2020 is coming, friends! Surely there are lots of good things that you hope for, right?

Along with technological developments, the game industry also continues to innovate by creating new breakthroughs.

We have seen evidence that gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in this era.

Of the many breakthroughs in the game world in 2019, of course we expect a lot from this 2020.

7 Predictions Regarding Game Technology that Will Hype in 2020

In this article, ApkVenue will discuss about predictions around the development of game technology in 2020.

These predictions include the latest game technology, game trends in 2020, and many more of course.

Rather than you getting more curious, better just consider the following ApkVenue article, friends!

1. VR Games Start Rising

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Although it has been present for a long time, but technology Virtual Reality or VR still not fully utilized.

Even the number of VR games is still small. However, the number of hardware today that supports VR can be a starting point for the triumph of VR games.

Of course it’s fun, friends, playing games with VR. Moreover, playing a very realistic action game.

2. Ray Tracing and 4K Resolution Become Gaming Standards

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It is undeniable that today’s gaming hardware has overkill really. Naturally, the game now also graphics do not make sense.

Technology Ray Tracing what makes environment the more detailed the game seems to be the trend for 2020 game graphics.

Moreover, there is now a gaming monitor with a very sharp 4K resolution. But you need hardware with high specs to support both of these features.

3. Nintendo Switch Returns to become the Best-Selling Console

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The year 2019 was a lucky year Nintendo. In their home country namely Japan, even sales Nintendo Switch managed to surpass the PS4 console sales of all time, friends.

Nintendo Switch technology is revolutionary because it combines a home console with a handheld is certainly the main reason.

Many predict that the Nintendo Switch will become the best-selling console again in 2020 considering the console next gen His rival has a very high price.

4. Cloud Gaming Not Yet Glimpsed

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Who, who doesn’t want to play heavy games with internet capital without a high-spec PC?

Despite being one of the technology that is widely discussed and awaited by gamers, it seems that Cloud Gaming still needs to be patient.

Cloud Gaming service providers must not be arrogant and in a hurry to make a decision if you do not want the same thing happened PSVR.

5. Nintendo Will Releases Classic Gameboy

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Nintendo has previously re-released their classic console in mini size, viz NES and SNES.

Not impossible if in 2020 Nintendo will re-release Game Boy their classic, legendary console.

Surely the game for this console will also be re-released, friends. Wow, gamers oldschool will definitely be very happy, here.

6. N64 Games Will Be Released on the Switch

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In addition to Game Boy, there is another legendary Nintendo console that was very popular in his day, viz Nintendo 64.

Nintendo really often recycles games and old-school consoles. Surely they will not forget this one console.

You can download NES and SNES games and play them on Nintendo Switch Online. Let’s wait until the N64 game is released on the same platform, friends.

7. There will be a Popular Game of the New Genre

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Which genre of game is the most popular in the decade 2010 – 2019? The answer is of course Battle Royale, friends.

This is certainly very unique considering the Battle Royale game has not been invented in 2010.

Based on predictions, in 2020 there will be a game boom new present from the new genre that now does not exist. Hmmm.., tarique!

The final word

Thus ApkVenue’s article about predictions about the gaming industry that will be hype in 2020. So you can’t wait, friends?

See you in another interesting article, ApkVenue. Don’t forget to leave a trace by writing comments in the fields provided.

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