Maybe this is indeed ApkVenue’s age that is nearing middle age but ApkVenue is often surprised by the development of technology today.

ApkVenue still remembered being stunned when he first tasted technology Virtual Reality (VR) and now ApkVenue is most interested in the same Augmented Reality (AR).

But even though AR is very interesting, they can also be dangerous tablets, especially because the AR game is very attractive to children.

7 Covert Dangers in Pokemon GO and Unite Wizards

Maybe you just know the term AR, but you must have at least seen or played Pokemon GO and Unite Wizardsright?

Well, game from Niantic based on these two popular works using AR technology as the basis, the friends.

AR itself actually has existed since the time of ApkVenue was still in school, friends, but only booming thanks to the two games.

Well, here ApkVenue wants to share 7 hidden dangers in Pokemon GO and Unite Wizards you have to watch out for, friends!

1. Danger of the Thief

Wallet Pickpocket F1879

Pokemon GO and Wizards Unite require you to go out to visit public places to capture Pokemon or complete missions.

The problem is, friendss, you are also required to focus on your cellphone and this situation is a fertile ground for thief actions.

In America there have been several cases of thieves who are deliberately waiting on location Pokestop in Pokemon GO in searching for victims, friendss.

Therefore, if you are busy looking for Pokemon in public places, make sure that your other items are not forgotten.

2. The Danger of Not Paying Attention to the Way

Walking Texting 5f8ba

If this one is without Pokemon GO or Wizards Unite too many, but both of these games make this situation much worse.

You must often see, right, people who when the road instead focus on HP. People like this are ApkVenue’s mortal enemies, friendss, because disturbing other pedestrians.

It’s still better to just disturb other pedestrians, friendss, what if they are so focused on Pokemon GO, they don’t see any obstacles on the road?

The excavation of cables and open sewers has become a tradition in Indonesia, friendss, and you must always pay attention to your location when playing the game above.

3. Danger Most Roads

Sores Walking 2b544

Many of the roads are indeed healthy, friends, but there are also those whose names are excess roads and in America there have been a number of cases like this.

So the phenomenon of Pokemon GO successfully includes people who happen to lack sports, friendss, and they still insist on playing Pokemon GO.

Finally a lot of players are complaining of leg pain after pacing around looking for Pokemon, friends. Therefore, don’t force your body and don’t forget to rest.

It’s not funny, friends, if you have permission to not go to college or office because most of you play Pokemon GO or Wizards Unite.

4. Pay Attention to Your Environment

Pokemon GO 425bf

One of the unique features of these two AR-featured games is that they can be found almost anywhere, friendss, and ApkVenue used to open Pokemon GO inside data center at midnight.

The problem, friendss, is also a double-edged sword because not a few people play Pokemon GO in inappropriate locations.

For example, there is a player in Russia who almost went to jail for recording himself playing Pokemon GO in a church in russia.

There is a time to play and there is a serious time, friends, so you must always pay attention to your environment before opening Pokemon GO or Wizards Unite.

5. Dangers of Playing Near Other People’s Property

No Trespassing 76b58

Remember, friendss, Pokemon GO and Wizards Unite prohibit players from entering other people’s property in searching for Pokemon or completing missions.

The problem is, friendss, there are some players who because they are too excited finally ignore this rule.

In America, there has been one case where GO players were thought to be thieves because they were near other people’s homes after midnight.

ApkVenue’s suggestion, friends, you choose a place that is open to the public such as parks to avoid misunderstandings like this.

6. The Dangers of Playing at Night

Night Walk 24982

You know what, friends, the reason the traffic cone has a very striking orange color? That is so that it can be seen by all road users even though it is dark.

Pokemon GO players who have a busy day during the course can only play after sunset, but playing at night can be dangerous.

So, friends, try to make sure you don’t wear dark clothes from top to bottom if you want to play Pokemon GO or Wizards Unite at night.

7. Battery Hazard Depleted

Low Battery Ba384

The problem of depleted batteries has become a bloody problem for millennials, friendss, and AR games are notoriously wasteful of batteries.

ApkVenue really understands, friends, feeling of difficulties can not go home because the battery runs out and can not call a motorcycle taxi online.

So, always pay attention to your battery usage or at least make sure you carry Powerbank which is fully loaded before playing.

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