Online game is one genre of game that is addictive really. This game can make you all day in front of the computer and not do anything.

Many online games are on publish and developing in Indonesia. Some still survive until now and there are also some who have to close their services.

What are Indonesian online games that have to be closed in 2019? Let’s see the full review of ApkVenue below, friends!

List of Indonesian Online Games that Must Be Closed in 2019

Online games have their own appeal for the players. Different from the game single player where you focus on playing alone, in online games you can interact with other people.

This kind of interaction pattern that makes online games demand by many people, but unfortunately not all online game can last until now.

Many online games must be willing to stop the service for various reasons. What are the online games that are closed in Indonesia? Check out the info below!

1. Tree of Savior

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Game Tree of Savior began operating in Indonesia in 2016. This game is predicted to have various similarities with Ragnarok.

With its similarity to Ragnarok, this game was initially quite famous and gained quite a number of fans. The popularity of this game did not last long because this game is closed in 2019.

Gemscool as a distributor of this game decided to not renew the contract with the developer.

Gemscool closed this game on May 31, 2019. On its official website Gemscool wrote:

Kami mengakhiri service game Tree of Savior Indonesia dikarenakan berakhirnya kontrak dengan developer Game terkait. Kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada seluruh Savior dari seluruh Indonesia yang selama ini telah setia mengikuti event dan bermain bersama kami. Kami menyadari bahwa kualitas dan service yang kami berikan masih jauh dari yang namanya kesempurnaan. Untuk itu, kami mohon maaf jika selama ini ada sesuatu yang tidak berkenan, baik dari service di dalam Game ataupun Tim GM dan admin yang betugas.

2. Closers Indonesia

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This Korean game was released in Indonesia in 2016. This game tells the story of monster attacks from other dimensions. This monster attacks the world through a portal called a dimensional gate.

In the end the dimensional gate was successfully closed and humans who had supernatural abilities that closed the portal were called CLOSERS.

Unfortunately Megaxus as the manager of this game decided to close its services on May 23, 2019. This closure begins with the closing of the Mi-Cash voucher payment service on the site

As a form of compensation for the players of this game, Megaxus provides compensation to the players who are given periodically within a period of 2 weeks.

Compensation will be given in the form of prizes in other games managed by Megaxus such as Audition Ayodance and Counter Strike Online.

3. RF Online

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RF Online is one of the most popular online games ever in Indonesia. This game lasts up to 12 years before finally officially closing on August 21, 2019.

This game was developed by the developer online game from Korea which eventually expanded to various countries including Indonesia.

As a form of compensation, Lyto as the manager of this game in Indonesia held an event Last Party before this game service was officially closed.

In addition, the players are also given the opportunity to transfer their characters to RF Classic. The Player Reborn event on RF Classic was created to facilitate players who want to transfer their characters to RF Classic.

On his official Facebook page, Lyto writes his thanks to the players who have dedicated their time in this game.

Lyto writes:

Terima kasih Patriot RF untuk 12 tahun yang tidak terlupakan bersama RF Online Indonesia, yang telah mendedikasikan waktu, pikiran dan karya-karya kalian yang tak ternilai harganya. Tanpa kalian, perjuangan dan petualangan di Planet Novus tidak akan berarti.

4. Counter-Strike Online Indonesia

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Counter-Strike Online (CSO) Indonesia is a FPS game that has been victorious in Indonesia. Games that prioritize the ability of players in aiming and moving must be willing to close in 2019.

After nearly 8 years accompanying his fans in Indonesia, this game must be closed because of its muffled popularity.

FPS players are now more interested in playing battle royale genre games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

Megaxus as the manager of this game closes its services starting with closing the Mi-Cash transfer to Counter Strike Indonesia via

Furthermore this game was officially closed officially on August 1, 2019 at 10:00 WIB.

Megaxus provides compensation to Indonesian Counter-Strike Online players who fulfill certain conditions.

Compensation is given in the form of items in other games managed by Megaxus, namely Audition Ayodance PC, Ayodance Mobile, and Fatal Raid.

5. Dragon Nest

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As one of the most popular games in Indonesia, Dragon Nest finally had to be willing to close its service on June 3, 2019.

This game is in great demand because it carries the theme real time combat where players can move their character freely. This is something different compared to other MMORPG games.

This game is actually still quite popular in his home country in Korea and can still be played until now. There are also other servers in the SEA region that are still active today.

The lack of interest makes Gemscool as the manager of this game in Indonesia decide to close the Dragon Nest Indonesia service.

On the official site Gemscool writes:

Kami selalu berusaha membuat DragonNest menjadi game yang tepat untuk menemani para player di Indonesia. Kurangnya peminat, membuat kami dengan terpaksa memutuskan untuk mengakhiri service game DragonNest di Indonesia.

With this announcement, many players felt sad and also thanked Gemscool who had accompanied them all this time.

The final word

Well there he is, a friends of several online games that must eventually be closed in Indonesia.

Although the game originally had a lot of fans, over time, the games began to lose many players.

How are you guys, friends? Have you ever played one of the games above? And how do you feel when you know that your favorite game finally has to close its service?

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