The development of mobile games at this time is quite rapid, even exceeding gaming consoles and desktops.

With the development of mobile and tablet specifications, para the developer the game began to be able to design games with flashy graphics and complex gameplay on this platform.

Lots publisher who decided to release their game on iOS and Android so they could reach more players. Unfortunately not all publishers think like this.

A collection of cool games that can only be played on the iOS platform

In terms of users, iOS and Android are the systems with the most users on the platform smartphone and tablet.

Although it has great potential with users who are in large numbers, several publisher only release applications or games that they make on one operating system only.

Several reasons such as company policy, compatibility, and specifications required made some game publishers choose to release their work on iOS only.

What are games that can be played on iOS and can’t be played on Android? Check out the info below!

1. Sky: Children of the Light

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Euclidean Skies is turn based puzzle game which is a sequel to Euclidean Lands which was a success when it was released.

This game adopts attractive and colorful 3D graphics. The combination of models and colors on objects in this game matches the theme of the fantasy that is carried in it.

In this game you will move in turn, shift objects, defeat opponents, and find the best way to do it all.

In addition to gameplay and charming graphics This game also supports AR system.

By using AR technology you can see in more detail the objects in this game that can help you to find the best way to complete the mission.

2. Bastion

Humblebundle Com 2d922

Adopt graphics that are colorful and gameplay that refreshing, Bastion was successful when it was released.

This game has been released on various platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and several other platforms and finally this game get the mobile version on iOS in 2012.

In this game you will play as “the Kid”, a character who has a special power that tries to restore his world to its original state.

We can use a variety of weapons which you will get as the game goes on.

3. Hyper Light Drifter

Epicgames Com C34a0

Games that have won awards at the Independent Games Festival finally get a mobile version that was released on iOS in July 2019.

This game adopts colorful pixel graphics with interesting gameplay. You will play as the Drifter who has special powers and try to find an antidote for his illness.

You can download this game on iOS by paying a price IDR 75 thousand.


Id Techinasia Com 6ff42

Success became a sensation when it was released, INSIDE began to spread to the mobile platform to reach more people to play it.

INSIDE is an indie game developed by Playdead developers who were previously successful with a similar game called Limbo.

INSIDE is 3D puzzle game where you will play as a boy in the world post apocalyse.

This game released in 2017 on the iOS system and now you can get this game for free on iOS.

5. Blackbox

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Blackbox is an indie puzzle game developed by Ryan McLeod and Gus Callahan. Ryan plays the role of the developer while Callahan acts as composer in the game.

Although only developed by 2 people, this game was successful won an award at the Apple Design Award in 2017 for the category innovation and excellence in design and accessibility.

In this game you have to try to solve puzzles made by utilizing various software and hardware features from your cellphone.

This specific design, makes Blackbox can’t be played on other platforms and only released on iOS.

6. Far From Noise

Thefountain Eu 24a1f

Far From Noise is a game that is somewhat unique. In this game you will act as a person trapped in an old car that almost fell into a cliff.

Over time some living things will begin to arrive where you are trapped.

You will dialogue with them and begin to ponder the meaning of life and death and also discover the reasons why you are there.

This game was made by George Batchelor alone. Although only made by one person, this game has a pretty good quality.

7. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Endgadget Com 304d8

Sid Meier’s Civilization is one franchise the most famous strategy game. This strategy game has many fans and also get a good response from the para reviewers.

The latest game from the franchise named Sid Meier’s Civilization VI or often abbreviated as Civ Six can be played on the iOS system.

This 4X-type game has quite complex gameplay. To complete one round of this game, you can spend hours and hours.

Luckily now you can play this game on the iOS system which makes it easy for you to continue the game that you’ve saved before.

Unfortunately, Android users who are also fans of this game franchise can not feel playing this strategy game on their favorite system.

The final word

Well that’s it, a friends of games that only you can play on the iOS system and can’t on Android.

Some games can still be played on other platforms and some are really exclusive to the iOS system only.

Are the games on this list a consideration for you to choose iOS or Android? Or even some who want to use iOS because the game is more complete?

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