Since its release in 2017 yesterday, PUBG Mobile become one of the most influential mobile games. So many people are still crazy about this one game.

Carrying the battle royale genre, this game managed to break the dominance of MOBA-like games Mobile Legends which at that time was glorious.

To survive, you must be good at managing your strategy and certainly get the best looting like armor, helmets, healing items, and of course the best weapons.

7 Mainstay PUBG Mobile Pro Player Weapons That Are Perceived at One Eye

Of the many weapons in PUBG Mobile, surely everyone has their own favorites. The weapon selection is based on the player’s playing style.

Every weapon has advantages and disadvantages. Many weapons are forgotten because they are not popular or because they are judged to have more shortcomings.

In fact, these weapons have capable abilities, you know. In fact, many pro players who have subscribed to the champion use these weapons.

1. VSS – Sniper Rifle

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VSS is one of the weapons underrated alias is often underestimated by many players. Weapon type sniper rifle this is considered painless and more like a bird gun.

Unlike the other sniper rifles, VSS does not use 7.62mm caliber bullets or at least 5.56mm. This one weapon instead uses 9mm caliber bullets commonly used by a gun.

Despite having a small damage, VSS has been integrated with scope default and supressor which makes it harder for you to get caught when shooting enemies from a distance.

2. Micro Uzi – Submachine Gun

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Micro Uzi or commonly called Uzi is a type of weapon submachine gun which you can find very easily in various locations.

When you just jumped off the plane, how bad of you, you will definitely meet weapons like that crossbow, shotgun, and this uzi.

This weapon is often the mainstay of many pro players at the beginning of the game to kill other players who are busy looking for other weapons.

Recoil the small one, attachment which is easy to find, and pretty decent damage in close range can certainly be your choice at the beginning of the game.

3. M16A4 – Assault Rifle

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M16A4 is a assault rifle with shooting mode burst and also single. This weapon is not as popular as M4A1 or AK47, but this weapon is not geeky, you know.

Many people ignore this weapon because they cannot shoot with mode auto. However, fashion burst which will issue 3 bullets at once in one shot certainly has advantages.

You just need to train harder to use this weapon. If you are already an expert, close combat using M16A4 will definitely be very easy for you.

4. DP-28 – Light Machine Gun

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DP-28 is a type of weapon light machine gun which doesn’t sell either. In fact, this one weapon is quite OP, you know, friends.

With a capacity magazine 47 7.62mm caliber bulletsThis one weapon damage really hurts and you don’t need to reload often.

The disadvantage of the DP-28 is just speed reload which is slow and also short range shots. You can outsmart by shortening the distance with your enemy.

5. Mini14 – Designated Marksman Rifle

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The next is Mini14 which has a type DMR or Designated Marksman Rifle. DMR has rates fire rate and mobility which is quite high even though the damage is not as big as SR.

Armed with 5.56mm caliber, this weapon has a decent damage, you know. Unfortunately, many people prefer other DMRs such as SKS or SLR.

Because lightly and have fire rate which is quite high, you can use Mini14 for long and close combat. You just have to change scope alone, friends.

6. R1895 – Handgun

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When it comes to handguns, maybe many of you have never used a nickname revolver R1895 this. Naturally, the thing is, this gun has a small magazine.

R1895 basically only has 7 bullets in 1 magazine. However, the bullet has 7.62mm caliber so it will really hurt if you get hit, friends.

You can use this weapon and collect the bullets at the beginning of the game. In mid game, you can allocate bullets to AR, DMR, or SR with the same caliber.

7. S686 – Shotgun

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If you want to find the weapon with the biggest damage, S686 is the solution. Unfortunately, this weapon is often underestimated by people.

Weapon type shotgun This one really only has 2 the shell in barrel-his. But make no mistake, 2 shots from this weapon will make the enemy knock down even killed.

Unfortunately, the shotgun can only be used from close range. In addition, the barrel that only contains 2 the shell also a major weakness of the S686.

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