What the hell, friends, the meaning of a name? Personal ApkVenue has never taken seriously the name given by ApkVenue, but many people in the world consider that name important.

For example, you know what name is Samsung it actually symbolizes the ideals of its founders, Lee Byung-Chull?

But, in the world of video games, names are often the victims and many games have to change their name to a rather strange title when released in another country.

7 Games that Have Weird Titles in Other Countries

In Indonesia, we are familiar with the term Sweet iced tea and Screwdriver Tea, two different names for one drink that are basically the same.

In the world of video games, there are also many cases like that, either due to cultural reasons or legal reasons because the name has been used by other products.

Well, here ApkVenue wants to give a little enlightenment for this case, friends. Here is a list of 7 games that have strange titles in other countries.

1. Resident Evil —> Biohazard

Biohazard 56027

The most famous case is for the horror game series Resident Evil where is the title Biohazard used in Japan and Resident Evil for America.

Actually, name Biohazard more suitable for this series because the zombies that appear here are the result of a viral infection that falls into the category biological hazard.

But, it turns out the title Biohazard already been used by other games and the American branch of Capcom as developers are forced to use other names to avoid legal problems.

As we know, Capcom chose the name Resident Evil and until now, this game is still known by two different titles in Japan and America.

2. Star Fox 64 —> Lylat Wars

Lylat Wars A366b

Starfox is an artificial space adventure game series Nintendo which is inspired by the name of the main character Fox McCloud which is a human-like fox.

Unfortunately, in Germany there is already another company called StarVox and Nintendo decided to change the name of the game Starfox 64 the name becomes Lylat Wars.

Nintendo’s decision to change the name of the game Starfox 64 Becomes Lylat Wars is to avoid lawsuits in Europe there.

The thing that makes me confused is, the forerunner game Lylat Wars named Starwing. So dizzy and very complicated, friends!

3. Pac-Man —> Puckman

Puckman 4538d

This legendary arcade game in Japan has a name Puckman which comes from the word spikes which in Japanese means the sound of mouth opening and closing which is typical Pac-Man.

When Namco decided to bring this game to the international scene, they assumed that the name Puckman could be spoofed as a dirty word / curse.

In Indonesia alone, the name of a foreign company Kontool often a netizens joke, so Namco decided to change the name of this game.

Finally, the name chosen is Pac-Man which, although it actually has no meaning, is inherent in all of our memories, friends.

4. Bully —> Canis Canem Edit

Bully 4d861

Bully is an artificial game Rockstar that carries open-world genre where you act as a new student at Bullworth Academy.

Despite having a title like that, this game doesn’t focus on bullying only but also includes many other types of school children.

Unfortunately, this did not stop parents in the UK from protesting the game Bully. Finally Rockstar changed the name of this game to Canis Canem Edit in Europe.

Canis Canem Edit is Latin for dog eats dog which depicts a world full of selfish people as depicted in the game Bully and the motto of Bullworth Academy.

5. Mortal Kombat: Deception —> Mortal Kombat: Mystification

Mystification 452c3

Deception which means fraud is the right title, because it’s a game story fighting it starts with the character Shujinko who was cheated by Onaga, the main antagonist in this game.

But, Midway, as the developer changed the name Deception to a somewhat unclear name, i.e. Mystification for the French region.

Apparently, said Deception itself has a different meaning in France, which is disappointing and certainly no developer wants the game to have such a sad title.

Finally, change it Deception Becomes Mystification but if ApkVenue can be honest, said Mystification that’s not a good choice because it’s not clear.

6. Fatal Frame —> Project Zero

Project Zero 26009

Fatal Frame is an artificial horror game series Tecmo who used to be successful had ApkVenue unable to sleep for months in the PS2 era.

Actually this title is suitable because this game because the cellphone camera used by the main character can defeat the ghost and the frame or a frame is also identical to a photo.

But, this game has a very different name in Japan viz Project Zero. Well, the number 0 itself is read rei in Japanese which can also mean spirit.

As a ghost-filled game, the title Project Zero is suitable, but can only be understood by people who speak Japanese, so it is changed to Fatal Frame.

7. Bionic Commando —> Hitler’s Resurrection: Top Secret

Bionic 41d4b

Bionic Commando is an action game series side-scrolling artificial Capcom which is very popular in the console era Nintendo first, friends.

This game also has an appropriate name because the main character in this game, Spencer have hands bionic, a combination of biology and electronics.

But, this game has a more excited title in Japan, Hitler’s Resurrection: Top Secret because here you are assigned to fight Neo-Nazis trying to awaken Hitler.

Fearing this game would be protested in Germany and the western world as a whole, Capcom finally decided to change the title of this game to Bionic Commando.

The final word

That is, friends, list 7 Games that Have Weird Titles in Other Countries. Things that seem trivial like names can also be a big problem.

As a side note, you know what, the name of Pokemon is also a lot different in different countries?

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