11 Applications That Become Real Proof That You Are a True Wibu!

Do you feel wibu? Or don’t you like being called wibu? Try to check the list of applications that are proof that you are a woman or not in this article!

Mention the characteristics of a wibu! Maybe most of you will answer smelling of onions, rarely leave the house, and do not like to interact with other people.

There are other characteristics that can be used to prove that we are wibu or not. The trick, check if you have Wibu applications which is below!

The more applications you have, the more you mean! Are you ready to see the application list?

11 Wibu Application

Actually you don’t need to be embarrassed if you like anime. Each individual has the freedom to choose what he likes, really.

After all, many famous artists who apparently also really like this animation from Japan. Who would dare to call Keanu Reeves aka John Wick the smell of onions? There won’t be!

But if you are curious about how many of you you are, just check how many apps below you have!

1. Manga Reading Application

The first is the manga reading application. Wibu can not be separated from the so-called comic alias manga, so it is natural if they have this application.

Moreover, in the Play Store there are many free manga reading applications available that can be accessed anytime. You can read famous comics like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, and so on.

Application Example: Manga Rock, MangaLife

2. Anime Watch Application

Besides reading manga, of course, the women also like watching anime. We can also watch favorite anime directly from mobile phones.

If we are curious why a Wibu rarely leaves the house, one reason is because they are solemnly watching anime in the corner of their room!

Application Example: Crunchyroll

3. Japanese Music Application

Not enough to watch the anime, the women will listen to Japanese songs, including soundtrack anime that is good to hear.

Although mostly voiced like a pinched woman, many wibu enjoy the Japanese style music.

Application Example: Anime Radio, Anime Ringtone

Other Applications. . .

4. Anime Wallpaper Application

Wibu also certainly has a wallpaper application that specifically provides the best anime wallpapers to be used as cellphone wallpapers.

Usually, there are two choices. If it’s not a favorite anime character, they will choose a beautiful female character that they make as waifu they.

Application Example: Anime X Wallpaper, Anime Wallpaper Master

5. Anime Drawing Tutorial Application

Not only like the wallpaper, a wibu will try hard to be able to draw anime. Therefore, they will have an anime drawing tutorial application.

Some women may intend themselves to learn to become professional comic artists, although there are also some who only want to make their imaginative 2D girlfriends.

Application Example: DrawShow, Anime Drawing Tutorials

6. Japanese Language Learning Application

Aside from learning to draw manga, wibu certainly also wants to master Japanese. If you meet a person who often inserts words in Japanese, he might be wibu.

But, it’s not easy to learn Japanese, you know. You have to memorize the differences in the letters Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Besides that, you also have to understand grammar which is owned by Japanese.

Application Example: Learn Japanese, Hiragana Pro, Japanese Grammar.

7. Anime Info Application

A woman should not miss information related to the world of anime. Moreover, now many applications that provide information about the world of anime.

By knowing the latest news, you can have exciting discussions with fellow women about the anime that is being discussed hotly.

Application Example: Anime Info, MALClient, Otaku and Anime News

8. Fellow Chat Application

If you have trouble finding fellow Wibu friends for discussion, you can use the application chat anime lovers.

By using this application, you can also avoid it bully carried out by people. Who knows, you can also meet your soulmate here!

Application Example: Otaku

9. Wibu Goods Store Application

Shopping is the need of all humans, including women. Of course, the things that a woman wants are a little different from most people.

Fortunately, there are several applications and online services that can satisfy shopping desires of thousands. Moreover, this meant that the wibu did not need to leave his room.

Application Example: TOM Shop

10. Anime Alarm Application

Although it seemed to have a different world, wibu still has its own life such as school and work.

In order to get up on time, we usually use the alarm application. For wibu, the alarm isn’t just any alarm because the one who woke her up was a beautiful anime character!

Application Example: Anime Alarm, Chibi Anime Alarm Clock App

11. Game of Wibu

The last is the games played by wibu. Of course the game being played is also related to the world of anime.

There are so many anime-themed games that certainly will be liked by the ladies. Even those who feel that they are not Wibu will also be interested in playing it.

Application Example: Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage, Love Live! School Idol Festival, Beauty Idol

The final word

That’s applications that are proof that you are wibu real. Of the 11 applications, how many do you have? Write in the comments column, yes!

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