Video games become one of the most popular entertainment media today. It doesn’t count how many video games have been marketed worldwide.

Besides functioning to do work, Personal Computer aka PC is also used to play games like a console. With flexible customization, it’s no wonder that many games are released on this platform …

Unfortunately not all games released on this PC are good. Many failed games have also been released on this console.

List of the Worst Games on PC of All Time

Games that get the title as the worst game is categorized as such for several reasons.

From the absurd concept of the game to the very difficult control of the game for play.

What are PC games that are classified as the worst games of all time? Check out the full info!

1. Catfight (1996)

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Catfight is a fighting genre game in which all the characters in this game are women.

The concept of this game is arguably not too different from other fighting games, it’s just that controls and graphics in this game is really difficult to say decent.

Unresponsive controls have even been seen since the game was opened. To choose this game mode, you have to try more.

Can you imagine if the game will be rich? Moreover, this game reportedly also contains cheap adult content, friendss.

The graphics that this game carries are also far from good words. The characters in this game looks checkered and only has slight variations.

This game gets a score 1/10 of GameSpot thanks to the failure.

2. Extreme Paintbrawl (1998)

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Extreme Paintbrawl is an FPS game that labels itself as a non-violent FPS game.

In this game you will join a squad of 5 people and fight another squad with the concept of playing paint ball in an arena.

Objective in this game it’s pretty clear where you have to take your opponent’s flag without getting shot first.

Unfortunately, there are no significant variations in this game. There is no choice to practice beforehand or other options.

AI in this game is also very bad. Sometimes your team’s AI will just run and try to break through the wall without doing anything. This makes Extreme Paintbrawl finished so boring.

This game gets a score 0.7 / 10 of IGN and 1.7 / 10 from GameSpot. And just so you know, this game has only been developed in just two weeks! No intention, right?

3. Mad Dog McCree (1993)

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This game was originally released on the Arcade platform and then got its adaptation on several platforms including PC.

This game use real life footage which makes this game a bit strange and rather cringe.

You will try to shoot people dressed in cowboys throughout this game and try to complete the objectives given.

It’s not just the graphics that are weird, when this game is adapted to a PC the gameplay also becomes very monotonous. You just click the enemy with a pointer, that’s all, nothing else.

This game gets a score 4% of PC Gamers, 4.5 / 10 from IGN, and 31% of Metacritic.

4. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (2003)

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The game racing titled Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing takes a slightly different concept compared to games racing the other.

In this game you are not driving a race car or sports car, but a cargo truck. The concept is actually interesting, but failed to execute properly.

Based on the narrative written on the back case this game, you will race with other trucks to deliver cargo and avoid the police chase, but none of that is in this game.

There is no cargo to be sent, the police chasing you, or opponents who can beat you in this game. Big Rigs are really boring.

AI in this game that should be your opponent does not do anything. They stay next to you and don’t move after that.

This game is really disappointing and gets a score 1/10 of GameSpot, 8% of Metacritic, and 1/10 of Thunderbolt Games.

5. Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013)

Nicewallpapers Com E1464

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a science fiction-themed game inspired by the Alien movie franchise.

Different from the horror film and sticking with the element of surprise, in this game you will not find nuances like that.

The most problematic taste in this game is The AI ​​is far from smart. AI in this game will not make you afraid because their system is not deft in detecting your movements.

With characters like that you guys will feel overpowered and just shooting at creatures that can’t do anything throughout the game this.

This game gets a score 48% of PC Gamers, 4.5 / 10 from IGN, and 4.5 / 10 from GameSpot. How come SEGA could publish PC games this bad, friends?

6. Bad Day L.A. (2006)

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On Bad Day L.A. you will play a role homeless who must save L.A. from various kinds of disasters.

This game actually has a unique concept with a variety of disasters that occur in it.

Unfortunately the longer you play this lightweight PC game, the more boring it gets. The mission design of this game is not much different between one level and the next level.

This game seems monotonous and repetitive from beginning to end. Enlight Software failed to execute interesting concepts in this game to be better.

This game gets a score 28% Metacritic, 3/10 on GameSpot, and 2.7 / 10 on IGN.

7. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (2009)

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The sequel to the Larry Leisure Suit franchise is far from its predecessors who managed to make a game that is funny and fun to play.

Like other series in this franchise, this game puts a lot of jokes with “adult” content into the game.

Unfortunately, in this game often The joke is not funny and repetitive among the audience, friends.

Not only failed to insert humor into the game, the gameplay that was carried was also problematic.

Often the camera and controls are very difficult to control and the result you can fail at certain stages because of this poor control.

This adventure-themed game gets a score 2/10 from IGN, 1/5 of GamesRadar and 2.5 / 10 from GameSpot.

The final word

That’s him some PC games that are so ugly that they are called the worst games of all time.

The games on this list failed to execute an interesting concept they were carrying and instead made the game a mess.

Have you ever played one of the games on this list? Or instead become interested in playing and proving that these games are really bad?

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