In addition to the Dark Mode which is busy discussing, WhatsApp has also prepared a series of these features to be rolled out to the next version.

WhatsApp, one of the messaging applications that has the most user base, reached 500 million active users in the first quarter of 2019 and is reported to have prepared several features in the next version.

The famous Facebook product owned by Mark Zuckerberg is slowly uniting its social media platform through a new feature, the friends.

Besides the arrival of features WhatsApp Status which changes the direction of the messaging application to be more social, ApkVenue has summarized other features that are expected to be present in the next version of WhatsApp.

7 WhatsApp Most Awaited New Features

WhatsApp leaked features that have not even been released to the beta channel users a lot of public attention and many are waiting for it.

For those of you who don’t know yet, WhatsApp Beta is a trial variant that is rolled out to a limited number of users in the program Google Play Beta Testing.

However, as there are many interested in new features in WhatsApp Beta, this program is no longer open for new users.

Don’t worry, sooner or later the public version of WhatsApp will also get new features that have been tested in the beta.

What are the features that are expected to be present? Here is info from ApkVenue for you, as summarized from various sources.

1. Dark Mode

Dark Mode or Dark Mode is the trend of application and OS interfaces now. Besides giving function save battery, Dark Mode also works reduce eye fatigue when you use it at night.

WhatsApp Dark Mode displays graphical interface elements with a majority of black.

The update to the Dark Mode feature on WhatsApp Beta only changes the background of the list chat to black, with header who still uses the typical green color of WhatsApp.

2. Disappear Message Mode

On some messaging platforms we can find features self destruct, or a message feature that can self-destruct in a certain amount of time.

The WhatsApp development team is also reported to have prepared this feature with the name disappearing message, as leaked by the WABetaInfo account.

So far screenshot in circulation, the choice of time for the disappearance of new messages is 5 seconds and 1 hour. Maybe this option will increase or can be adjusted by yourself when adapted to the stable version.

3. Sharing status to Facebook Story

As you might know, WhatsApp is now in a group with Facebook and Instagram. This social media application group will slowly coalesce through features, friends.

Feature status which is already on WhatsApp will join Facebook Story, in the form of an action button share which can be instant share your WhatsApp status with FB Story.

Option share to Facebook this will only appear when you have installed the application Facebook or Facebook Lite, friends To share the status that you have created, just click the menu button on the right My Status> Share to Facebook Story.

4. Send Contacts via QR Code

Application chat like LINE or WeChat already supports scanning QR Code for sharing contact details.

This feature will also be adapted to WhatsApp, which can make it easier for you add contacts without needing to type it in the phone application.

Previously, the QR Code feature was only available for sending link group invite, even then you have to hold the role of admin in a WhatsApp group.

5. Boomerang Mode in Video Status

Short boomerang video is a popular feature on Instagram. It’s also rumored to be on WhatsApp, with a slight difference.

The boomerang video feature is a short duration video recording that is played repeatedly like GIF, which was popularized Instagram some time ago.

Reportedly, the duration of the boomerang video in the upcoming version of WhatsApp status ranges from 7 seconds or less.

Other WhatsApp Latest Features …

6. Fingerprint Authentication

This feature is very important for maintaining a list chat You are not photographed by a nosy friend.

WhatsApp Beta has adapted this feature, which requires fingerprint authentication to open the WhatsApp application like you unlock your smartphone from mode standby.

So, for you who previously needed the application locker app third party, so features fingerprint unlock this arrived on the stable version of WhatsApp you don’t need it anymore.

7. Google search of images

Reverse image search is one way look for info on Google from images. In WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.73, this feature can be used.

Google’s search feature from this image can shorten the search time for info. Just click menu> Search image, you can be directly taken to the screen Google Images search.

Indeed, smartphone users are relatively less frequent reverse image search on Google Images, the presence of this feature can make it easier for you to find alternative images memes from group chat.

The final word

Like other applications, WhatsApp doesn’t stop trying out new features and scrolling them so stably.

Some of the features above in essence you can use on your WhatsApp, provided that you have joined the Google Play beta program first.

Well, from the 7 new WhatsApp features that will launch earlier, what features are you waiting for the most? Leave your comment below, yes.

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