The main characters in video games are generally made as characters with high morality and also have extraordinary strength.

The protagonist in a video game is almost always made as the best character in the video game because the viewpoint of the player is represented by the character.

In practice, some video games have a main villain character that is cooler than the main character.

7 Video Game Criminals Are Cooler Than Heroes

The villain character in the video game is generally designed as attractive as possible to provide additional accent to the story in the video game.

In some cases, these villain characters seem to dominate the video game storyline and give the player a stronger and firmer impression than the impression given by the main character.

Who are the villain characters in video games that are much cooler than the main character? Following complete information.

1. Vaas Montenegro, Far Cry 3

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The villain in this FPS game has a strict and unpredictable character. Vaas Montenegro even became the character featured on the cover of the Far Cry 3 game.

The leader of this group of pirates did not hesitate to kill the lives of those who blocked his way in a way that was difficult to guess.

Vaas also often issues quotes that sound crazy, but have deep meaning.

When compared to Jason Brody, the main character in this game who fights because of circumstances forced him, Vaas is far more dominant and attractive.

2. Sarah Kerrigan, Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

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Legendary RTS game this one is famous for multiplayer modeits brutal and very competitive and single player campaignit’s also no less interesting.

Video game that takes stories in outer space has an iconic villain and more memorable than the main character.

Sarah Kerrigan, is the main villain in the first part of the Starcraft 2 trilogy, which attempts to wipe out the human race by using the power of the terrifying alien race, Zerg.

Kerrigan has extraordinary strength and also clear motives why he does this. This one character is made more cool than the main character.

3. Delilah Copperspoon, Dishonored 2

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This one female villain has great strength and ambition. Aside from strength and ambition, background story from this one character can easily make players sympathize with him.

In addition to his extraordinary strength Delilah too leading a group of magicians who faithfully helped him to realize the ambitions he has.

Compared to the main characters of this action video game, the story and characters from Delilah are far more dominant.

4. Joker, Batman Arkham Series

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Batman and Joker’s rivalry is legendary and this has also been adapted to the superhero video game trilogy Batman Arkham.

In this game the Joker is made into a more manipulative villain character with various evil plans arranged neatly.

Batman may have various kinds gadget cool that helped him, but in this game The Joker is always one step ahead of Batman.

Batman must go to great lengths to prevent the Joker’s evil plans and temporarily fight his countless minions Joker just sits sweetly planning everything.

5. Ishin Ashina, Sekiro Shadow Die Twice

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In one of the most difficult action games of all time, the player will act as a ninja who is trying to release the curse of his master.

The story in the game made by From Software is indeed made with a fairly complex with many antagonistic characters with diverse motives as well.

One antagonist at once final boss in this game is Ishin Ashina, a samurai who has a lot of troops and controls his own territory.

Ishin used a sword, a spear, and an arrow at the same time and can also add lightning elements to it. The weapons that Sekiro used were nothing compared to what Ishin used.

6. Handsome Jack, Borderlands 2

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Handsome Jack is the antagonist in the game loot shooter Borderlands 2. This antagonist figure is a leader of a large company called Hyperion.

Handsome Jack is described as a charismatic leader who often gives speech and quotes which many Borderlands 2 players remember.

Compared to the Borderlands 2 protagonist, most of whom are silent, fighters these charismatic villains are much better designed.

7. Sephiroth, Final Fantasy 7

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In the 90s villain characters were usually made with characters that were flat and stereotypical where they want to destroy the world without a clear motive.

Different things were applied by Square Enix in designing villain characters in the Final Fantasy VII RPG game, Sepiroth.

Sepiroth is made with background story pathetic, has extraordinary abilities, and is also very well developed.

Sepiroth can be categorized as one of the best villain figures in franchise Final Fantasy.

The final word

That’s the 7 villain characters in video games that are cooler than the main character.

This is likely due to parties the developer the game accidentally develops a story where the villain becomes more dominant.

The main character is supposed to be stronger and dominating because this character will have to stop the plans of the villain.

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