Let’s watch your favorite anime through the following ApkVenue Anime watching application, it works for Android and iPhone users!

Anime has always been a favorite of many people to be used as entertainment during free time, many are addicted to watching it until they become wibu.

Watching anime can be through many media guys, can be through online anime watching sites or applications on mobile phones.

Now, ApkVenue will give a recommendation for the best Anime watching application for you. Anything? Come, see the complete list guys!

The Best Anime Watch Application on Android and iPhone

The applications that ApkVenue has listed can be downloaded via Google Play Store and App Store, the rest through APKs.

You can download all applications in the list for free, but there will be paid content in the application.

Come on, we enter the application list:

1. Crunchyroll

Anime Watch 1 application 17433
The first Anime watching application is Crunchyroll, this application is very popular among anime lovers.

ApkVenue Team also often uses this application to watch favorite anime. In the Crunchyroll application you can find more than 25 thousand episodes of the anime and counting.

The anime list continues an update keep up with the latest developments, so you don’t miss your favorite anime story.

You can download the application for free here:

Crunchyroll Anime And Drama Icon
Crunchyroll – Anime and Drama
RatingRated for 12+
Application Sizevaries
Android minimumvaries

2. Viewster

Watch Anime 2 D52d2 application
The next is Viewster, an Anime watching application that provides a variety of exciting anime that you can watch for free on Android.

Not only anime, you can also watch TV shows with this application.

Don’t be afraid to miss the latest episodes, because this application will often experience updates. You can try the application here:

1 Viewster Anime Fandom Tv 20946
Viewster Anime & Fandom TV
RatingRated for 12+
Application Size21MB
Android minimum4.1 and up

3. AnimeLab

Well, This AnimeLab is an anime application on Android that is suitable for you who watch famous anime such as Dragon Ball, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, and others.

Because every week there will be the latest episode that is updated into the application, so you don’t miss it.

For the quality of the video, don’t doubt guys, you can also choose English dubbing or use subtitles.

There are many other features that you can enjoy in the application, so download them now guys:

2 Animelab Watch Anime Free A0e0f
AnimeLab – Watch Anime Free
RatingRated for 12+
Application Size19MB
Android minimum4.1 and up

4. FastAnime

The Ed5aa 4 Anime Watch Application
FastAnime is indeed not as great as the above 3 applications, but you can watch anime with the best quality and subtitles provided in English.

This application is streaming, so you need a stable internet while watching. You can search for a variety of exciting anime ranging from Samurai to Urban categories.

Come download the application for free:

3 Fastanime Watch Anime Online Tv 0b9c8
FastAnime – Watch TV anime online
RatingRated for 3+
Application Size3.5MB
Android minimum4.1 and up


The Anime 8 888df Watch Application
This anime watching application is indeed not the most complete, but you can find many classic anime of the highest quality with HIDIVE.

The interface page is made black, making it suitable for use at night or in the dark.

You can download the application here:

4 Hidive Stream Your Anime And Stuff 60e2e
HIDIVE: Stream Your Anime and Stuff!
RatingRated for 12+
Application Size14MB
Android minimum4.2 and up

6. Funanime

Watch Anime 6 4d739 application
Next is Funanime, an application that not only provides the latest anime, but also manga that you can access for free.

You can find a variety of exciting anime from classic to modern. In addition there are comments features that you can use to discuss certain anime or manga.

You can download this application for free on Android:

5 Funanime Free Anime Online Manga Rock For Fanz 50513
Funanime – Free Anime Online & Manga Rock for Fanz
RatingRated for 16+
Application Size14MB
Android minimum4.2 and up

7. Wakanim

D708e Anime Watch 7 application
Switching to iOS, there is the best anime watching app, Wakanim. ApkVenue recommends this application because it provides very good quality anime subtitles complete.

You can find a variety of favorite anime completely. In addition there is a history features to find out what anime has been watched before.

You can download the application here:

6 Wakanim 8d0d0
RatingRated for 12+
Application Size35.5MB
Minimum IOSiOS 9.0

8. FunimationNow

Anime Watch 8 67063 application
Well, you can also rely on FunimationNow as an Anime watching application with HD image quality on your iPhone.

In addition to subtitles on anime, this application also provides English dubbing for various anime.

However, you must purchase various contents in the application. You can download the application here guys:

7 Funimationnow 3834c
RatingRated for 17+
Application Size90.9MB
Minimum IOSiOS 10.3

9. AnYme

Applications Watch Anime 9 692e4

Next is AnYme, this application is very simple and easy to use. You can search for a variety of exciting anime with complete episodes.

Not just watching anime, you who want the best anime songs or anime wallpapers can be obtained from this application, guys!

This application is not available on the Google Play Store, but ApkVenue will provide a free APK for you here:

8 Anyme 06a70
Entertainment AnYme

10. AnimeLib

Anime Watch 10 50a20 application
Finally, AnimeLib, this Anime watching application ApkVenue recommends for you who like to watch famous anime such as One Piece, Bleach, Detective Conan, and others.

The episodes provided in the application are complete. In addition, you can also read manga and hear anime songs through this application.

This application is also not available in the Google Play Store, so you can download the APK here for free guys:

9 Anime Lib 09730
Anime Lib

The final word

That’s the recommendation of the best Anime watching application for Android and iPhone from ApkVenue. Using this application is more convenient to use than through a website.

Although, the choice of anime might be more limited. Which application is your favorite guys?

Write your opinion in the comments column, see you in the next article!