Want to learn to read the Koran in this fasting month? Try to check the application of learning to recite the ApkVenue recommendations, God willing, make your Koran smoothly!

To be able to sing and understand the verses in the Koran, you certainly have to learn them through the process of reciting.

Currently only armed with an Android smartphone, you can read the Quran anytime and anywhere.

Will further deepen your Islamic religious knowledge, here are some recommendations Koran learning application on an Android smartphone that you can try.

10 Best Koran Learning Applications on Android

At this time you don’t need to bother using the Koran in physical form to study the Koran, just enough with an Android smartphone.

You can use in between your free time, here’s a recommendation 10 best Koran app on Android that you can prepare on your smartphone.

1. Indonesian Qur’an

Koran Learning Application 1 06ef4
Indonesian Koran
Indonesian Holy Qur’an
Productivity MartinVillar.com

Koran application on Android Indonesian Holy Qur’an very suitable for you who want to read the Quran from a smartphone.

In addition, as the name suggests, you can also understand easily because here also presents Indonesian.

If you want to learn to read the Koran along with its meaning, this application is really suitable for you.

In fact, you can copy verses to clipboard for you to share on social media. So, download the Koran Android application, Indonesian!

Advantages Deficiency
Available translations in Indonesian Tajweed color features only on 2 letters
Copy clipboard feature to share verses There are still ads in the free version
Prayer time reminder feature

2. Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla

Koran Learning Application 2 3c950
Muslim Pro Azan Quran Qibla Android
Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla
Productivity Muslim

The next best assessing application is Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla. This Koran Android application is very useful for you who embrace Islam.

Because this application presents 6 interesting features including the prayer calendar according to the Koran and a compass that shows the direction of Mecca.

Moreover, every day a daily verse recommendation will appear, making it suitable for those of you who want to explore the Koran.

Interesting right? In addition, you will also always be reminded with a notification feature that shows the time to pray five times. Immediately download Muslim Pro applications: Azan, Quran, Qibla, yes!

Advantages Deficiency
Islamic application with the most complete features Advertising on the free version
A variety of language options are available
Choice of verses every day

3. Al Quran Indonesia

Koran Learning Application 3 1f843
Al Quran Indonesia Icon
Al Quran in Indonesia
Productivity Andi Unpam

The Koran application on the next Android is Al Quran in Indonesia.

This application has Indonesian translation with audio features in .MP3 format murottal full The Qur’an 114 surah or 30 juz without restrictions.

Do not be afraid of confusion to use it, because the interface it has is very user friendly. You can read the Koran in both forms portrait or landscape.

If you feel your reading is not fluent, you can play the audio as well as read the translation.

What are you waiting for, quickly download the Al Quran Indonesia application!

Advantages Deficiency
The user interface is quite friendly There are crash issues on some devices
Murottal Alquran and juz in the free version
Copy clipboard feature to share

Other Applications. . .

4. Al Quran

Koran Learning Application 4 Fb9e7
Al Quran Icon
Productivity Islamic Apps

Application Al-Qur’an this also suits you install it on your Android smartphone. The best Koran app on Android already has translations in 27 languages.

Wow, you can be free and free to want to see translations in any language. The verses in it have also been synchronized audio recitations that can be used for learning.

Do not install the Al Quran application on your smartphone, okay?

Advantages Deficiency
Translation in 27 languages The user interface is too simple
Synchronizes with recitations audio

5. Al Quran Juz Amma Complete

Juz Amma Children's application
Al Quran Juz Amma Complete Icon
Al Quran Juz Amma Complete
Productivity ABC Education Studio

Another best Koran app is Al Quran Juz Amma Complete. From now on, don’t be shy if you can’t read the Koran yet.

Because, you can learn to recite using this Android recitation application, especially for readings at Juz Amma.

Start studying, yes, before you get older. Download the Al Quran Juz Amma Complete application!

Advantages Deficiency
Al Quran complete with Juz Amma The user interface is too simple
Lightly used

6. Marbel Learning Hijaiyah

Koran Learning Application 6 Dda84
Marbel Belajar Hijaiyah Icon Icon
Marbel Learning Hijaiyah
Productivity Educa Studio

In addition to learning to recite for adults, the application Marbel Learning Hijaiyah suitable for children aged 3-5 years.

This application you can use as a beginning in recognize hijaiyah letters, accompanied by animations and audio-visuals that are easy to understand.

Not just learning, this Koran application also has a variety of exciting content in the form of games that should not be missed.

Immediately download the application Marbel Learning Hijaiyah, yes!

Advantages Deficiency
Suitable for beginners There are still errors in lafaz letters
Interesting animations and audio-visuals
The user interface is easy to understand

7. Marbel Learning to Recite

Koran Learning Application 7 41499
Marbel Learning to Recite the Icon Icon
Marbel Learning to Recite
Productivity Educa Studio

For more advanced levels, Educa Studio as the developer has an application Marbel Learning to Recite which has content for learning to read Arabic letters.

This was further complemented by harokat such as Fat kha, Kasroh, Dumma, and Tanwin.

For those who are just learning to read Arabic, Iqro is also provided with various levels that are adjusted accordingly. Come, download game Marbel Learning to recite.

Advantages Deficiency
Suitable for beginners and advanced
Interesting animations and audio-visuals
The user interface is easy to understand

8. Marbel Learning Tajwid

Koran Learning Application 8 042d2
Marbel examines the Tajwid Icon Icon
Marbel Recites Tajwid
Productivity Educa Studio

It feels incomplete if reading the Koran is not good and right.

Marbel Learning Tajwid provide informative knowledge about how to recite the letters of the Koran, ranging from thick thin, long to short, as well as the nature and how to read well.

Equipped with examples of reading and audio, this application is suitable for a variety of general public who learn the Koran.

Download the Marbel Learning Tajwid app, let’s!

Advantages Deficiency
Suitable for beginners and advanced to learn recitation Less language choices
Interesting animations and audio-visuals Tajweed audio placement error
The user interface is easy to understand

9. Quran for Android

Koran Learning Application 1 0c353
Quran For Android Icon
Quran for Android
Productivity Android Quran

The next is Quran for Android developed by quran.com. This application is among the best on the Play Store with a review score 4.7.

In this application, the verses of the Koran displayed look very clear and very easy to read. Moreover, this application is equipped with features that make it easy.

The example is night mode possessed so that your eyes stay comfortable when reading in the dark.

If you like learning memorization at night or after Fajr, this application is suitable for you.

In addition, you can also take advantage search bar to find the verses you need.

Advantages Deficiency
The Qur’anic verse is clearly visible There is a bug when translating Qur’anic verses
There is audio playback
There is a feature night mode

10 Quran MP3s

Koran Learning Application 2 91481

Download it Quran MP3 via the Google Play Store

If you are the type of person who learns by listening, then the application Quran MP3 this one will suit you.

With high-quality MP3s, you can learn how to recite verses from the Koran properly.

How many types of sounds can you hear? More than 100 Koran readers. They are gathered from all over the world.

Advantages Deficiency
High quality sound Must be online
Has more than 100 variations of the Koran reader There is no Indonesian translation

The final word

Well, that is 10 best Koran app on Android ApkVenue recommends for you.

Hopefully this article provides benefits and you can more smoothly recite and recite verses of the Koran in the future! Good luck.

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