The popularity of mobile games can now be compared to games on the PC and console platforms. The number of new game titles that are released every day is proof.

Not infrequently, console or PC game developers migrate into mobile game developers because they are considered more capable, friendss. They brought the title of their famous game to the mobile realm.

However, big names alone cannot be guaranteed that the mobile version of the game will sell well in the market. Many games have just been released but abandoned by the players.

7 Mobile Games that have just been released but are immediately devoid of players

In this article, ApkVenue will discuss about 7 games boom really when released but immediately deserted the player in a short time.

The reasons also vary. Starting from the competitors who attended first or a new game that appeared to be more exciting to play.

Rather than you getting more curious about these games, it’s better to just check ApkVenue’s article below, friends!

1. Arena of Valor

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Arena of Valor is a MOBA game genre released by Garena. When it was first released in 2016, this game was crowded, you know.

By bringing some DC superheroes into it, this game is expected to break dominance Mobile Legends which was present beforehand.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Mobile Legends cannot be beaten by any MOBA mobile game. AOV is also considered a failure by many gamers, especially in Indonesia.

Mobile Arena Icon
Garena AOV – Arena of Valor: MOBA Action
RPG Garena

2. Shellfire

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Want to bring unique gameplay, World of Games released the MOBA genre game combined with FPS to the mobile platform.

Although games with similar genres are selling well on the PC and console platforms, the game seems to be titled Shellfire it’s still not in demand on the mobile platform.

Proven since it was first released in 2018, this game has only been downloaded 1 million times only. The ratings are only 3.7 stars, friends

Shellfire Moba Fps 1d7e5
Shellfire – MOBA FPS

3. Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run is the first mobile game developed by Nintendo. Initially, Nintendo only released an exclusive game for the console.

Seeing the benefits of mobile games that are so big, Nintendo released Super Mario Run. The gameplay is the same as Super Mario games on other platforms.

Unfortunately, this game does not get a positive response from everyone. Despite having a big name, this game only has a rating 3.7 stars only.

4. Fortnite Mobile

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Fortnite Epic Games is a release game that carries the battle royale genre. Initially, this game only exists on the PC and console platforms.

Look PUBG, which has already plunged into the mobile platform with PUBG MobileFortnite also doesn’t want to be left behind, friends.

Limited HP compatibility, difficult gameplay, and a fairly high minimum spec, making people unwilling to play this one game.

5. Mario Kart Tour

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Among all the games that are here, Mario Kart Tour is the freshest, here, friends. This one game was just released on September 25, 2019 then.

Carrying gameplay similar to Mario Kart in the Nintendo console, this game is expected to be as successful as its predecessor.

Even though it is unique because it can be played only with one hand, this CTR-like game is immediately abandoned because there are many new games that are more fun, including COD Mobile, friends

6. Pokemon Go

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Although carrying the title Pokemon, but this game wasn’t developed by Nintendo directly, friends. Pokemon Go developed by a company called Niantic.

When it was first released, almost everyone in the world competed to find Pokemon through this augmented reality game. In fact, many arecheat for the sake of getting rare Pokemon in certain areas.

Unfortunately, the popularity of this game only lasted 3 months, friends. At present, Pokemon Go players now only number one third.

7. Pokemon Masters

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Still carrying the Pokemon franchise name, Pokemon Masters is expected to be more successful than Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, this game is not very popular, friends.

For the size of the game with a well-known title, this one game is arguably quiet enthusiasts, friendss. Though this game carries the Pokemon battle gameplay with Pokemon games on the Nintendo console.

Pokemon Masters only has a rating 3.6 stars on the Google Play Store. The rating is certainly very standard for large game sizes.

The final word

Thus ApkVenue’s article about 7 mobile games that have not been released recently but quiet fans. In your opinion, which game is the best of all, friends?

Write your answer and reason in the comments column, yeah. See you in another interesting article for ApkVenue!

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