Do you like to use mass vehicles when traveling in the city? Don’t forget the application to track the following public transportation first.

Do you prefer to use public transportation than private vehicles? Need an application to track public transport positions?

You who live in big cities, especially ApkVenuerta, are sure to be familiar with public transportation such as TransApkVenuerta, KRL, or even MRT express trains.

This transportation will really help you to travel in the ApkVenuerta area without being interrupted by ApkVenuerta’s heavy flow. Unfortunately, public transportation does not always arrive on time.

Therefore, ApkVenue will provide application recommendations for tracking the most appropriate public transportation. Come, see the following in full!

Application for Tracking Transportation

Public transportation is a passenger transport service that is managed according to the system and trips are arranged according to schedule. The route has been set and there are certain costs for each passenger.

In Indonesia, there are various kinds of public transportation provided. Not only in ApkVenuerta, but also in various big cities in Indonesia.

By using public transportation, you can save on travel costs and time. Especially if in the ApkVenuerta area that is difficult to go anywhere using private vehicles.

However, sometimes public transportation does not arrive on time. So, you need a service to track its whereabouts.

One way is to use the public transportation tracker application. Like the following application:

1. Google Maps

Application To Track Transportation 1 Ed495

The first is Google Maps which you can use as a public transportation tracking device. This application is commonly known as a mapping service.

This application can track the whereabouts of buses and KRL in ApkVenuerta directly. So you can know its existence specifically. In addition, there are also a number of estimates of your travel time.

Google Maps is very suitable for you to use for the first time using public transportation. You will be given a number of specific directions. Nice!

Details Google Maps
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.3 (10,430,408)
Game Size Vary
Android minimum Vary

2. Transformers

Application for Tracking Transportation 2 C1052

The next is Trafi which has a very complete public transportation tracking service. You can see various transportation such as TransApkVenuerta, trains, public buses, even public transportation.

You can see the position of public transportation in a general way real-time. In addition, this application will also show a number of vehicle stopping points.

Trafi also has features to show travel routes such as mapping applications in general. Complete with an estimated duration of the trip and the cost you have to spend.

Details Trafi
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.3 (73,997)
Game Size Vary
Android minimum 4.4 and up

3. KRL Access

Application For Tracking Transportation 3 245f4

Who is unfamiliar with KRL?

ApkVenue is sure you already know this public transportation, or maybe use it often. Not complete if you do not use the application KRL Access Here.

KRL Access is the official application of PT KAI, in this application you can see the train’s position in a straightforward manner real-time, departures, routes, prices and more.

This application is very easy for you to operate and easy. So, potato cell phones can also use this application because the application is lightweight.

Details KRL Access
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 3.8 (11,605)
Game Size 3MB
Android minimum 4.0 and up

4. Tijeku

Application for Tracking Transportation 4 22b51

In addition to the official application from PT KAI, there is also an official application from PT Transportation ApkVenuerta that will provide you with services to see the position of buses in ApkVenuerta Tijeku.

Not only that, you can also see the position of the bus stops closest to you. As well as a number of routes available for TransApkVenuerta trips.

This application is very useful for you, especially if you are still unfamiliar with the location of bus stops in ApkVenuerta.

Details Tijeku
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 3.6 (297)
Game Size 20MB
Android minimum 4.4 and up

5. Moovit

Application for Tracking Transportation 5 90a56

Moovit is a very famous application in the world because it can provide a number of complete information on Indonesian public transportation. Not only TransApkVenuerta, but also KRL and MRT.

You can also determine the route to travel using Moovit so it’s easy to travel wherever you want, especially with a precise map display.

Details Moovit
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.4 (766,670)
Game Size Vary
Android minimum Vary

6. Komutta

Application To Track Transportation 6 8f90b

The next is Komutta, this application really can’t do the tracking in a way real-time but is able to give you the bus stop position and train departure schedule.

So you can find out when to leave and where to get your transportation. Do not stop there, you can also call a taxi.

Details Komutta
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.5 (3,239)
Game Size Vary
Android minimum Vary

7. GOBIS Suroboyo Bus

Application To Track Transportation 7 35e17

Last is GOBIS Suroboyo Bus which is a public transportation tracker application that is devoted to buses in Surabaya and its surroundings.

You can see the location real-time buses in Surabaya, besides microbus and tourist attractions that can be visited. GOBIS Suroboyo Bus is also equipped with a bus stop location on maps.

Details GOBIS Suroboyo Bus
Rating Rated for 3+
Review Score 4.2 (648)
Game Size 6.4MB
Android minimum 4.4 and up

The final word

That’s the public transportation tracker application that is suitable for you to use while in a big city. Now, you don’t have to bother anymore if you want to ride transportation.

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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