The video game industry, especially in the realm eSports is growing rapidly lately.

Including for games battle royale title PUBG Mobile present at mobile platform, like Android and iOS, friendss.

Popular with Indonesian teens, this game also saves opportunities for you to make produce coffers of money from this game.

How do you do it? Come on, see the full review that ApkVenue has reviewed in the text below.

Collection of Ways to Get Millions of Money from the PUBG Mobile Game

After success at desktop platform, game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds alias PUBG also present on mobile devices passing by the developer Tencent Games.

Released globally in March 2018, this game immediately gained popularity shifting the game togenre MOBA who first attended, such as Mobile Legends and AOV, the friends.

As gamers, apparently you can not only enjoy entertainment by playing this game. Behind it also turns out that many things you can do to get money here.

Here is a collection how to make money on PUBG Mobile that you must know.

1. Become a Jockey and Sell an Account

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If you have a lot of free time and are good enough to play this game, it doesn’t hurt to be jockey and make money from it.

Here you can help others improve rank your PUBG Mobile account. Apart from that, you can too selling accounts which is already highly ranked.

Especially if your account turns out to have a collection skin and outfit the kece, the price can be up to millions of rupiah tablets. Interesting, right?

2. Create Content and Streaming on YouTube

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While for you who don’t “jaim” if again in front of the camera and have editing skills video, options for create content and streamed on YouTube could be another option to make money.

Just so you know, PUBG Mobile is ranked 6th in the top 10 most video game shows on the platform YouTube throughout 2019 then.

Here you can build channel you and get money through YouTube’s monetization system or endorsement from sponsors who are interested in your video content, friends.

3. Join the Professional PUBG Mobile Tournament

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Indonesia has produced many outstanding achievements in the realm of PUBG Mobile eSports, such as the team Bigetron Red Aliens who won the 2019 Fall Split Global Finals tournament last year.

Not only managed to become champions, they also received a total prize of up to Rp2.5 billion tablets. Want to be like them, friends?

You really have it skill and a compact squad, of course it doesn’t hurt to entered the PUBG Mobile tournament loh.

No need to join the team eSports grew up in Indonesia, even you can form your own squad and participate in many tournaments.

World Games League 2020 26d1e

For example, like World Games League 2020 held by Telkomsel through World Games, which has entered its second season and competed in the PUBG Mobile game.

As one league eSports the largest in Indonesia, the World Games League 2020 also fought over the total prize Rp1.6 billion.

World Games League 2020 also opens four categories, namely Amateur Qualifications, Campus Qualifications, Pro Qualifications, and Online Qualifications.

Amateur Qualifications will be followed by amateur PUBG Mobile teams from 120 cities in Indonesia. For college kids, there are also Campus Qualifications which was held in 64 campuses throughout Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Pro Qualifications will invite 16 teams eSports best and Online Qualification will be held in a manner on line by competing more than 1000 teams.

Well, later a total of 20 teams from all qualifications will face each other in the round grand final.

Interested in World League League 2020? Here’s How To Register!

Have a dream of your PUBG Mobile squad succeeding in becoming the champion of the World Games League 2020 and being the best in Indonesia?

You can immediately register for Amateur Qualifications, Campus, and Online through the official website of the World Games League 2020 on

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