Maybe what crossed your mind when talking about Steam certainly a game shopping platform.

It’s true, Steam is like the Play Store on Android which also has a lot of free games or Free to Play.

The difference with Google Play Store, Free to Play games on Steam is less prominent than paid games.

But actually there are many, you know, Steam free games that have cool quality like paid games. Some of them even have better quality.

Curious? So, let’s check it out!

The Best Collection of Free to Play Games on the 2019 Steam Platform

1. DOTA 2

Who does not know this game? This free Steam game is not only king in the game MOBA, but also all games in the world.

Even DOTA 2 is the most prestigious game in the championship eSports world. Even so great and popular this game, DOTA 2 can be downloaded for free on Steam.

This is what makes this one game never loses its fans.

Dota 2 97439
Dota 2
Strategy Valve

2. Team Fortress 2

Rise from the grave. Yes, you could say that, because of the popularity that had muffled, this free Steam game managed to regain its popularity.

Team Fortress 2 with this FPS mode different from other games that use a similar mode. You are not only required to use firearms, but also to use other weapons that vary accordingly class.

The fun of this game, you really can count on skill you. So, even if you buy a weapon cash contained in the game, not necessarily you can be the best because all the weapons are made balanced.

Team Fortress 2 28252
Team Fortress 2

3. Paladins

Curious what if the FPS game is combined with MOBA elements that rely on the skills possessed by each role? Paladins the answer!

Together with Team Fortress 2, here you not only use a shotgun as a weapon, besides that your character also has skill which you can use in the game.

The interesting thing is Custom Card, where you can customize skill your character by combining several cards that you can get in the game.

4. Unturned

Never imagined a game Survival Horror themed zombie combined with graphic style Minecraft? Unturned is the answer.

You will be required to survive as long as possible from the attack zombie, thirst and hunger.

Although horror, the graphics are carried ala Minecraft, instead it makes this free Android game interesting and not scary.

In this game you also have to go through housing to the forest to search the item what you need.

5. Warframe

Ninja adventure in space. It’s a bit disconnected, but believe me, the free Steam game Warframe this will make you addicted.

You will play the role of an astronaut ninja who fights and eliminates Grineers, races humanoid who has military capabilities.

With fashion TPS, you will shoot, slash and kick the enemies. Then don’t forget that you are a ninja, where you can do wall run, power slide, roll and also stealth attack.

Warframe Icon
Adventure Digital Extremes

6. War Thunder

If you like Steam free games like Flight Simulator, of course you will really like this one game.

Set in World War 2, you will play the role of an air force that fights using classic jet airplanes in the style of World War 2.

You will maneuver, shoot, and even collide between planes.

Not only firing enemy aircraft, at War Thunder You also have to shoot at enemies in the land and sea like a real world war.


Back with genre MOBA, if in DOTA 2 You are struggling in a battle between-hero, in the game SMITE, you will feel the battle between gods.

The gods that you use here are very diverse and come from mythologies all over the world.

If DOTA 2 takes the viewpoint from above, at SMITE You will feel like playing a TPS game because the angle is flat.

8. Clicker Heroes

If you say the FPS game is a mouse destroyer game, try this one game. Clicker Heroes, a game similar to Tap Titans on Android.

Yes, it’s true your job should only beclick monsters that appear continuously and see how far you are able to use your finger muscles.

Every time you defeat a monster, you will move around, of course in every area there is a boss that you must defeat with a certain time limit.

You can also recruit additional characters to help you attack monsters.

9. Heroes & Generals

If War Thunder only uses planes to fight, in this free Steam game you can walk, drive a car, ride a tank, fly an airplane, and also ride a bicycle.

Heroes & Generals, is a FPS game set in World War II. Here you can choose to be one of the 3 factions available, there are Russia, America and Germany.

In this game you will really feel the tension of being one of the warriors on the battlefield.

You are required to work hand in hand to fight for your fax victory with other players.

10. Brawlhalla

Have you ever played Digimon Rumble Arena or Super Smash Bros? If so, you will be familiar with this one game.

Brawlhalla is a game with a theme fighting which carries 2D graphics. Here you will play many characters available with various weapons.

You also not only fight with weapons, but you can also set a trap and throw materials such as bombs. In this game you can fight as a team from 2 to 4 players.

Brawlhalla B1c48

Best Free to Play Games on Other Steam …

11. Shadowverse

From genre Card Battle, there is an artificial game the developer from Japan, Cygames.Inc, that is Shadowverse.

This free Steam game originating from the Land of Sakura carries a fantasy theme with anime characters but this time it is combined with a Heartstone-style card game.

Here you will arrange deck with cards that fit the strategy you want. This game is increasingly interesting and adds to the passion in playing because it is wrapped with subtle and luxurious graphics.

12. Trove

Not only genre games Survival Horror which uses Minecraft-style graphics, there is also a genre game MMO.

Because the games with graphics like Minecraft are easily quite liked by gamers.

Even so, the advantages of the game Trove not from cubic graphics, but due to the absence of elements Pay to win, which makes this game get its own place in the hearts of gamers.

Because it’s usually a game MMO labeled ugly with an image that is always impressed “There is money and goods”.

Trove Icon
RPG Trion World

13. Warface

Free to Play game by presenting a capable visualization using CryEngine 3? Of course there is, that is Warface, made game the developer Crytek which brings fashion FPS online.

This game will spoil you fans of shooting games with captivating graphics and realistic effects.

You also carry out various missions multiplayer competitive and cooperative. And one more thing to remember, this game is free.

14. Tiger Knight

The game MMO This one carries a colossal theme with fashion Tactical Combat. You will fight with several Cavalry or cavalry which over time there will be an increase in the number of troops.

Your goal here is not only to win the battle, but you must set a strategy and meet certain requirements to occupy an area.

Certainly not as usual, you will take longer to complete this game, it even takes 30 minutes to complete.

However, that is what makes this free Steam PC game even more exciting, let alone fighting using horses.

15. Robocraft

Next is the game Robocraft which is included in the game Creative Building and Vehicle Shooter.

The players are required to assemble and design their respective combat engines, which will later be used against other players.

Later, you will also make a variety of functional vehicles in the garage owned by each player. Uniquely, the robots and vehicles that you build are made of cubes like toys LEGO.

The effect of the destruction is quite interesting because later the cubes will be released if fired on.

16. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Good news for you fans of FPS games, friends. Because, one of the most popular FPS games in the world is now finally free on Steam.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now you can enjoy it for free. It’s just that there is a paid version which certainly has more content.

For those of you who have already bought this game, your version of the game will be automatically upgraded to CS: GO Prime which certainly has more advantages.

Counter Strike 95328 Global Offensive
Counter Strike: Global Offensive

17. Destiny 2

In addition to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are also other games that were originally paid but can now be enjoyed for free on Steam.

Destiny 2 is an FPS game that you can play as a game co-op, singleplayer, or multiplayer. This one graphics game is really good, you know!

You have to complete difficult missions in the game. You also have to choose a class that matches your playing style.

Destiny 2 08538
Destiny 2

18. Crusader Kings II

Playing action and shooting games doesn’t interest you? Take it easy, if you like games that require you to think and strategize, you must play Crusader Kings II.

Games that have settings in the Middle Ages have very similar gameplay to strategy games Civilization and Total War.

You must face all kings or form alliances with other kingdoms to unite them under the kingdom that you control.

19. DCS World Steam Edition

Want to feel tension when controlling a fighter? No need to go far away to join a military pilot school, friends.

You can really try a free game on Steam named DCS World Steam Edition, friends With graphics and realistic gameplay, you are guaranteed to be addicted.

You will also learn about war strategy in the air which turns out not only from shooting and bombing, you know.

20. World of Warships

The last best free Steam PC game is World of Warships. Unlike the previous game, this time you will fight using a battleship.

You will feel the experience of fighting in the high seas which has a slow but still tense phase. Supported with cool graphics and sound, guaranteed you will like it.

You can fight one on one with your enemy. To win, you need the best strategy and know your opponent’s weak points.

The final word

It turns out that many free PC games on Steam are fun and are not inferior to paid games.

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