Making it difficult, right? So that it’s not too difficult, ApkVenue shares a list of wasteful applications of batteries and quotas, as well as memory that takes up space ….

Different from featured phone which can only be used SMS and phone calls, smartphones are supported by many applications that pamper their users.

That’s why many people are addicted to smartphones.

But, what happens if there are applications that are actually troublesome?

Like applications that make wasteful batteries, applications that make wasteful quotas, and memory runs out quickly. Making it difficult, right?

Wasteful Battery and Quota Application, also RAM Memory!

Who is not upset when just refilled, eh the battery and internet quota just run out. Well, according to Avast, it could be the cause is the following applications:

1. Facebook

The Most Wasteful Android Application of Battery Quota and Memory 3

Social media applications that have triumphed for 12 years old This tops the list of the most wasteful applications of batteries, quotas, and memory on Android smartphones, you know!

So, if you are active on Facebook, it’s natural that your battery and quota run out quickly.

Facebook Icon
Facebook for Android
Social & Messaging Facebook, Inc.

2. Tick Tok

A 6c24f Battery Wasteful Application

Tik Tok is an application that aims to help you express yourself, despite the many negative sentiments directed at it.

But you know what, if this application includes batteries wasteful? As an application live streaming, you will activate the camera and the internet simultaneously.

Even if you just look around timeline, this application still reduces your battery power because the content owned by this application is in the form of video.

Tick ​​Tok C8b3e
Video & Audio TikTok Pte. Ltd.

3. Google Maps

The Best Android Application For Traveling 5

So, the favorite navigation application for smartphone users, Google Maps which can store location history and download maps offline this is indeed wasteful of memory.

Then, if you often navigate in a way on line for information real-time, you will waste too much quota and battery.

Google Maps Icon
Google Maps for Android
Productivity Google Inc.

4. Snapchat

Wasteful Battery Application 1 5cc18

One popular application, Snapchat, is also included in the application that really wasteful batteries. Many surveys have proven this.

In fact, some users on the XDA Developers forum say that their smartphone batteries are more efficient when uninstalling this application.

As an alternative application, maybe you can use it Instagram Stories, so you don’t need to have too many applications.

Snapchat Android
Social & Messaging Snapchat

5. Tinder

Wasteful Battery Application 2 0f4ba

If you are looking for a partner, maybe you will use Tinder. But you should know, friends, this application includes being greedy in consuming battery power.

Instead of using application to find a mate, mending you closer to God so that your soulmate is brought near to God!

Tinder Icon
Social & Messaging Tinder

6. Instagram

The Most Wasteful Android Application of Battery Quota and Memory 2

The largest photo sharing social media application in the world, Instagram, indeed eleven-twelve with Facebook: both are wasteful of batteries, quotas, and memory.

Especially now that Instagram is equipped with features Instagram Stories and Live Stories that make you feel at home. Increasingly wasteful of batteries and quota!

Instagram Icon
Photo & Imaging Instagram

7. Microsoft Outlook

Wasteful Battery Application 3 4dfba

Microsoft Outlook is one of the products from Microsoft that is used to manage the emails that we have.

However, this application is quite wasteful of batteries. Moreover, you can use the Gmail application which is more practical and saves battery.

Microsoft Outlook Icon
Microsoft Outlook
Social & Messaging Microsoft Corporation

8. BBM

The most wasteful Android application of Battery Quota and Memory

PIN-based chat application from BlackBerry it does have quite a lot of users in the world.

But with more and more features being pinned on BBM, making this application heavier, extravagant quota, and make the battery run out quickly.

Unfortunately, this application will soon be closed on May 31, 2019 later. So you have to say goodbye to the application chat this one!

BBM Icon
BlackBerry Messenger
Social & Messaging BlackBerry

9. Facebook Pages Manager

The most wasteful Android application of Battery Quota and Memory 9

If you have a Facebook Page, then Facebook Pages Manager is the application that you must have.

The thing is you can easily manage and monitor your Facebook Page. But yes, the risk is the battery and the quota runs out quickly, and the internal memory becomes full.

Unnamed 6result Icon
Facebook Pages Manager
Browser Facebook, Inc.

10. Facebook Messenger

Snapchat on Facebook Messenger 2

Recently Facebook Messenger given Instant Games features that are very exciting.

Already like that, now you can use the Snapchat feature in Messenger. But if you know that internet and battery quota are wasteful, are you sure you still want to use this application?

Facebook Messenger Icon
Facebook Messenger For Android
Browser Facebook, Inc.

11. Power Battery – Battery Life Saver & Health Test

Wasteful Battery Application 4 090c5

Although the purpose of this application is to save battery, in fact Battery Power actually enter the battery-intensive application.

You can use other battery saver applications like Greenify which saves more battery life than this application.

Power Battery Battery Life Saver Health Test Icon
Power Battery – Battery Life Saver & Health Test
Utilities LIONMOBI

12. Netflix

Wasteful Battery Application 5 4b136

You like streamed use Netflix? If so, you should get ready to deal with bad news because this application also consumes batteries!

As a service streamed, naturally if Netflix drains the battery. One way to overcome this is by reducing the brightness of your cellphone.

Netflix F7d45
Video & Audio Netflix, Inc.

13. YouTube

Wasteful Battery Application 6 43d11

Just like Netflix, YouTube was quite fast in matters of spending the battery. Especially if you use a data packet and network conditions are bad.

One alternative solution, you can open YouTube from the browser your cellphone. This method is more friendly to the battery.

Youtube Icon
Video & Audio Google Inc.

14. Google Chrome

Wasteful Battery Applications 7 05530

Google Chrome is one of the the browser on Android which has many features. The problem is, this makes Chrome able to drain the battery quickly.

You can use the browser another lighter, like FireFox, Opera, and the browser more that you can get for free on the Play Store

Google Chrome For Android Icon
Chrome browser
Browser Google

15. WhatsApp

Wasteful Battery Applications 8 32fc0

It turns out the application chat the most popular of these also requires a lot of battery power. WhatsApp considered able to reduce batteries quickly.

Moreover, if you activate WhatsApp Web or Desktop, your battery is guaranteed to run out faster.

Therefore, when you don’t need it, mending disconnect your WhatsApp Web so that your cellphone battery will be more efficient.

Whatsapp Icon
WhatsApp Messenger
Social & Messaging WhatsApp Inc.

The final word

There she is 15 wasteful battery applications ApkVenue version. If you really need it, then you can use the application.

If not? You better uninstall.

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