Even though it is still in the middle of the month of Ramadan, homecoming preparations are really mandatory starting from now, one of which is plane tickets. Here ApkVenue gives recommendations for 7 applications for cheap flight tickets on Android.

The fasting month is the perfect time to hunt cheap plane tickets so you can go home.

Doing a homecoming alias trip back to my hometown has become a tradition for anyone who celebrates Idul Fitri.

Various transportation options, including planes, must have begun to be hunted for tickets even since the beginning of fasting.

So as not to run out and get cheap plane tickets, ApkVenue has prepared a recommendation 7 application to order cheap airplane tickets for Android.

7 Application for Booking Cheap Flights for Lebaran 2019

Thanks to the sophistication of technology, currently ordering plane tickets can be done as easily as Thanos snaps his fingers.

The problem is there are tons of applications that you can use to order cheap airplane tickets through mobile phones with a variety of promos on offer.

To be able to get what you want at low prices, you can search for it using some of the following applications.

1. Traveloka

The Traveloka 62690 application
Traveloka – Book Flight Hotels
Productivity PT Traveloka Indonesia

You must be familiar with this application, right?

Traveloka is a service provider application booking Airplane tickets for various destinations and your travel needs, one of them going home.

With various promos ahead of you and during the month of Ramadhan that is commonly offered, you can enjoy cheap prices for your young plane tickets.

Interestingly, this app also even allows you to be able to book hotel tickets at the same time. So, you don’t need to bother downloading applications anymore for booking hotels where you stay later.

Information Traveloka
Developer Traveloka
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (362,860)
Size 32MB
Install it 10M +
Android Minimum 4.4

2. Skyscanner

The Skyscanner 518f1 application
Skyscanner Icon
Productivity Skyscanner Ltd.

Skyscanner is an application for booking Airplane tickets are fairly complete. You can order tickets from any airline in all parts of the world, you know!

Application made by Skyscanner Ltd. This is also able to automatically give you the best flight ticket prices (or the cheapest), rent a hotel, even rent a car while at your destination.

Information Skyscanner
Developer Skyscanner Ltd.
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.6 (591707)
Size 23MB
Install it 10M +
Android Minimum 5.0

3. PegiPegi

Pegipegi B89ad application
Pegipegi Hotel Train Flight 15e24
PegiPegi Hotel Train Flight

PegiPegi could be a recommendation Cheap flight ticket order application on Android which also provides services for you booking hotel.

Various promos often adorn the offer column in this one application. In fact, promos up to 70% often appear in the early days of fasting, you know.

Information PegiPegi
Developer Pegipegi
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (68,554)
Size 39MB
Install it 1M +
Android Minimum 5.0

4. Tiket.com

Ticket Application 8466b
Tiketcom Hotel Plane Icon
Tiket.com – Hotels & Airplanes
Productivity Tiket.com

Tiket.com the truth is online travel agent first in Indonesia, also recognized as one of the most complete.

This application provides flight ticket reservations, trains, hotel rooms, car rentals, and various other travel needs, friends.

Not to mention the many attractive discounts provided by this application suitable for you cheap airplane ticket hunters.

Information Tiket.com
Developer Tiket.com
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (117,792)
Size 28MB
Install it 10M +
Android Minimum 4.3

Other Cheap Flight Ticket Application …

5. Airy

Airy E944f application
Airyrooms Airyrooms Icon
Airy Rooms – Cheap Hotel Rooms
Productivity AiryRooms

It is known as an application that has the main features for booking hotel rooms, Airy in fact also provide services for you to order plane tickets, you know.

In fact, various attractive promos often make certain airplane tickets cheaper in this application than in other places.

Information Airy
Developer Airy Tech
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.6 (33,792)
Size 11MB
Install it 1M +
Android Minimum 4.1

6. Agoda

The Agoda 79435 application
Agoda 8039b

Known as an application for booking hotel rooms, Agoda also turns out to provide flight ticket messaging services, friends.

Interestingly, the Agoda application is claimed to offer the best prices that are cheaper than if you book via the website.

Information Agoda
Developer agoda.com
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (315,062
Size 48MB
Install it 10M +
Android Minimum 5.0

7. Booking.com

Booking application 0b056
Booking Com F8fb6

As the name implies, the application Booking.com This allows you to order plane tickets easily and of course cheap with various promos available.

This application also provides hotel booking services that you can take advantage of when going home with your family.

Information Booking.com
Developer Booking.com Hotels & Vacation Rentals
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.7 (1,895,521)
Size 29MB
Install it 100m +
Android Minimum 6.0

8. Tokopedia

Tokopedia C1e94 application
Productivity Tokopedia

As one of the gathering places for online shops throughout Indonesia, Tokopedia also provides flight ticket purchasing services, friends.

In addition there are also various attractive promos in certain periods, one of which is the month of Ramadan. For those of you who want to hunt for cheap airplane tickets, it never hurts to look for it in this one application.

Information Tokopedia
Developer Tokopedia
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.4 (1,832,864)
Size 34MB
Install it 10M +
Android Minimum 4.1

9. Bukalapak

The Bukalapak 9811f application
Bukalapak Icon
Bukalapak – Buy and Sell Online
Productivity Unlock

Do not miss it, Bukalapak also be one of the best shanties for you who want to find plane tickets at bargain prices.

Simply by entering the origin and destination of your homecoming flights, then you will get recommendations and offers for the best flight ticket prices, friends.

Information Bukalapak
Developer PT Bukalapak.com
Reviews (Amount of Reviewer) 4.5 (1,007,523)
Size 39MB
Install it 10M +
Android Minimum 4.1

The final word

That’s the recommendation from ApkVenue about Cheap flight ticket order application on Android that you can take advantage of this Ramadan.

Don’t delay anymore! The faster you order a plane ticket, the cheaper the price you can get.

Of course you do not want to, right, be one of the prospective travelers who run out of tickets or can but with super expensive prices?

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