Mobile games have become one of the fastest growing game genres lately.

The development of smartphone specifications and improved network quality are factors driving the development of this game genre.

Mobile game developers are competing to make the most popular games by the general public and market to various countries, one of which is China.

Reasons Why China Becomes First Country for Mobile Game Release

China is the most populous country in the world and is a potential market for various products including games.

Has a famous government system strict don’t make para the developer mobile games avoid this country in marketing their products.

What is the reason China is the first country where mobile games have been released? Here are a few reasons.

1. There are Hundreds of Million Gamers and Will Still Increase

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The large number of players makes China an ideal country to research whether a game will be well received or not.

Not limited to potential revenue provided by these players, the developers can also get various kinds of input to the game they made.

Market research is important to determine whether a game is successful or not. A large and varied number of participants will provide more accurate data on research.

amount Mobile game players in China are predicted to increase to 728 million people in 2023.

2. The Mobile Game Market which continues to grow

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The game licensing process that is quite difficult to implement by China does not prevent mobile games from developing.

China implements a fairly strict censorship process in which all games marketed in China must be in accordance with the traditions that develop there.

As happened in the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, Game for Peace which experienced a lot of reshuffle, such as the elements of gunfire and blood made more friendly, friendss.

Even so the interest in mobile games continues to outdo the complexity of the licensing process applied by China.

Compared to last year, the mobile game market in China is growing by 28.9% and still counting.

3. The majority of gamers play mobile games

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In general, gamers have their own favorite console and are not interested in playing games on other consoles.

Gamers in China besides playing their favorite consoles, 95% of them also play games on their smartphones.

This fact makes China has an ideal market composition for mobile games. Mobile game developers can develop games that are most suitable for general market share.

The data they get can be a reference for releasing successful games in this country to market the game to other countries.

4. Routine to Purchase Items (In-App Purchase)

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The biggest source of income for mobile games is in game transaction. This system allows players to make transactions for various types of gaming purposes with money real.

Successful mobile games must implement systems that make players interested in spending the money they have for gaming needs.

With the number of mobile game players who do in game transaction countless, para the developer can develop games with the system in game transaction the most ideal.

If they fail to develop the system in game transaction what works in this country, in theory, this system will fail in other countries.

As many as 40% of mobile game players in China do in game transaction. This amount is quite a large number considering the number of mobile game players that are very many in this country.

5. Very fast development of eSports

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eSports is one of the most important components for maintaining the survival of a game. eSports sets a goal for gamers to achieve.

Being the best at playing a game and being an idol of many people is the main attraction for professional players. This is realized through eSports.

Not only for professional players, eSports also builds and maintains the interest of casual players who play certain games every day for entertainment.

eSports makes a community like a community of sports lovers. As long as there is a place to compete, a sport will not die nor will eSports.

With the rapid development of eSports for mobile games in China making this country an ideal place for the development of mobile games.

In 2018 mobile game eSports in China has a profit of 5.6 billion USD. 78 trillion. This number is predicted to increase to 10.6 billion USD or around Rp. 14.8 trillion.

The final word

That’s the reason why mobile games were released first in China. The characteristics of this country are indeed unique and are very supportive for developing mobile games.

Disclaimer: The numbers and data used in this article were obtained from the GlobeNewswire and RESEARCH AND MARKETS websites.

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