Rp. 3,000 an hour and is usually accompanied by fried food and bottled tea. 90s kids who work after school visit the internet cafe certainly familiar with the situation above.

When the level of internet penetration in Indonesia was still low, internet cafes or internet cafes became the only place to enjoy this type of game MMOfriends!

ApkVenue also used to make friends with other internet cafe residents who were active in the same game as ApkVenue.

7 Most Iconic Warnet Games in the 2000s

With so many quality games now available on HP, unfortunately Internet cafe culture is gone from children today.

When ApkVenue was in middle school, ApkVenue still remembered in a row of shop houses near ApkVenue’s house until there were 3 different internet cafes and they were always full at school time, friends!

Although the times of internet cafes have become the past, memories 7 of the most iconic internet cafe games in the 2000s The following is still very imprinted in ApkVenue’s heart.

1. Gunbound

Gunbound 6a168

From a chick, it turns into a wooden hammer. From a wooden hammer, it turns into a stone hammer and then becomes an ordinary ax, silver ax, and so on.

That’s the strange logic in Gunbound, a popular online game that carries gameplay similar to the series Worms made by developers from South Korea, Softnyx.

Gunbound ApkVenue is the first online game and even though ApkVenue hasn’t touched this game for 15 years, ApkVenue still doesn’t forget this game.

For those of you who used to have trouble with a player named fikray who usually use vehicles Mage, ApkVenue is sorry, friends!

2. Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online Dacea

Ragnarok Online (RO) maybe not MMORPG first to enter Indonesia, Nexia still more senior, but RO is the first MMORPG game to explode.

Adapted from manhwa creation Lee Myung-Jin, this game puts you in the world Rune-Midgard that takes inspiration from Norse mythology.

Made by Gravity from South Korea, this game allows you to choose 1 of 11 classes such as Thief and Archer.

Although it is very old, the popularity of this game has never been extinguished and until now, the Indonesian server of this game can still be accessed, friends!

3. GetAmped

Get Amped 53e98

Instead of taking to the streets and fighting, ApkVenue and ApkVenue’s friends prefer to solve problems through mob games GetAmpedfriends!

Made by a Japanese developer, CyberStep, this game has gameplay a mob that’s similar to the series crossover Super Smash Bros. from Nintendo.

In this game, players can choose to fight in teams or in mode free-for-all which basically is mass brawl session, friends

ApkVenue himself is not very active playing this one game but it can indeed be a very effective stress reliever in school.

4. Pangya

Pangya 071b0

Golf is a type of sport that is usually limited to the sultan but we don’t need a lot of capital to be able to enjoy online golf games Pangyafriends!

For ApkVenue who as a child often played games Fuji Golf default Microsoft Windows, this game is arguably a more sophisticated version of Fuji Golffriends!

Made by the company Ntreev Soft from South Korea, this game used to make ApkVenue excited himself when ApkVenue managed to get it hole in one.

Unfortunately, this game has disappeared from the market but for those of you who have a console PS3 or PS4, series Everybody’s Golf can be used as an alternative tablets.

5. AyoDance

AyoDance 47f36

The internet cafe world was once synonymous with boy but developer T3 Entertainment South Korean origin tried to bring change with the game AyoDancefriends!

Released by name Audition Online in its home country, this game is a dancing competition game inspired by the series Bust a Groove.

With accompaniment soundtrack song K pop popular and gameplay special, AyoDance succeeded in attracting women to the world of online games in Indonesia.

This game also finally got a reputation as a game of luck match because a lot of boys who use this game as an approach mode, friends!

6. RF Online

RF Online 91569

There aren’t many MMORPGs in Indonesia that can rival the popularity RO but RF (Rising Force) Online is probably the closest.

Different from RO which carries cute 2D graphics, RF Online from a developer from South Korea, CCR, has high quality 3D graphics.

In this game, you are required to choose one of the 3 nations, Bellato Union, Holy Alliance of Cora, or Accretian Empire.

Each of these nations has their own strengths and here, you must defend your own nation against the other two nations, friends.

7. Battle Realms

Battle Realms E2b55

ApkVenue used to not like games real-time strategy (RTS) but ApkVenue became infected because the game was force-fed Battle Realms, friends

Unlike the game RTS others like Warcraft III, Battle Realms have gameplay which is relatively simpler which makes it ApkVenue’s favorite.

Made by the developer Liquid Entertainment from America, this game allows you to choose 1 out of 4 clans, Dragon, Serpent, Wolf, and Lotus.

In addition, this game also has a mode singleplayer where you play as Kenji, the throne’s son from the clan Serpent who must determine his own destiny.

The final word

That is, friends, a list of 7 of the most iconic internet cafe games in the 2000s which are also subscribed to ApkVenue. ApkVenue wrote this article so he joined in nostalgia too.

If you are interested, RF Online reportedly will be resurrected which is planned to be released in the month March 2020friends!