Google Play Store does provide filters, including applications rated 18+. Not in the Play Store, this is an adult Android app you can meet.

For Android users, of course the Google Play Store service is a mainstay when you’re looking for apps or games, right?

Nah, you didn’t read wrong! It turns out the Play Store also provides a number Adult application for Android HP that you can download!

Even so, there are also a number of applications that are banned and not in the Play Store. Curious what the application?

Eits … before you think of anything weird, see this explanation of adult applications 18+ that will be reviewed below.

Here’s the Android 18+ Adult Application Rating System that is on the Google Play Store

Just so you know, the Google Play Store service also has a rating benefit system for the application that refers to the system IARC (International Age Rating Coalition) which applies internationally.

Like television ratings, Play Store ratings are also grouped by age category. Including for a number of adult applications that are usually labeled rating 16+ or rating of 18+, friends

Google Play Store Adult Application Rating 6aea6

Generally applications with adult labels have elements related to sensual activity, crime, violence, illegal drugs, and others.

You can find this rating label in the description column of the application or game you wish to download.

As the rating system above, here are some adult applications that turned out to be on Android.

Google Play Banner Application A77c2

7 Pervert Applications According to the Google Play Store, Don’t Let You Install On Android

Have you ever tried the obscene application keywords on Google Play? In fact there are some that are considered obscene Android applications according to Google Play. Are you sure you don’t want to download?

List of Adult Applications that are not in the Play Store

Because it does not meet Google’s standards, some of the applications below are unfortunately not in Play Store. Even some of them arguably have a rating of 18+ tablets. Curious?

1. Joy.Live

Joylive Adult Application Is Not On The C4810 Play Store
Joy Live Af42f

First came from the application Joy.Live which is one application live streaming popular video and has been used by thousands of users.

Joy.Live which has a rating of 17+ is revoked and banned from the Google Play Store because it does not provide filters on sensual content and adult videos.

Even so, on the internet you can still find various sites that provide links to download adult applications that don’t exist in this Play Store.

Adult Application Not Available in Other Play Store …

2. Vidmate

Vidmate Adult Application Not In Play Store 4b781
Icon200 2 Icon
VidMate – HD video downloader
Downloader & Plugin Vidmate Studio

Continue to Vidmate which is where the application is still related to video business.

Application download it YouTube videos and various the platform This is no longer available on Google Play. Like what happened to TubeMate, friends

To use the Vidmate application, you have enough copy-paste YouTube video URL, choose the format and video quality, then download it automatically to internal memory.

Really easy, right? But beware don’t download it from that site “Miscellaneous” yes!

3. Private VPN

Vpn Private Adult Application Is Not On The Ef6b3 Play Store