Do you want a math test or a test tomorrow? Here, ApkVenue has 7 math problem answering applications to help you study. But, don’t use cheating.

Do you want a math test tomorrow but you are still confused and don’t understand the material at all? Relax, because ApkVenue wants to share 7 Math questions answering application in Android phone.

Mathematics is indeed one of the most difficult subjects. How not, this one subject is filled with formulas and calculations that often make you dizzy.

Along with the times, learning Mathematics has also become easier thanks to technology and the emergence of HP.

C’mon, let’s see more.

7 Math Questions Answering Application

Well, ApkVenue has summarized 7 applications that can help you to work on math problems (Android and iOS phones).

1. Photomath

Mathematical Question Answering Application 1 E062f

The first Mathematical question answering application is Photomath. This application can help you solve various math problems that you face, both at school and in college.

How to use it is also quite easy. You just need to take a picture of the math problem you want to work on. After that, Photomath will display the answer later.

Photomath is available in two versions, the free version and the paid version. Photomath can you download on the App Store (iPhone users only), for Android you can download it below.

Unnamed123 Icon
Productivity Microblink
Information Photomath
Size Varies with device
Android minimum Varies with device
Number of Users 50 million +
Rating 4,5+

2. MyScript Calculator

Math Questions Answering Application 2 07bc1

Besides Photomath, application MyScript Calculator can also help you work on math problems. This application can be said to be quite unique.

The reason is, you don’t need to type, but just doodle on it HP screen you with your finger. Later your writing will immediately be converted into Mathematical equations.

Unfortunately, the ability of MyScript Calculator to help with math problems is still limited. This application can only answer basic math problems, exponentials, trigonometry, and logarithms.

Myscript Calculator Acf90
MyScript Calculator
Information MyScript Calculator
Size Varies with device
Android minimum 5.0 and up
Number of Users 100 thousand +
Rating 4,8

3. MalMath

Math Questions Answering Application 3 Bd2a6

Next, there is the math problem answering application named Malmath. This application can help you in working on high school math problems and lectures.

Application made MalMath-app It also includes a tutorial on how to use it. Malmath has a virtual keyboard that is equipped with various mathematical symbols.

Not only that, Malmath application will also provide several ways to answer a question. You can also see step by step in answering math problems that you entered.

Mal Math 1b3eb
Information MalMath
Size 7.9 MB
Android minimum 4.0 and up
Number of Users 5 million +
Rating 4,6

4. Mathway

Application for Answering Mathematics Problem 4 Cba9d

This one application you can also make an alternative to help you do math problems ranging from basic mathematics, algorithms, calculus, to chemistry.

In terms of appearance (interface), application Mathway also simpler. In this application you will be given tips on learning how to do math problems.

How to use the Mathway application is quite easy. You only need to take pictures of the questions you want to ask. After that, Mathway will answer the question like a bak private tutor.

This application is available for Android below and iOS via the AppStore.

Mathway Icon
Productivity Mathway
Information Mathway
Size 44MB
Android minimum 4.4 and up
Number of Users 5 million +
Rating 4+

5. Wolfram Alpha

Math Questions Answering Application 5 B3ac0

Next, there is the application Wolfram Alpha. Mathematics answering application is suitable for you who want to solve arithmetic and calculus problems.

You can access this application to help you doing homework and other math problems.

You can download this application below (Android users) and App Store (iPhone users).

Alpha Wolf 7ca28
Wolfram Alpha
Information WolframAlpha
Size 6.1MB
Android minimum 4.4 and up
Number of Users 500,000+
Rating 4+

6. Socratic

Math Questions Answering Application 6 A217c

Socratic you could say is an application that you can rely on to help you answer math problems. You just have to take a photo of a math problem that you can’t answer, and later this application will help you answer it.

Socratic is also equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology which can accurately help you solve math problems.

This application you can download for free, via the link below (Android only). For you iPhone users, You can download the application in the App Store.

Socratic Math Answers Homework Help Icon
Socratic – Math Answers & Homework Help
Productivity Socratic
Information Socratic
Size 5.4MB
Android minimum 4.1 and up
Number of Users 1,000,000+
Rating 4,5+

7. Cymath

Math Questions Answering Application 7 648b7

Finally there is the application Cymath. You can solve a variety of math problems from a variety of topics, including calculus, with this application.

In addition to calculus, you can also solve trigonometric problems, logarithms, exponents, algebra, and so on.

If you stuck with your math homework, just download the Cymath app!

Cymath 335f3
Information Cymath
Size 1.9MB
Android minimum 4.2 and up
Number of Users 1,000,000+
Rating 4.5

The final word

That is 7 Mathematics answering application. But remember, you just don’t use the set of applications that ApkVenue mentioned for cheating!

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