 2020

Offering unique and beneficial features for its users, here are some recommendations for the best iPhone application 2020 and of course it’s free.

1. Marco Polo Stay In Touch

Marco Polo 2e6cd

Download via the App Store

The next best iPhone application is Marco Polo Stay In Touch which is a video chat application with various interesting features in it, the friends.

Because this application combines features of chat, social media, and also video chat at once in one application.

This application allows you to record video and send it anytime and anywhere. But different from other video chat applications, this application allows friends in contacts to watch your video live or watch it later.

Details Marco Polo Stay In Touch
Developer Joya Communications, Inc
Minimal OS iOS 11.0 and above
Size 134.6MB
Rating 4.8 / 5 (App Store)

2. Fitocracy

Fitocracy D3043
Fitocracy Workout Fitness Log Icon
Fitocracy Workout Fitness Log
Productivity Fitocracy, Inc.

Is a fitness application that can help users to form a healthy lifestyle in a fun way, Fitocracy very suitable for you sports enthusiasts.

In this application users are challenged to collect a number of points to level up, do quest, and solve achievement so that it can encourage them to keep their passion in sports.

In addition, fellow users of this application can also see exercise routines, points gained, levels and achievements of each other. Not only that, you can also comment!

Details Fitocracy
Developer Fitocracy Inc.
Minimal OS iOS 8.0 and above
Size 52.6MB
Rating 4.2 / 5 (App Store)

3. Noted

Noted 98ef1

Download via the App Store

Still not satisfied with the features offered by the default Note application from the HP iPhone? Then that’s the application Noted this might be the right recommendation for you to download.

Noted is a fully integrated audio and recording application that makes it easy for you to take notes on important things in meeting, interview, or conference.

In addition, this application also allows you to attach images to notes so that the results will be easier to understand.

Missed an important note from recorded audio? Quiet! Through the #TimeTag feature you can return to a specific audio minute so that you no longer need to listen to the entire audio again.

Details Noted
Developer Digital Workroom Ltd.
Minimal OS iOS 12.0 and above
Size 74.5MB
Rating 4.3 / 5 (App Store)

4. Vectornator X Vector Art

Vectornator X F17e8

Download via the App Store

Happy with the world of graphic design and don’t want to miss it for a while? Then you have to download the application called Vectornator X Vector Art on your iPhone.

As the name implies, Vectornator X is a vector graphic design application that allows you to design anything you want.

You can also create awesome vector designs using Pen, Node, Brush, and Shape tools that has been provided in it.

Although it’s free, but this application offers features that are complete and even users can import or export files with AI, PDF, SVG, PNG, and JPG formats.

Details Vectornator X Vector Art
Developer Linearity GmbH
Minimal OS iOS 11.4 and above
Size 197.2MB
Rating 4.7 / 5 (App Store)

5. Darkroom Photo Editor

Darkroom B0e68

Download via the App Store

The next best iPhone application 2020 that is interesting for you to download is a photo editing application called Darkroom.

Crowned as application Editor’s Choice on the App Store, Darkroom offers a number of interesting features that can make it easier for users to edit photos even though they do not have the expertise photo editing.

Besides supporting the RAW format, this application also provides 10 filters bundled and 20 premium filters that can enhance your edits.

Details Darkroom Photo Editor
Developer Bergen Co.
Minimal OS iOS 11.0 and above
Size 57MB
Rating 4.8 / 5 (App Store)

6. Koins Currency Converter

Koins 7317b

Download via the App Store

In addition to the maps application, currency conversion applications also often become important things needed by the para traveler when traveling to another country.

Well, if you are one of them, application Koins This developer from Santhalakshmi K is really obliged to have on your iPhone mobile.

This application allows you to convert currencies very easily complete with various features it offers. The Koins application also provides more than 165 countries.

Details Koins Currency Converter
Developer Santhalakshmi K
Minimal OS iOS 11.0 and above
Size 35.6MB
Rating 4.5 / 5 (App Store)

7. Infusion 6

Infuse 6 3459d

Download via the App Store

Developed by developer Firecore, LLC, Infusion 6 is a video player application that supports various video formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, and many more.

In addition, you can also add movie subtitles or download it for free through this application.

The interface between the faces is simple and elegant, making watching movies using this application very fun.

Details Infusion 6
Developer Firecore, LLC
Minimal OS iOS 12.0 and above
Size 88.3MB
Rating 4.7 / 5 (App Store)

Other 2020 Best iPhone Applications …

8. Unroll.Me

Unroll Me 218df

Download via the App Store

Although it can provide important information, but subscribe newsletter sometimes quite annoying because the number is quite often not infrequently make other important emails sink.

Well, for those of you who might be having a moment like this and want to filter newsletter who enter the email inbox, application Unroll.Me this could be the right solution.

With this application you can easily filter newsletter which is deemed necessary to-unsubscribe, separated to another folder, or who wants to remain displayed in the inbox.

Unroll.Me itself supports a number of email applications such as Gmail, Google Apps, AOL, and Outlook.

Details Unroll.Me
Minimal OS iOS 8.0 and above
Size 45.7MB
Rating 4.6 / 5 (App Store)

9. Bear

The Iphone Bear Custom 2c3d1 application

Download via the App Store

Bear is a note application that is quite flexible and popular among HP users with the iOS operating system, the friends.

As a note application, Bear offers simplicity in use while still providing powerful functions.

This application allows you to do everything from taking notes to concise notes, writing essays, to taking notes with pictures.

In addition, this application also offers a variety of interesting features, the friends!

Including supporting hashtags and sub-hashtags, supporting setting of display format (font type, size, line height), export notes to various document formats, and more.

Details Bear
Developer Shiny Frog Ltd.
Minimal OS iOS 10.0 and above
Size 81.1MB
Rating 4.7 / 5 (App Store)

10. Splice

The 96d9c Custom Splice Iphone Application

Download via the App Store

Offers a simple but sophisticated application, application Splice can make it easier for you to make videos that can be fully customizable and look professional with just the help of an iPhone.

This application offers various features for its users such as applying filters, adjusting videos to the rhythm of music automatically, cutting or adding clips, selecting transition effects, and much more.

Not only that, this application also allows you to save or share the edited video to popular social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or even email.

Details Splice
Developer Bending Spoons Apps IVS
Minimal OS iOS 11 and above
Size 187.4MB
Rating 4.7 / 5 (App Store)

11. HomeCourt

The Enlight Homecourt Custom E2533 Iphone Application

Download via the App Store

Hobbies playing basketball and want to have a personal trainer but are constrained by the cost? Then that’s the application HomeCourt You must install it.

HomeCourt is an amazingly sophisticated application that is able to be your personal trainer when playing basketball.

This application works by capturing how you play basketball starting from dribbling, aiming for the ball into the ring, until the user’s body movements when playing.

HomeCourt combines the concepts of basic technology training Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide direct analysis (real-time).

This method is claimed to be able to help users to improve skill they play basketball.

Details HomeCourt
Developer NEX Team Inc.
Minimal OS iOS 11.2 and above
Size 368.8MB
Rating 4.3 / 5 (App Store)

12. Enlight Photofox

The Enlight Photofox Custom 33543 Iphone Application

Download via the App Store

Developed by Lighticks developers, Enlight Photofox is a photo editing application that offers its users a variety of features that may not have been available in other similar applications.

One of its superior features is double exposures where users can combine two objects at once so as to produce artistic photos.

Through this application, all the complicated things that previously you can only do through professional applications like Photoshop, can now be easily done via your iPhone.

Details Enlight Photofox
Developer Lightricks Ltd.
Minimal OS iOS 11.0 and above
Size 289MB
Rating 4.7 / 5 (App Store)

13. Apollo for Reddit

Apollo For Reddit Custom 8b192 Iphone Application

Download via the App Store

Apollo for Reddit is an excellent Reddit iOS browser because it is equipped with various interesting features such as comment editing, jump bar, media viewer to display photos, videos and GIFs, and other features.

Apollo itself was created with a simple and minimalist design so that it will facilitate its users when using this application.

In addition, to increase user comfort, this application also provides a dark mode feature so that users can feel comfortable watching the screen without feeling tired in the eyes.

Details Apollo for Reddit
Developer Christian Selig
Minimal OS iOS 10.0 and above
Size 95.9MB
Rating 4.8 / 5 (App Store)

14. Overcast

The 5dafd Custom Overcast Iphone Application

Download via the App Store

Overcast is an iOS podcast application created by Marco Arment, a developer who also founded other popular applications such as Tumblr and Instapaper.

The Overcast application has a simple display and supports several favorite features to accompany you to listen to podcast content from the best available podcast channels.

This application also has a download feature that allows users to play podcasts offline so you can still listen to them even without an internet quota.

Details Overcast
Developer Overcast Radio, LLC
Minimal OS iOS 13.0 and above
Size 8.1MB
Rating 4.7 / 5 (App Store)

15. Instapaper

Eb980 Custom Instapaper Iphone Application
Instapaper Icon
Education Instapaper Holdings, Inc.

Read more interesting articles but must stop because you have other activities that are more important? application Instapaper could be a solution to overcome these problems.

Instapaper is a simple iPhone application that you can use to store interesting articles that you find.

Through this application the application that has been previously saved can be read back offline, wherever and whenever.

Instapaper also provides optimized text display so that it won’t make the text messy even if it isn’t read directly from the website. This application also supports features text-to-speech which helps its users.

Details Instapaper
Developer Instapaper Holdings, Inc.
Minimal OS iOS 10.0 and above
Size 54.1MB
Rating 4.1 / 5 (App Store)

The final word

Well, that was a recommendation of the 15 best and free iPhone applications that you can download.

These applications are exclusively available on iOS devices, so they can only be downloaded by you iPhone or iPad users.

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