Learning to drive a car now can not only be done in the course or on the road around where you live, you know.

Currently, there are many types of simulator games available for you who want to learn to drive a car or just have fun calling on a smartphone.

If you are curious, just check the following article to find recommendations 15 of the best car simulator games that you must try

The Best Car Simulator Game on Android

If you want something practical, ApkVenue has recommendations on several car simulator games that you can play on your Android smartphone.

Although only on Android, but the gameplay and quality that is owned is not inferior to games on PC, you know.

1. Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of the best car simulator games because it is supported with features implemented in it.

Even if you want to try driving a sports car simulation, you can try this one game.

This game provides several superior features including driving in general, flying, to feel like a real car race.

Advantages Deficiency
Various attractive superior features Sometimes still there a bug
Choice of many types of cars Without an update periodically

>>> Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator through the following link <<<

2. Sport Car Simulator 3D

Sport Car Simulator 3D is a game intentionally made to bring you driving using realistic 3D cars on an Android device.

You can use a vehicle simulation that is supported by nine different types of vehicles, a 3D shaped car body, and a professional car control system.

This game has a mechanism that is quite realistic, you know. You can even drift in this game.

Advantages Deficiency
The choice of sports cars is diverse Quite heavy for a middle class smartphone
Control system like original Difficult for beginners to control

>>> Download the Sport Car Simulator 3D through the following link <<<

3. Car Driving Simulator: SF

Car Driving Simulator: SF (San Francisco) suitable for you who want to experience driving a fast car on the streets of San Francisco.

You can drive with the sports car you want. The features offered by this game provide a real driving experience.

Cars that are almost like the original, different and challenging racing areas, and many other features that can be found.

Advantages Deficiency
Various features available Monotonous city lane
SF city atmosphere like the original Car choices are few

>>> Download Car Driving Simulator: SF through the following link <<<

4. Car Drift Simulator: 2019

Drift Simulator gives you 2 gameplay at once, namely as a car simulator game and a car racing game.

This game gives you freedom to take part in races and drift as you wish.

This game is guaranteed to be very suitable to be played by car racing lovers, as well as those who are happy with the action-drift like you normally see in a car race movie.

Advantages Deficiency
Gameplay interesting Size large enough
The choice of race cars is diverse Racing mode is not like a real racing game

>>> Download Car Drift Simulator: 2019 through the following link <<<

5. Euro Truck Evolution

The next game is Euro Truck Evolution. This game invites you to feel the experience of driving a truck on various terrains and lanes.

You don’t need to pay a lot to buy a truck and try to drive it.

Enough with this game, you can already feel how exciting it is to drive a truck. Of course this game is more challenging because the vehicle is bigger.

Advantages Deficiency
Real truck driving experience Standard graphics quality
Wide choice of trucks and lanes Sometimes still there a bug

>>> Download Euro Truck Evolution via the following link <<<

6. IDBS Bus Simulator

In addition to trucks, now it’s the turn of buses to be the object of transportation for you to try to drive using Android. IDBS Bus Simulator arguably the most appropriate choice.

This game will invite you to adventure by driving a bus for various needs such as tourism or taking passengers in busy urban lanes.

In this game, you can also add mod buses from Indonesia, so that it will be more fun to play!

Advantages Deficiency
The sensation of driving a real bus The choice of buses is less diverse
Various bus driver missions Including large-sized games
Idbsstudio Bussimulator Icon logo
IDBS Bus Simulator
Simulation IDBS Studio

7. Dr. To drive

Dr. To drive giving the sensation of driving a car that is almost real. With this game, you will be challenged to get a driver’s license alias.

This game has several tests with each difficulty level that you can play.

There are tests to park a car with a specified time limit, driving a car with limited speed, tests to overtake other vehicles, and much more.

Advantages Deficiency
Challenge to get a SIM Car options are less diverse
Gameplay interesting No race mode
Dr. Driving Icon Icon
Dr. To drive
Simulation SUD inc

8. Driving School 2017

As the name implies, Driving School 2017 is a game that feels as if you were driving school.

Not just an ordinary car, this game will also challenge you to drive other vehicles, such as buses or trucks.

There are many levels that you can complete. Each level has different scenarios and challenges, of course.

>>> Download Driving School 2017 through the following link <<<

Advantages Deficiency
Has a variety of stages and car choices There are a few bugs in the gameplay
Multiplayer mode

The Best Car Simulator Game on PC

In addition to Android smartphones, you who still spend more time in front of a PC or laptop can also feel the same driving experience.

Here are the 5 best car simulator games for ApkVenue that you can play on PC or laptop.

1. City Car Driving

If you want to learn to drive a car casually while enjoying the view of tall buildings in urban areas, you can try this game, friends.

City Car Driving is a car simulator game that invites you to get around the city while driving a car.

Although it is quite old school, but the gameplay of this one game is still quite fun for you to play. You can also play this game with a VR headset, you know.

Advantages Deficiency
Realistic Gameplay Old school game
The game is quite light Standard graphics

>>> Download City Car Driving through the following link <<<

2. Assetto Corsa

Want to try to drive world famous sports cars realistically? try it Corsa AssettoGeez!

This game has really stupid graphics. So good, you will feel very satisfied when playing this one car simulator game.

This game has physics which is quite realistic. In addition, there are many brand cars that work with this one game.

Advantages Deficiency
Realistic car physics The game is quite heavy
Licensed car

>>> Download Assetto Corsa via the following link <<<

3. Forza Horizon 4

When talking about the most perfect game made by Microsoft, almost everyone will answer Forza Horizon 4.

How come? This one game has really crazy graphics, it can even be said to be almost the same as the original.

Not just graphics, this one game gameplay is also very realistic, you know. Cool again, this game has elements open-world which is certainly very exciting.

Advantages Deficiency
Graphics like original Very heavy game
Supports VR gear The price is expensive

>>> Download Forza Horizon 4 via the following link <<<

4. Euro Truck Simulator 2

Tired of driving a race car? Don’t worry, friends You can try driving a big truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Driving a big truck is very difficult, you know, friends. Especially when you carry a load. You can’t damage your luggage.

In this one game, you will be invited to drive across cities and countries in Europe that look real.

Advantages Deficiency
Realistic Gameplay Gameplay is quite difficult
Lots of DLC

>>> Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 via the following link <<<

5. Dirt Rally 2.0

Want to feel how to drive a rally car and speeding like Ken Block? Try it, game Dirt Rally 2.0!

Driving on smooth roads is very common, friends. This game will give you a challenge to drive on unusual roads.

This game also has very realistic controls. If you are good at playing this game, you are also guaranteed to really drive, really!

Advantages Deficiency
Realistic Gameplay Microtransaction
Original Circuit

>>> Download Dirt Rally 2.0 via the following link <<<

The final word

That is ApkVenue’s recommendation regarding 13 of the best car simulator games which you can play on Android and PC devices in 2019.

Which one do you want to try the most? Or do you have other car simulator recommendations that are not less cool? Don’t forget to say in the comments column, ok?

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