Do you often lose alias experience lose streak even though you’ve been playing with a solid teammate? Maybe you can meet with cheatersfriends!

Until now, the name cheaters must be difficult to avoid from the game online multiplayer. Starting from the era Point Blank, CS: GO, until it switches to mobile platform as PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile.

After knowing this, are you cured or even interested in using cheat to quickly rise rank?

Before that, read first set cheat The latest PUBG Mobile which is often used by players to get victory in matches. Check this out!

Collection of Ways Cheat Latest PUBG Mobile that is often used

Some cheat PUBG Mobile below is very common for you to meet in various types of gamesshooter genre, both in FPS mode and TPS mode.

Until now, there are at least 7 types cheat or cheating that is usually done by PUBG Mobile players to get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

What are those? Come on, see ApkVenue’s review which has been summarized in full below, friends.

1. Wall Hack + No Recoil

Pubg Mobile Cheat 2019 01 Eba81

Cheat Wall Hack arguably one of the legendary cheats in the world of FPS games on line, such as Point Blank and Crossfire.

By using cheat this, a player can find out the location of the enemy behind other objects, such as walls, houses, vehicles, and others with different colors.

Then you can open fire through walls to finish off enemies who are hiding.

Even this can be combined with cheat No Recoil so that your shots will always be straight which applies to all types of weapons, friends

2. Aimbot + No Recoil

Pubg Mobile Cheat 2019 02 4791b

Why must be tired looting Red Dot, Holo, or Scope x8 to be able to accurately target enemies? Though you can use cheat The best named PUBG Mobile Aimbot.

Without needing to aim to use scope, automatic crosshair You will be directed to the enemy in front of the tablets.

Especially if you combine it with cheat No Recoil. Guaranteed weapons with damage sick but have recoil bad like AKM can be really deadly!

3. Antenna + Magic Bullet / Auto Headshot

Pubg Mobile Cheat 2019 03 9ce57

Armed with folder broad, PUBG Mobile players are required to have knowledge mapping strong in determining the location of the nearest enemy armed with gunshots and steps.

But this turned out to be tricked by cheat named Antenna, which will give you the exact location and distance of the enemy closest to you.

The way cheat The antenna will position the enemy using a straight line coming from the compass at the top.

Then you can combine it with cheat Magic Bullet which allows you to shoot in any direction, but the edges will still hit the closest enemy.

Or so you can one-hit-kill, can also integrate cheat Antenna with Auto Headshot where the shot will go directly to the opponent’s head.

Very interesting for cheaters PUBG Mobile that can’t position the enemy, right?

Cheat Other PUBG Mobile …

4. PUBG Mobile Hack Emulator

Pubg Mobile Cheat 2019 04 822d3

Indeed third cheat above is related to weapons. However, you know not really the developer PUBG Mobile has made mistakes that are exploited by para cheaters.

When you first release the PUBG Mobile Emulator to play this game on a PC or laptop, there is the possibility of the players the desktop and mobile meet each other, friends.

The result is clearly a PC or laptop player will be better at it than the player mobile. Besides having a bigger display, your controls will be far more flexible than using a touch screen.

Here you can play PUBG Mobile with settings the keyboard and PC like the best FPS games, like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

The good news, now the developer Tencent Games has improved a bug PUBG Mobile is this one and separates servers between players the desktop (emulator) and mobile.

5. Speed ​​Hack

Pubg Mobile Cheat 2019 05 33ea4

Ever seen someone run super fast unnaturally? Even more so than when you unleash weapons and use items boosting, friends?

There are actually two possibilities. First he uses cheat Speed ​​Hack to be able to trick the enemy and avoid shooting enemy weapons.

Usually too cheat Speed ​​Hack combined with cheat Unlimited HP just in case if occasionally successful enemy fire hit.

Or the second possibility, other players are experiencing network aliases lag which makes his movements broken and seemed to run super fast.

Well, of course cheat Speed ​​Hack is hard for you to detect on your own, right?

6. No Grass

Pubg Mobile Cheat 2019 06 95484

One of the advantages of folder Erangel and Sanhok in the PUBG Mobile game are having a field with fairly high grass that serves to hide from enemies.

Moreover, you can be more camouflage when using rare items, such as Ghillie Suit.

Well, by using cheat PUBG Mobile is named No Grass You will automatically eliminate the grass element inside folder and know the enemy being prone.

If you have this, you can say goodbye to the name “gaming worm”, friends

7. Ultra High Jump

Pubg Mobile Cheat 2019 07 6fd17

Last there cheat Another popular PUBG Mobile named Ultra High Jump, which, according to its name, allows you to jump unnaturally high.

Imagine you can make a leap so high above normal it can even reach 40 meters. Jumping on three-story buildings isn’t a problem!

This way you can immediately rush enemies who hide on the roof of buildings easily, friends.

Application Hazards Cheat PUBG Mobile: Hackers Get the Ban Pan!

Set cheat above generally you can get for free using the script which is activated by the application cheat Android, for example like Guardian Game.

There are also several applications cheat paid promising features anti-tire, as Cit Pekalongan or PUBG Mobile VIP Hack.

Do not stay silent, the developer of PUBG Mobile also cracked down on the perpetrators who use cheat through a campaign called Hackers Get the Ban Pan.

Dangers of Pubg Mobile Cheat 7d8dd

Every week, PUBG Mobile releases a list of affected accounts tire due to suspicious activity.

Tencent Games once the developer claims to have a Game Security Team that works 24 hours continuously to monitor, identify, and delete cheaters in the game.

For users cheat paid to the other side anti-banned, Tencent Games did not make any exceptions.

Want whatever amount of money spent by the para cheaters to cheat, it’s still enforceable tire this still applies.

Tips & Tricks: Here’s how to deal with it Cheater on PUBG Mobile

Play one room with cheaters of course it will look for a terrible scourge for those of you who play honestly.

Although you can’t avoid it, there are actually a number of ways to deal with it cheaters on PUBG Mobile that you can apply. Here are some of them.

  • Don’t play on folder Erangel, due to many cheaters which use folder This is for trial applications cheat they. Moreover cheaters usually using a new account and potentially playing on Erangel as default folder.
  • Run away immediately when you see cheaters or suspicious player, because even if you do cheat of course you will have a minimum distance to shoot. Directly avoiding to the furthest position so the right choice.
  • Report suspicious player, both win and lose in the match do not stay silent when found cheaters. Report directly to the party the developer so that these players get sanctions up to tire permanent.

Video: No. Cheat! These 5 Applications for Sophisticated Gameplay PUBG Mobile

The final word

Well, that was a collection cheat The latest PUBG Mobile in 2019 is usual cheaters wear in matches. If you prefer to use cheat or not?

It’s better if you play sportsmanship! Want to pay any amount and use the application cheat PUBG Mobile VIP, there will still be risks tire permanent from the developer.

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