Unwittingly, game open world Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is 6 years old, friends! Even though you can now enter elementary school, this game is still very popular.

The problem is that until now there is still no game that can compensate for the freedom offered in GTA V and is likely to remain this way until GTA VI is released.

But, apart from such cool missions Caida Libre you can play, a lot glitch funny and weird that you can find in this game, friends!

7 Glitch in GTA V That Makes Loud

As a game open world large-scale players who give enormous freedom, do not be surprised if there are many glitch which can be found in this game.

Almost impossible Rockstar as a developer can find and fix everything glitch in this game.

But we have to thank you too, friends, because we can enjoy glitch the following as entertainment.

For those of you who are curious, here is a list of 7 glitch in GTA V that made me laugh.

1. Glitch of a Drift Car

Glitch GTA V 1 Ae675

Don’t be mistaken because this is not a flying car like you see in movies science fiction as Blade Runner 2049 made with GTA V. mod

But glitch This is cars that float themselves like balloons and the strangest thing, glitch this can also happen to other cars.

But it is hilarious, anyway, seeing a car suddenly out of control and drifting alone without any external push.

2. Glitch Falling Up

Glitch GTA V 2 A250d

Lots glitch in GTA V that seems related to physics engine in GTA V who really likes to act weird and glitch this is one of them.

From elementary school we certainly have been taught the concept of gravity but at glitch this gravity goes backwards instead of falling down instead fell up.

What makes me laugh, is this glitch it’s endless so you guys will probably continue to fly to the moon like Memes’s plane.

3. Moving Character Glitch

Glitch GTA V 3 99c31

In GTA V, we can control three different characters, Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton.

Well, the characters that you don’t control will do their respective activities and you are free to move from one character to another.

The problem is, sometimes this game likes to act weird and the character you just chose could be floating in the air or even being on blue hell.

For those of you who don’t know yet, blue hell it is an empty area under the GTA V folder and has been around since the game GTA III, the first GTA game to use three-dimensional graphics.

4. Glitch Glides Up

Glitch GTA V 4 8e763

In addition to drifting cars, there are also strange events in GTA V where Cars and characters in this game often slide upwards like a rocket for no reason.

Glitch this often appears when there are characters or cars that are colliding with each other and non-player character also not free from glitch this.

But here gravity still works so after sliding up, the character or car will return to the ground that it normally would lead to death.

5. Glitch Riding a Bicycle

Glitch GTA V 5 7703b

After briefly disappearing in GTA IV, The bike is back again in GTA V but Rockstar seems to have difficulty with this one vehicle.

When riding a bicycle, it’s not uncommon your character will go into strange animations which is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Maybe this is the reason that made Rockstar eliminate bikes from GTA IV, because glitch it really doesn’t make sense.

6. Trap Taxi Glitch

Glitch GTA V 6 09aaa

For those of you who always go around using motorcycle taxi and online taxi services, GTA V has also been kind enough and provides this facility.

On GTA V, You can order a taxi which will take you to your destination. Well, here it sounds like you can be fun, friends.

In this feature, you can use the feature skip to be moved directly to your destination. To experience this feature, you just need to mark the destination location where it is not detected on the map.

As a result, taxis and you will be taken free-fall into the vast ocean without land anywhere. Really fun!

7. Magic Stair Glitch

Glitch GTA V 7 33283

This glitch which, according to ApkVenue was the weirdest, friends, because there was no plausible explanation that could be a reason for glitch this.

So at the location called Palmer-Taylor Power Station, there is unseen stairs that you can climb.

But this ladder is not the path to heaven like in a classic song Led Zeppelin, friends, because your character will only fall after climbing this ladder.

The final word

That is, friends, list 7 glitch in GTA V that made me laugh. Glitch above does not appear often but most likely you will see at least one glitch in your playtime.

In addition to repeating the best missions in GTA V and trying GTA Online, a lot of entertainment can still be found on GTA V.

Have you guys experienced this? glitch above? Or maybe you have seen glitch other weird? Share in the comments column, friends!

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