The slow cell phone has become an existential problem for millennials, friends. Well, here ApkVenue wants to share 5 applications that only reduce performance on Android.

From the order of five to one, the main problem of millennial generation is skincare, bucin, old date, wi-fi, and the most severe, problem HP battery.

Admit, friends, whatever your position is in the community, you must have at least been a victim of these problems.

For ApkVenue, the five problems are eternal. Whether you’re in the office, a vacation, or just hanging out with friends, there must still be at least one of those problems.

Unfortunately, ApkVenue can’t help you with this problem, but at least, for the HP battery problem, ApkVenue can provide a little help.

5 Applications that Only Reduce Performance on Android

It’s not just your room, friends, that has to go through a process declutter ala Marie Kondo, your life as a whole must also undergo the same process.

One of the most important aspects of our lives, of course, is the cellphone that we use and many applications installed on our cellphone that actually just become a burden.

So, instead of you having to carry powerbank just for fun, you should smart in choosing applications.

Well, to help you, here ApkVenue wants to share 5 applications that only reduce performance on Android so you can just throw it away.

1. RAM Enhancer Application

Ram Booster Ab21b

If you look at the Play Store, lots, friends, applications like this that aim to stop the application running on background.

It is true that doing this can reduce RAM usage on your cellphone but this can also have a negative impact on the battery.

The application that you closed must be restarted and this will use more battery power, especially if you do things like this repeatedly.

If indeed you want to close the application that you rarely use, it’s better to stop the application manually.

Android is also smart when it comes to managing RAM so you can throw apps like this away.

2. Cleaning Application

Clean 6c92f

This is also one of the many application categories found on the Play Store that really isn’t needed at all.

It is true, each application is left cached data on your cellphone but you don’t need a special application to delete the data.

You can just go in Settings -> Storage and just tap Cached data to delete the data.

The cleaning application is usually too not light, friends and full of advertisements is not important so you better delete applications like this.

A little extra, friends, cache it’s actually useful so you guys just have to clean up cache when it’s really swollen or you run out of memory.

3. Battery Saver Application

Ef509 Battery

Not only the opposite sex, friends, can fool you, Android applications are no less evil, especially battery saver application.

In essence, friends, almost everything Today’s Android phones have a battery saver mode they each have the same function.

It’s different if you already have root access because there are several applications that can indeed directly control battery usage if you have root access.

What’s more, this application like this is usually free and full of advertisements, friends, which can consume your battery and data.

4. Bloatware Application

50d50 Bloatware

ApkVenue’s mandatory ritual when he just bought a cellphone is to uninstall a few default application that is not important which is called bloatware.

From ApkVenue’s experience, there is minimal HP manufacturing bloatware but ApkVenue also saw a new cellphone with only 75% of the contents bloatware.

The thing is, friends, there are several bloatware which unfortunately cannot be uninstalled but can still be deactivated.

When it has been deactivated, the bloatware will not consume batteries or cause performance problems but unfortunately it still consumes memory.

5. Facebook

Facebook A735f

For those of you who still use social media on this one, ApkVenue expresses his condolences for Facebook already have a reputation for wasteful batteries.

In addition to wasteful batteries, the Facebook application also greatly reduces performance and data because it always works in the background, friends.

Fortunately, Facebook already provides its own solutions through the application Facebook Lite which is much lighter in battery, performance, and memory.

If you want something more extreme, you can use the version the browser. You can simply visit the Facebook website in your browser.

Tap the three dot icon on the top right and select options Add to Home screen so you can directly access Facebook like a normal application.

The final word

That is, friends, 5 applications that only reduce performance on Android based on ApkVenue’s observations.

As an Android user, ApkVenue is sure many of you want to optimize the performance of your cellphone but you have to be careful.

As ApkVenue shows here, many applications like that are actually lies, friends.

Smartphone requires smart user, friends, and we must be smart in choosing applications that do not burden our cellphones.

Do you have sample applications that are just another trash? Or do you have other performance tips? Share in the comments column.

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