Although video games until now have a reputation as children’s toys, there are actually a lot of them video games that are totally inappropriate for children to consumefriends!

With the development of the technology industry, now there are many games that either have heavy themes or do have somewhat defective content.

Technological developments also eventually produce community streamer and certainly dangerous when there are those who play the type of game above!

7 Unlawful Games Played By Streamer

Like social media like Facebook and Instagram which prohibits obscene content, the game streaming world also certainly has the same policy, friends.

Video game streaming services like Mixer and Twitch has a list of banned games and if you get caught playing the game, your account can be helped!

The games that ApkVenue listed here all have such obscene content pornographic elements and SARA element in the extreme numbers prohibited by Twitch.

Well, the game that ApkVenue will discuss here is on the list 7 unlawful games played by streamers. Be careful not to get hit by a tire, friends!

1. Huniepop (2015)

Huniepop Ecb00

Genre puzzle match 3 has exploded in the world thanks to the popularity of the game Candy Crush and concept gameplay this is also raised in the puzzle game Huniepop.

The problem is, Huniepop also carry sim dating genre where to win the hearts of women in the game, you have to play puzzle match 3.

And not only their hearts are at stake because you can too get a chance to play in bed if you win the puzzle!

So, don’t be surprised if Twitch banned this game because it is full of indecent scenes though gameplay from Huniepop many critics, friendss!

2. House Party (2017)

House Party 1e73c

Game with genre graphic adventure is one of the most popular games among streamers because it usually contains more than 1 storyline.

This idea was also raised in the game House Party where you play as a guest of a party at the house of one of your friends.

Like an adult comedy like American Pie, you are given the freedom to seduce other guests and do depraved things together, friends!

Due to the many indecent elements and is considered to have a view misogynist, Twitch bans games House Party on their streaming service.

3. Second Life (2003)

Second Life 83578

Somewhat inaccurate to describe Second Life as just a game because MMORPG it does not have objective parameters that are usually found in games.

Second Life more precisely described as a virtual world that even has its own economic system that can be used to make money, friends!

In Second Life You have freedom that is near absolute and predictable, many players use this opportunity to vent their depravity.

His name is also human, if given freedom must ultimately run into sexual matters and this is the reason that makes Twitch banned this game.

4. Ethnic Cleansing (2002)

Ethnic Cleansing B3f3f

From ApkVenue’s experience in the world of video games, maybe there is no game crazier than that Ethnic Cleansing which seems to come from a very depraved mind.

Made by organization Neo-Nazis, National Alliance, this game assigns you to slaughter minorities with the last boss of the former prime minister Israel, Ariel Sharon.

The leader of the organization, Shaun Walker, indeed using this idea to promote the idea of ​​racial segregation as in earlier times which made this game widely criticized.

So, do not be surprised if the service Mixer which is now owned by Microsoft forbidding this game in their services, friends.

5. Porn Studio Tycoon (2017)

Porn Studio Tycoon 9d444

The game business simulation genre like this is already very mushrooming now. From car racing team to hospital, many types of companies that you can hold.

Therefore, ApkVenue himself is not surprised if there are developers who use pornographic film studios as themes like in games Porn Studio Tycoon.

In this game, you are assigned to manage a pornographic film studio and actors and actresses working under you and look for success in the adult film industry.

Although this game does not contain sexually explicit content, Twitch unfortunately still prohibits this game on their services because it still has an obscene element.

6. RapeLay (2006)

RapeLay C4cfb

With a heavy heart ApkVenue must state that Ethnic Cleansing not the only depraved game on this list because of the game RapeLay no less crazy.

In game with hentai genre this, you play as a youth stalker who raped a mother and two daughters on the train.

Hentai genre It already has its own industry in Japan but ApkVenue can guarantee no one the morale is as bad as the game RapeLay.

It’s no wonder that this game finally received universal criticism around the world and was finally banned from playing on Twitch on their streaming game service.

7. Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy Director’s Cut (2005)

Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy D0670

Developer Quantic Dream have a reputation for their work having adult themes and crazy twist-like plots Heavy Rain and one of their games was hit by a problem.

In 2005, edition Indigo Prophecy Director’s Cut receive a rating Adults Only in America because it contains some indecent scenes.

Twitch itself does not allow games with this rating on their services that make this game banned from airing on Twitch.

Strangely, this game was released back in 2015 with the title Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered who got a rating Mature even though no content has been changed.

Due to rating Mature which is considered more friendly, finally the version remastered from this game may be played on Twitch, friends!

The final word

That’s a list of 7 unlawful games played by streamers on services like Twitch and Mixer. So, if you have a dream to be a streamer, it’s better to just be safe.

It is better if you choose a game that has proven to be as popular as Fortnite or GTA V to avoid tires.

What do you think about the game above? Does it really deserve to be banned? Directly share in the comments column!

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