WhatsApp application collapsed? No need to worry, because there are other alternative chat applications that you can use. Come see in full!

Are you one of the WhatsApp chat application users?

Nowadays, communicating with people far away is very easy with the chat application.

However, what happens if you have an important matter, but WhatsApp or even fallen server down.

It must be annoying right? No need to worry, because there is Another alternative chat application that can replace WhatsApp when it is falling.

Come, see the full list!

The Best Alternative Chat Application

WhatsApp is a chat application formed since 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. This app already has 1.5 billion users in 2017, according to WhatsApp official statistics.

Quoted from Down Detector, Whatsapp experienced major disruptions through reports from users 5 times in 2019.

This report also includes server down on the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp applications on April 14, 2019.

You cannot send any message to your friends while the server is down. However, you can use other chat applications as an alternative.

Here it is an alternative application besides WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger:


Alternative Chat Application Line 4b530

The first alternative chat application is LINE which you can use for daily chatting activities.

Created by LINE Corporation, based in Japan, this application has an interactive chat form with various funny stickers that can color your chat.

Besides chatting, you can do voice and video calls for free on your cellphone or PC. In addition, you can also play games while making video calls, you know!

Come on, try the application!

Line For Android Icon2 Icon
LINE for Android
Social & Messaging Naver

2. Discord

Alternative Discord Chat Application 9f6c8

The next is Discord, this application is actually devoted to the activity of chatting gamers. You can use this application whether on mobile or PC.

In this application, you can find a gaming community to share experiences and various discussion topics with other gamers.

You can call colleagues and chat in the game. This discord supports various games such as Apex Legends, LoL, CS: GO and many more.

Discord Android Icon
Discord – Chat Application
Social & Messaging Discord Inc.

3. Steam

Alternative Steam Chat Application 85a8e

Who doesn’t know Steam?

Steam is an application that provides a variety of games digitally. You can buy games through Steam.

However, you can also use Steam as an application to chat. Besides on PC, you can use Steam on mobile.

Unfortunately, the chat feature in Steam can only send text messages. Yes, according to its purpose for sending messages when playing games.

You will not be disturbed by stickers or emoticons while playing.

Steam For Android Icon
Steam for Android
Productivity Valve Corporation

4. Blizzard Battle.net

Blizzard Eb78c Alternative Chat Application

Blizzard known as a developer and publisher of famous games such as Warcraft, Overwatch, Heartstone, and many more.

Who would have thought that Blizzard turned out to have a chat application called Blizzard Battle.net which was developed directly by Blizzard Entertainment.

This application aims to connect you with other players, because you can see what games your friends are playing while chatting.

Blizzard Battlenet Android B64a1
Blizzard Battle.net for Android

5. Kik

Kik Alternative Chat Application 441e8

Well, if the application Kik This is suitable for you who are happy with group chats full of jokes and laughter. Because you can send GIFs, emojis, or photos.

Kik also provides features for playing games or quizzes with your friends when you are running out of material.

Do you want to try?

Click the Messenger Icon
Kik Messenger for Android
Social & Messaging Kik Interactive


Ab68e Alternative Band Chat Application

BAND This is suitable for group chats or work communication purposes. You can manage all activities in the calendar available in the application.

Feature poll in this application can be used separately to determine what activities will be carried out, as well as sharing videos or photos that can be stored neatly.

Messenger Band 93579
BAND messenger

Chat Application Other Than WhatsApp ~

7. Slack

B3d43 Slack Alternative Chat Application

Are you looking for a chat application that is suitable for professional workers?

Slack it could be your choice, this application has features that are suitable for communicating with your team that is grouped into topics, projects, and others.

You can also share documents with certain people or with the team. To facilitate communication, you can also make calls to one person or group.

This application also has a feature that makes it easy for you to search for discussions or documents easily. Intrigued by the application?

Come on, download it here!

Slack 07ec9

8. Telegram

Telegram 8c606 Alternative Chat Application

Telegram is an interactive chat application with game play features through chat bot like Werewolf, Family 100, UNO, and many more.

Besides playing games, of course you can communicate with your friends through private chat or group chat.

You can decorate chat with various stickers, GIF, or send various media such as photos or videos.

Telegram Messenger
Telegram for Android
Social & Messaging Telegram

9. Snapchat

Snapcaht 57ea2 Alternative Chat Application

Like to share funny photos with your friends?

Try using it Snapchat as an alternative to the chat application, you can share funny photos or videos with various filters stored in stories.

You can also chat with your friends and find out what’s happening around you with features Snap Map.

There are still many other features that you can explore from this Snapchat application, let’s try it now!

Snapchat Android
Social & Messaging Snapchat

10. Viber Messenger

Viber E61f3 Alternative Chat Application

Last is Viber Messenger, this chat application you can use on PC or Android. Chatting using this application is very easy and fun.

You can send various GIFs, stickers, photos and more to your friends. Apart from that, you can also make voice or video calls for free.

Uniquely, Viber has features secret chat which is used to discuss confidential matters with your friends because each chat you send will disappear within the specified time.

Viber Icon
Viber for Android
Social & Messaging ApkVenue

The final word

That’s the 10 best alternative chat applications if WhatsApp is down or can not be used. Which application is the most interesting for you, friends?

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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