From the days of ApkVenue Elementary School, one of the main functions of the cellphone was indeed to be a toy when the teacher was not looking, the friends.

With the technology of the 90s, of course, earlier games were not as sophisticated Mobile Legends or Call Of Duty: Mobile because it’s usually of type arcade game classic.

But make no mistake, the default Nokia game in the past until now is still fun to play anyway.

5 old-fashioned Nokia games that make you nostalgic

Even in 2019, ApkVenue’s favorite choice if you want to clear your mind is usually a classic game Minesweeper or Free Cell.

Aside from the game, which is still fun to play, ApkVenue also remembers the school days where the game was often ApkVenue’s choice if he was bored.

But on this occasion ApkVenue wants to talk about HP in the list of 5 old school Nokia games that make you nostalgic!

1. Snake

Snake 78b10

It’s impossible for ApkVenue to miss the iconic game Snake, a video game of a million people who seems to have become part of the process of maturing for all the children of the 90s.

In this game, you play as a snake in order to grow as big as possible by eating food on the screen.

The challenge is that you can’t collide with your own tail so the bigger your snake, the harder it will be to survive.

The concept of this game itself is actually born from arcade game title Blockade which came out in 1976, but only really exploded after Nokia released a Snake variant on their cellphones.

As Nokia’s flagship product, the Snake game gets a lot of sequels and finally uses three-dimensional graphics with more complex gameplay.

2. Space Impact

Space Impact A36c2

The game side scrolling shooter Space Impact is another classic game that has gameplay quite complex for HP games at that time.

In this game, you will control a spaceship to fight aliens and complete existing levels.

Honestly, despite his name Space Impact, ApkVenue always considers this game to be located at sea, a friends, because of the design of planes, enemies and bosses that are very similar to marine fauna.

When HP with capabilities GPRS out on the market, Nokia also issued a number of additional levels that can be downloaded by players, friends!

Like Snake, Space Impact also gets several sequels that are equipped with three-dimensional graphics and an additional storyline.

3. Bounce

Bounce 6d871

ApkVenue personally doesn’t like games side-scrolling platformer this one, but Bounce can still evoke a sense of nostalgia for ApkVenue.

Unlike the game platformer others like Super Mario, you could say there are no annoying enemies in this game, friends.

In this game, you play as a ball that must pass golden circle in each level while avoiding some obstacles in front of you.

But don’t worry, as the title suggests, the ball you control can jump high which allows you to avoid obstacles on each level.

For some sequels to this game, Nokia collaborates with developers Finland, Rovio, which eventually developed the popular game series Angry Birdsfriends!

4. Bumper

Bumper Ee759

This game is not as high as the other Nokia games because it is Bumper it is just a game Pinball ordinary.

In this game, you just try to score as high as possible with the help of a pair flipper which can be used to prevent the fish from falling down.

Although simple, the Bumper game on Nokia’s mobile phone has a very attractive appearance and is also very easy to play because it can be played with just two buttons, a friends.

5. Bantumi

Bantumi D7b3d

Want to play congklak but don’t have the board, friends? Maybe that’s what Nokia thought when they released the game Bantumi on their HP product.

In terms of gameplay, Bantumi is exactly the same as Congklak where you have to get more Congklak fruit from your opponents.

ApkVenue himself prefers to play bekel ball when he was young, ApkVenue rarely played this game on old Nokia cellphones.

The final word

That is, friends, a list of 5 old school Nokia games that make you nostalgic. Actually now there are many variations of the game above that you can download from Play Store or App Store.

But the sensation of playing the game above with touchscreen is very different compared to when using Nokia mobile keypad which is now only available at Nokia 3310 the new one.

Do you have a separate memory with the game above? Or do you have other old school recommendations? Share in the comments column, friends!

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