In the modern era, video games have become a very popular hobby. This hobby is liked by many people from all walks of life and ages.

In addition to us who are just ordinary people, there are also many, you know, famous actors who are game maniacs. Not only like, but also game addicts, friends.

In the midst of busyness, they still took the time to play their favorite games. Anyway, true gamers!

7 Famous Hollywood Actors Who Turn Out Game maniacs

In this article, ApkVenue will discuss about 7 famous Hollywood actors who are game maniacs. There are former addicts, there are also those who are still actively playing games.

Approximately anyone, yes, artists who like to play games? Rather than you getting more curious, better just consider the following article!

1. Matthew Perry

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If you were a sitcom fan of the ’90s, you would be familiar with Matthew Perry, cast Chandler on the legendary sitcom, Friends.

Currently, Matthew Perry is no longer active in the film industry. In his free time, he spends his time playing RPG games Fallout 3, friends

Because of her love for this game, Perry played non-stop until her hands suffered Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to most playing the game.

When Bethesda found out that Perry really loves Fallout 3, Bethesda asked Perry to voice the character named Benny in Fallout: New Vegas.

2. Robin Williams

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Late Robin Williams is a talented actor who has entertained us for decades with warm comedy.

Robin is also a true gamer, friends. However, from the many games he played, franchise The Legend of Zelda is the most memorable.

Because of his love for this game, he named his daughter Zelda, the same as the daughter’s name from the game franchise.

3. Henry Cavill

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2019 seems to be the year Henry Cavill, deh. This handsome actor received praise for his role as Geralt in the TV series The Witcher.

Not just handsome and good at acting, friends. Cavill was also a game maniac, you know. He really likes playing MMORPG games like World of Warcraft.

Just so you know, World of Warcraft almost ruined it into the cast Superman in Man of Steel, friends

So much fun playing WoW, he almost did not pick up the phone from Zack Snyder who offered him the role of Superman.

4. Daniel Craig

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Daniel Craig, an iconic actor with his role as agent 007 alias James Bond This is not only cool, but also a hobby of playing games, friends.

In fact, he admitted that he had broken up with his girlfriend because of his hobby playing games. Unfortunately, his busy life as a James Bond actor made him rarely play.

Gamers who have had a bad stigma because they are considered lazy and geeky are now broken thanks to Daniel Craig the game maniac.

5. Vin Diesel

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In addition to being lazy and lazy, gamers are also often identified with unhealthy lifestyles. You must delete the stereotype after viewing Vin Diesel.

The reason is, this bare-bodied actor turned out to also really like playing games, you know. He really likes playing games Dungeons and Dragons.

However, that is not what makes him a game maniac. I was so upset because there were no good games adapted from films, he founded his own gaming company, the friends.

Company named Tigon Studios Vin Diesel’s property then produces games from the film, starring Vin Diesel.

The first game titled The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay until now considered one of the best film adaptation games.

6. Samuel L. Jackson

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Samuel L. Jackson is the actor with the highest income in 2019 thanks to his role as Nick Fury in MCU.

Many don’t know that Samuel is also a game maniac, a friends. The proof, he has several times been the voice of the game, like GTA San Andreas and others.

His love for the game began since he played the classic game titled Pong. His favorite game now is the Call of Duty franchise Assassin’s Creed.

7. Zachary Levi

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The last one is Zachary Levi, friends This talented actor is a cast of Shazaam, superhero from DC Universe.

In addition to the film Shazam !, he has also played a character named Chuck Bartowski who really likes playing games. However, he also has the same hobby with the character he plays.

Initially, he was a lover of singleplayer games with campaign mode until finally online games were like Gears of War 3 make him addicted.

The final word

It turns out that many celebrities also like to play games, yes, friendss. Just like us, these actors also find happiness when playing games.

That’s all ApkVenue’s article about 7 actors who turned out to be game maniacs. See you in another interesting article ApkVenue!

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