Instagram’s popularity is endless. Moreover, currently there are so many popular filters that you can use on your Instagram Story.

Not only to make your face look unique, some IG filters even offer interactive games that you can play with your friends.

Well, if you want to know some filter recommendations Instagram game fun and funny, consider the following ApkVenue article, yeah!

7 Funest Instagram Story Game Filters

To play the Instagram Story filter games, of course you must install the application Instagram first, friends.

If you use an Android phone, you can download it at Google Play Store. You can also directly download via the link below to make it faster, friends.

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You can get Instagram Story filter games for free, with the condition that you must follow the account of the filter maker first.

Take it easy, friends. In this article, ApkVenue will tell you the name of the filter game on Instagram, along with the account name of the filter maker.

1. Never Ga

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The first Instagram filter games are Never Ga. Never Ga is a filter created by Instagram users with a username @ferdaysss.

This filter will ask questions about an event. You must answer that question with “Ever” or “Never”.

Even though it’s simple, you can use the filter game on Instagram to reveal your girlfriend or best friend’s secrets, you know.

2. Head Quiz

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The next filter is Head Quiz. You can get this filter by following the Instagram account with a username @karetsatu.

If you are familiar with a gameshow on TV that is iconic with the phrase “Can be!”This filter is more or less the same.

To play it requires 2 participants. One of them must guess the image that appears above his head. Very exciting, right?

3. Truth or Dare

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Know the game Truth or Dare? Well, filter games on Instagram this one will offer the same type of game, friends.

To play it, first you have to touch the options Truth or Dare on your screen. After that, there will be questions or challenges that you have to do.

How to get this Instagram Story game is really easy, really. You just need to follow the account with a username @aldisaw, then you can save the filter, friends.

4. Mention

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Children of the 90s must have been very familiar with the childhood game named ABC 5 Basics. Well, this filter called Mention will invite you to reminisce into your childhood.

You will be challenged to say several words from the same category, for example the name of the country, with the same first letter.

To get the game filter Mention, you must follow the Instagram account with a username @fahrezaos, friends Must try, deh!

5. Yuk the Koran

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This filter game on Instagram is guaranteed to make you whose life full of sins immediately repent. The reason is, this filter called Ngaji Yuk will test your ability to read the Koran.

If you were a child when he was picking and pulling when he studied Koran, surely you would have a hard time, friends. The reason is, this filter requires you to read the Qur’an fluently.

Now, if you want to test your teaching skills, you can directly follow your Instagram account with a username @ramnsvrif to get this one filter.

6. Pantes Bales

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Pantun is the cultural heritage of Indonesia that we often listen to in traditional Betawi tribal events. In comedy shows, the actors also often use rhymes as joke material.

If you really like playing pantun replies, you can try the Instagram game filter named Bales Pantun created by IG user @ariandryian.

How to play simple but quite difficult, friends. You must continue the sentences given by the filter so that it becomes an interesting rhyme.

7. Read Fast

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In general, someone with a high level of education can read 300 to 1000 words within one minute. Even though it sounds simple, our tongues can be sprained and misread.

Interested in practicing speed reading? No need to bother, you can use a filter named Read Fast Account creation with username @anggawards.

You have to read the sentences that appear quickly. Unfortunately, this sentence contains words labeled so similarly somewhat tricky when it has to be read quickly.

The final word

That’s ApkVenue’s article about 7 of the most exciting Instagram Story game filters for you to try. Not just making excitement, you can also use these seven filters to get closer to the crush, friends.

Hopefully the ApkVenue article just now can cheer you up, friends! Don’t forget to leave a trail of comments that you can write in the column below.