As one of the most popular MOBA mobile games in Indonesia, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang always do an update in the ranks of heroes.

Also don’t miss the number of new Mobile Legends heroes who have skill terrible and powerful used in the game.

For those of you who are curious, ApkVenue has given us a complete list the latest Mobile Legends hero 2019. Let’s see, friends!

Latest Mobile Legends Hero Collection: Bang Bang (Update 2019)

On this list of new Mobile Legends heroes, ApkVenue will discuss the heroes that have appeared on a global server and you can play, friends.

Oh yes, as you know, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game developed by Moonton isgenre Online Multiplayer Battle Arena (MOBA), like Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Mobile Legends also has 6 role heroes, viz Assassin, Tank, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, and Support which certainly has their respective functions and advantages.

So, don’t just discuss Mobile Legends’ new heroes! ApkVenue will also discuss the review skill from each hero who can help you in the game.

Getting more curious, right? Let’s just look at it below!

1. Wanwan

Latest Mobile Legends of Wanwan 30730

First there Wanwan, the Marksman hero who complements Oriental Fighters Mobile Legends, follows Zilong, Baxia, and Ling, which are released first.

Wanwan who has the nickname of the White Tiger from the West has a pretty cute appearance. However, make no mistake about the agility with long range attacks armed crossbow he has, a friends.

Despite having quite difficult controls, there are certainly tips for using Wanwan Mobile Legends in games where it’s fast enough to kill Tank heroes.

For review skill Wanwan in full, you can see in the table below the friends.

Skill Type Explanation of Wanwan Skill
Wanwan Passive Skill 6bfb0
Tiger Pace (Passive): Wanwan revealed the Weakness and position of the opposing heroes that were subjected to senjatana. He deals 2.5% true damage equal to the target’s maximum HP when it hits their Weakness. If he hits the entire Weakness target, he will increase the damage dealt to the target by 30% for 6 seconds. A woman can move within a short distance when she throws a Sleeve Dart. The speed of this movement scales with attack speed.
Skill 1 Wanwan E1437
Swallow’s Path (Skill 1): Wanwan throws Fire Swallow in the designated direction, dealing 100 (+ 40% Total Physical ATK) physical damage to the opponent along its path and triggering Tiger Pace. For every few seconds, Wanwan recovers Swallow Dagger from Fire Swallow, dealing 60 (+ 85% Total Physical ATK) physical damage to enemies in their path and causing a slow effect to them by 30% for 1.5 seconds. Opponents who are hit by the Swallow Dagger attack twice will be stunned for 0.5 seconds.
Skill 2 Wanwan 64a50
Needles in Flowers (Skill 2): Wanwan immediately removes all crowd control from him, inflicts Tiger Pace and releases Deadly Needle to nearby enemies, dealing 150 (+ 60% Total Physical ATK) physical damage.
The Ultimate Wanwan 9681d skill
Crossbow of Tang (Ultimate): Wanwan activates his crossbow and shoots arrows at opponents for 2.5 seconds. Each arrow deals 60 (+ 65% of Total Physical ATK) physical damage. When Crossbow is activated, if Wanwan eliminates the opponent’s hero, he will switch to attacking other targets, activate his Crossbow for an additional 1 second, and increase his attack speed by 40% (maximum 3 times). When Wanwan retrieves his Crossbow or eliminates the opponent’s hero, a Tiger Pace will be generated. Crossbow of Tang can only be used with opponents for which all Weakness is charged. Firing from Crossbow of Tang will be considered a basic attack. And the number of arrows he fired scaled with his attack speed.

2. Ling

Ling Mobile's newest Hero Legends 78687

Still one squad with Wanwan, Ling an Assassin hero who has an elegant appearance like Gusion and Lancelot, a friends.

Ling nicknamed the Blue Kutilang from the South is armed with a blue sword, which has a lethal attack with a fairly unique ability.

One of the tips on using Ling Heroes is his ability to jump from wall to wall, so that it’s easier to avoid friends enemy.

Even so, of course you will not be able to easily control the ranks skill Ling heroes as follows.

Skill Type Explanation of Skill Ling
Passive Ling Dacab Skill
Cloud Walker (Passive): The extraordinary Lightness Ling skill helped him jump between walls. When he is above the wall, Ling recovers 2 additional Lightness Points per second. Every time Ling deals damage to an opponent, he recovers 5 Additional Lightness Points. Skill Lightness Ling gives 20% critical chance, but reduces its critical damage by 40%.
Skill 1 Ling 58121
Finch Poice (Skill 1): Ling issues the Lightness skill, jumps towards the specified wall, enters the camouflage state and recovers the Lightness Point faster. When Ling receives damage, he will come out of the camouflage state. If he gets crowd control, he will fall to the ground. When using this skill to jump from one wall to another, the cooldown of this skill will refresh and also refresh the camouflage state. Increase critical chance permanently by 5%.
Skill 2 Ling E9914
Defiant Sword (Skill 2): Ling charges the specified direction and stabs the closest opponent in his destination, dealing 135 (+ 65% Total Physical ATK) damage. If Ling releases this skill while on the wall, he will dash to a designated spot on the ground, dealing 135 (+ 65% Total Physical ATK) damage to opponents in a small area and causing a slow effect on them by 30% for 1, 5 seconds. If this attack deals critical damage, opponents in that area will be affected by an additional slow effect of 45% for 0.75 seconds. Defian Sword can trigger an attack effect as a basic attack and can recover 25 HP for Ling each time it hits an opponent.
Ultimate Ling Skill 017c4
Tempest of Blades (Ultimate): Ling jumps and uses his incredible sword skills for 1.5 seconds, where he becomes invicible and can move freely, dealing 250 (+ 125% Total Physical ATK) damage to opponents inside the area of ​​effect, causing a knock up effect to an opponent who is in the middle of the area for 1 second, and creates a Sword Field that lasts for 5 seconds. At the end of the Sword Field, there will be 4 Field Eyes Tempest of Blades. By touching Field Eyes, Ling can reset the Defiant Sword cooldown and recover 5 Lightness Points.

3. Baxia

Baxia 64ccd's Latest Mobile Legends

The next Oriental Fighters are there Baxia who has the nickname of the Black Tortoise from the North role Tank, friends.

Have any skill who looks like Johnson, Baxia can spin around like a top and do roaming to various parts folder without having to fear being crushed when crashing into a wall, you know.

This one Mobile Hero Legends specializes Initiator / Crowd Control so it is suitable for opening team fight.

All the advantages regarding skill Baxia Mobile Legends already reviewed ApkVenue as below huh!

Skill Type Explanation of Baxia Skill
Baxia Passive Skill 4b821
Baxia Mark (Passive): Baxia permanently activates Baxia Mark, reducing the final damage received by 28-56 (the amount increases with the hero level). At the same time, Baxia will reduce the regeneration effect of opponents who hit their skills by 30% for 4 seconds.
Skill 1 Baxia 7403c
Baxia-Shield Unity (Skill 1): Baxia pulled into her shield and drove forward. When hitting an opponent’s unit, he will give 280 (+ 55% Total Magic Power) magic damage to the opponent’s unit and nearby opponents, causing a stun effect to the target for 0.5 seconds and slightly causing a knockback effect to the other closest opponent. During the process of moving forward, use this skill again to throw Baxia up so that he can overcome obstacles and minions of the opponent. When jumping, if there is an enemy hero under Baxia, he will attack this hero, dealing 380 (+ 75% Total Magic Power) magic damage to the hero and nearby enemies, causing a stun effect on targets that hit him for 1 seconds, and slightly causes a knockback effect on other heroes who are near the opponent’s target.
Skill 2 Baxia 89552
Shield of Spirit (Skill 2): Baxia throws her Shield forward (the Shield will disappear when it hits an enemy hero or creep), dealing magic damage to the target and minion of the opponent, which is equivalent to 125 (+ 120% Total Magic Power) + 5% of maximum HP them, leaving the mark for 5 seconds and causing a slow effect of 50% for 1 second. This skill can be used in a short time. If the Shield hits an opponent who has a mark, the cooldown will be reduced by 85%.
Ultimate Baxia Ea8ad skill
Tortoise’s Puissance (Ultimate): Baxia takes out the Frontal Shield and dashes forward, increasing his movement speed by 30% for 10 seconds, at the same time, he makes a Lava path along the way, dealing 60 (+ 30% Total Magic Power) magic damage to opponents be in that path every 0.5 seconds. When dashing forward, the damage reduction effect given by Baxia Mark will increase by 75%.

Other New Hero Mobile Legends …

4. Masha

Masha 25adf's Latest Mobile Legends Hero

Not Marsha and the Bear! But Masha, Fighter Mobile Legends hero who has a very female stature with a weapon that is indeed like a bear.

In the story, Masha is known as a person who came from the snowy north end named Nost Gal and was also a cage of hunters there.

The greatness of this Fighter hero is it’s got bar HP up to three layers, so it will be feared by the enemy if combined with damage that hurts, friends.

Here are some skill Masha Mobile Legends that you can master in the match.

Skill Type Explanation of Masha’s Skill
Masha's Passive Skill 927cf
Ancient Strength (Passive): Masha gets Ancient Strength from Bear King and has 3 HP bars. Every time he loses 1 HP bar, he can block damage once. He will die after his last HP bar. Every time Masha loses 1% HP, her attack speed will increase by 1.2% (based on the total HP of 3 HP bars). Masha will get 10% physical lifesteal when he loses his first HP Bar. His physical lifesteal will increase by 20% and he will reduce by 60% the CC time he receives when he loses his second HP bar.
Skill 1 Masha 0f4f9
Wild Power (Skill 1): Masha awakens his Wild Power, increases his movement speed by 30% and deals physical damage equivalent to 2.5% Max HP target with basic attack. If the target is a creep, deal 245 additional damage. For every 1 second, he will lose 0.8% of his current Max HP when his Wild Power is raised (based on the total HP of 3 HP bars).
Skill 2 Masha 1db3b
Howl Shock (Skill 2): Masha roared forward and released Energy Shock to the target, dealing 200 (+ 100% Total Physical ATK) physical damage and causing a slow effect to them by 40%. Lasts for 1 second. If he hits an opposing hero, he can cause a disarm effect to the hit hero for 2 seconds. Taking weapons directly can end the disarm effect.
Masha Ultimate Skill 51933
Thunder Clap (Ultimate): Masha released a strong Charge after reducing 30% of her current HP. When he approaches the target, he will release Thunderclap, dealing physical damage equivalent to 15% (+ 100% Total Physical ATK) from his Max HP and causing a slow effect on them by 90%. Lasts for 0.5 seconds.
Masha's Special Skill B2426
Life Recovery (Special): Masha uses all of her Energy, recovering HP equal to 1 bar HP. When you have all three HP bars, using this skill will restore all HP. This skill is not available in combat mode. When using this skill, Masha will become invincible.

5. X.Borg

Xborg 0761f's Latest Mobile Legends Hero

Who would have thought that the latest Mobile Legends hero would be named X.Borg this will be a subscription pick at the M1 Mobile Legends 2019 some time ago?

X.Borg is a Fighter hero with a form cyborg which is capable of spraying fire and explosion on the surrounding enemies.

Skill that X.Borg has allows you to do it too spamming so it can be troublesome to enemy heroes when combined with damage the big one.

Many tips and tricks for playing X.Borg, so you must master skillsas follows.

Skill Type Explanation of Skill X.Borg
Xborg Passive Skill 65642
Firaga Armor (Passive): Firaga Armor X.Borg inherits from the maximum HP X.Borg and receives all damage received by X.Borg while active. Third Armor Firaga runs out of HP, X.Borg will spin to the left joystick to release himself from Firor Armor. X.Borg will not take any damage in this duration. Then he continued to recover energy in Armorless Mode. When the energy is full, X.Borg will re-use Firaga Armor and restore Firaga Armor’s HP to 30% of the maximum HP X.Borg. Fire Damage X. Borg causes heat effects on opponents, and opponents with the highest temperature will leave Firaga Supply when they are hit by Flame Damage. Take Supply and restore Firaga Armor, or recover energy when in Armorless Mode.
Skill 1 Xborg 22ea2
Fire Missiles (Skill 1): X.Borg activates the Flamethrower and shoots it in the specified direction, dealing 40 (+ 50% Total Physical ATK) physical damage for 2 seconds. Opponents whose temperature rises to the limit will receive true damage and a slow effect of 20%. In Armorless Mode, X.Borg adjusts Flamethrower to narrow the firing angle and extend the shooting range, reducing damage to 60% from the original in Armor Mode.
Skill 2 Xborg 051ee
Fire Stake (Skill 2): X.Borg shoots 6 Fire Stakes on the edge in a fan-shaped indicator. 1.7 seconds later, Fire Stake will be taken back into his body. Each Fire Stake will deal 50 (+ 20% Total Physical ATK) physical damage to an opponent who is in his lane and retract it. If Fire Stake hits Firaga Supply in its tracks. Fire Stake will also bring Firaga Supply back. In Armorless Mode, X.Borg adjusts Fire Stake Launcher to send Stake even further and shorten the distance between Fire Stake.
Ultimate Xborg B4a01 skill
Last Insanity (Ultimate): X.Borg charges forward in the specified direction, firing fire around to deal 200 (+ 100% Extra Physical ATK) physical damage and causing a slow effect to the opponent by 25%. If he hits an opposing hero during the charge, he will stop charging and cause a slow effect to the target which is added by 40%. The whole process lasts for 3 seconds. Then he blew himself up to deal 400 and 15% true damage from the maximum target HP. The explosion destroys the current Armor Firaga and deals 50% damage and puts itself in Armorless Mode, where this skill cannot be used. He can move again in the direction of the joystick after he blew himself up.

6. Lylia

Latest Hero Mobile Legends Lylia 40274

Next there is the Mage Mobile Legends hero named Lylia. The appearance of this little girl definitely reminds you of Nana and Chang’e, right?

Lylia is known as a hero who is skilled in making traps and producing damage big enough.

So do not be surprised if Lylia is often used as a hero damage dealer to finish off the armed enemies skills as follows.

Skill Type Lylia Skill Explanation
Lylia Passive Skill 3da85
Angry Gloom (Passive): Lylia gets strength from Gloom, increasing her movement speed by 15%. Every time Gloom increases a level, he will increase the additional movement speed by 5%. Gloom will increase its level by devouring Shadow Energy. Up to 5. The higher the level, the more damage he gives.
Skill 1 Lylia 334d4
Magic Shockwave (Skill 1): Lylia releases an Attack Wave to the front, dealing 250 (+ 100% Total Magic Power) magic damage to opponents in their path and causing a slow effect to them by 40%. Lasts for 1.5 seconds. Gloom will ride Magic Shockwave. If Gloom touches Shadow Energy, he will devour it and blow up his energy instantly.
Skill 2 Lylia 61081
Shadow Energy (Skill 2): Lylia concentrates Shadow Energy to a predetermined area, dealing 100 (+ 50% Total Magic Power) magic damage to nearby enemies and causing a slow effect on them by 80%. After Gloom devours Shadow Energy, it will blow up energy and give 250 (+ 100% Total Magic Power) of magic damage to nearby enemies. Every time Gloom upgrades itself, the damage given by Shadow Energy will increase by 30%. Up to 120%. Lylia was born to have the ability to use Shadow Energy.
Ultimate Lylia Dd6c5 skill
Black Shoes (Ultimate): Lylia immediately returned to the position where the Black Shoe was 4 seconds ago and gained maximum Stack to use Shadow Energy, regenerating 10% of Max HP and increasing its Movement Speed ​​by 20%. Lasts for 2 seconds.

7. Dyrroth

Latest Hero Mobile Legends Dyrroth C03cc

Then there Dyrroth which is dubbed the “Prince of the Abyss” which means it still comes from the same class as Alice, Selena, and Thamuz.

This Hero Fighter Mobile Legends has a deadly attack that can reduce armor enemy.

Ultimate skill it also has a wide attack area with damage big on dying enemies.

Even so, Dyrroth was fairly weak. So you must know first skills Dyrroth as follows.

Skill Type Explanation of the Dyrroth Skill
Passive Dyrroth C53a0 skill
Wrath of the Abyss (Passive): When Rage Dyrroth reaches 50%, he will increase the Burst Strike and Specter Step. After doing 2 basic attacks, Dyrroth will release Circle Strike, dealing (+ 140% Total Physical ATK) physical damage to opponents in the circle area and regenerating HP according to the damage he has done (Circle Strike has no ATK effect). Every time he hits an enemy hero, the cooldown of the Burst Strike and Specter Step will decrease by 1 second.
Skill 1 Dyrroth 8ae9b
Burst Strike (Skill 1): Dyrroth releases the Burst Strike in the specified direction, dealing 200 (+ 60% Total Physical ATK) physical damage to the enemies it passes through and causing a slow effect on them by 25%. Last for 1.5 seconds (damage will decrease with the same target). In Abyss Enhanced mode, Burst Strike has more distance, deals 140% of the original damage and doubles the slow effect.
Skill 2 Dyrroth 58f18
Specter Step (Skill 2): Dyrroth ran in the direction determined. He will stop when hitting the target, dealing 230 (+ 60% Extra Physical ATK) physical damage to the opponent. When he uses this skill again, he will lock the target and release Fatal Strike, dealing 345 (+120 Extra Physical ATK) from physical damage and reducing the target’s physical defense by 50%. Lasts for 4 seconds. In Abyss Enhanced mode, Fatal Strike will do 150% of the original damage, causing an additional slow effect to the target by 90% and reducing the target’s 75% physical defense. Lasts for 4 seconds.
Dyrroth 70193 Ultimate Skill
Abysm Strike (Ultimate): Dyrroth quickly charges and releases a Fatal Strike, dealing physical damage equivalent to 650 (+250 Extra Physical ATK) + 20% of the opponent’s HP that has been lost to the opponent it passes by causing a slow effect to them by 55%. Lasts for 0.8 seconds ..

8. Terizla

New Hero Mobile Legends Terizla 34396

Then there Terizla who is a Fighter Mobile Legends hero with a fierce appearance armed with a giant ax held in both hands.

Terizla is told as a former blacksmith chief who was later betrayed and overwhelmed by anger. Getting strength from Abyssal Witch, Terizla returned his revenge.

This new Hero of Mobile Legends has specialty Damage / Burst which produce physical damage the big one. However, one of its weaknesses is its slow movements and attacks.

For review skill Terizla Mobile Legends, let’s look at the table below.

Skill Type Explanation of Terizla Skill
Passive Skill Terizla 6116a
Body Smith (Passive): Every 2% of Terizla HP that has been lost will be converted into 1% Damage Reduction (maximum up to 40%). Terizla Attack Speed ​​cannot be increased. Every 1% additional Attack Speed ​​will be changed to 1 Physical Attack.
Skill 1 Terizla 1aab5
Revenge Strike (Skill 1): Terizla will divide the ground by using the hammer and the ground crack will spread, dealing 300/330/360/390/420/450 Physical Damage. After cracking on the first target, the crack will drill the targets and cause a slow effect on them by 40% / 40% / 40% / 40% / 40% / 40%. At the same time, Terizla Movement Speed ​​will increase by 25% / 28% / 31% / 34% / 37% / 40%. Lasts for 3/3/3/3/3/3 seconds. Cracks on the target will explode, dealing 300/330/360/390/420/450 and 10% / 10% / 10% / 10% / 10% / 10% Physical Damage from lost opponent’s HP.
Skill 2 Terizla Ec356
Execution Strike (Skill 2): Terizla swings the hammer in the area and releases its energy 3/3/3/3/3/3 times continuously (move the joystick to change the position of the hammer swing). Terizla’s first two swings will deal 180/210/240/270/300/330 Physical Damage to the opponent. The third time will deal 225/270/315/360/405/450 Physical Damage to enemies and give them a Slow effect of 20% / 20% / 20% / 20% / 20% / 20%. This Slow effect can be stacked. Lasts for 1.5 / 1.5 / 1.5 / 1.5 / 1.5 / 1.5 seconds.
Skill 3 Terizla E1c06
Penalty Zone (Ultimate): Terizla jumps to the designated area to hit the ground, causing 300/400/500 Physical Damage and causing an 80% / 80% / 80% slow effect on your opponent. Meanwhile, he summons Scaffold, who will reach Hook to the opponent and pull the target several times, dealing 150/200/250 Physical Damage each time.

9. Faramis

New Hero Mobile Legends Faramis 2c3c9

Who said the Support hero should be cute? Faramis which has role Mage / Support this is also known as the Necromancer who has the ability to resurrect the dead.

Mobile Legends Support Hero that has specialty Initiator / Crowd Control it is told as a powerful wizard who survived the collapse of Moniyan castle into the hands of the Abyss.

After understanding forbidden magic, Faramis returned revenge with his terrible strength, especially when opening team fight in the game.

Intrigued by skill Faramis Mobile Legends? Listen first!

Skill Type Explanation of Faramis Skill
Passive Faramis Ad42d Skill
Vicious Retrieval: When the Unit dies near Faramis, they will leave their Soul in place. By taking the Soul, Faramis will regenerate its HP by 150. Each Soul will shorten the Faramis Respawn time by 5% ~ 7% (Up to 90% and scale with Level).
Skill 1 Faramis Dfa9c
Shadow Stampede (Skill 1): Faramis enters Shadow Mode, increasing Movement Speed ​​by 70% / 70% / 70% / 70% / 70% / 70% and 50/60/70/80/90/100 Physical and Magic Defense for 3/3/3/3 3/3 seconds. Faramis leaves Mark of Shadow to the opposing hero who comes in contact with him and deals 325/370/415/460/505/550 Magic Damage. When he exits Shadow Mode, all enemy heroes who have the mark will be drawn to Faramis and receive 325/370/415/460/505/550 Magic Damage. Meanwhile, he restored 160/200/240/280/320/360 HP.
Skill 2 Faramis E078a
Ghost Bursters (Skill 2): Faramis gathered the Evil Spirits inside the fan-shaped area in front of him. Evil Spirit deals 330/366/402/438/474/510 Magic Damage, then Evil Spirit will be divided to deal 275/305/335/365/395/425 additional Magic Damage. (Can be divided 3 times on opposing heroes and 1 time on non-hero units).
Skill 3 Faramis D38e6
Cult Altar (Ultimate): Faramis summons an altar that will last for 10/10 seconds. One team hero eliminated in this altar will immediately be resurrected, get 80% / 90% / 100% HP and 100% / 100% / 100% Attack. The hero can get back up to 10/10/10 seconds.

10. Granger

New Hero Mobile Legends Granger 1e4ad

Then there Granger, hero Marksman Mobile Legends who is a demon hunter and has the appearance of a street musician with a violin-shaped rifle.

Compared to other Marksman, many ML-ers mentioned that Granger has a fairly high mobility with damage fairly large, you know.

It’s no surprise that Granger is oftenbanned, both when playing in Classic or Ranking mode, friends.

For review skill Granger in full, see the explanation below, yes!

Skill Type Explanation of Granger Skills
Passive Granger F231f Skill
Caprice (Passive): Granger can load up to 6 bullets at a time. Every 6th bullet deals Critical Damage. Basic Attack Granger will deal more damage, but he gets 50% Attack Speed ​​from Equipment or Emblems.
Skill 1 Granger Ae7be
Rhapsody (Skill 1): Granger loaded his weapon with bullets and fired all the bullets forward. Each bullet deals 30/56/82/108/134/160 Physical Damage to the opponent.
Skill 2 Granger 86e6a
Rondo (Skill 2): Granger blinks in the specified direction and the next 2/2/2/2/2/2 Basic Attack deals 10% / 12% / 14% / 16% / 18% / 20% additional damage in 5/5/5/5 5/5/5 seconds. Every time Rhapsody hits an enemy hero, this Cooldown Skill decreases by 0.5 / 0.5 / 0.5 / 0.5 / 0.5 / 0.5 seconds.
Skill 3 Granger B1579
Death Sonata (Ultimate): Granger turns his violin into a Super Cannon and fills it with bullets. Then he fired 2 Super Bullets at once to the front. Super Bullet ignores minions that are on its path and will only hit the opposing hero. The Super Bullet will explode after hitting the opponent’s first hero, dealing 150/200/250 Physical Damage to nearby enemies and causing a Slow effect on them by 80% / 80% / 80%. Every time Granger shoots a Super Bullet, he can move to another location. When Death Sonata ends, the cooldown of this skill will decrease by 15% / 15% / 15% for every 2 remaining Super Bullets.

11. Esmeralda

New Hero Mobile Legends Esmeralda Dd417

Hero Mages will usually be easy to conquer even if they have them damage the big one. However, different from Esmeralda, friends

The new Hero of Mobile Legends that was first with role Mage / Tank it has the ability to absorb shield opponent and make it as your own cellphone.

So it seems that it will be useless for the hero to use the item defense and it will be difficult to kill this one hero.

For skills owned by Esmeralda, you can refer to the full review below.

Skill Type Explanation of Esmeralda Skills
Passive Skill Esmeralda 263e1
Starmoon Casket (Passive): Esmeralda manipulated Stardust and Frostmoon. Each Basic Attack and Esmeralda skill deal twice damage – Stardust deals Physical Damage, and Frostmoon deals Magic Damage and targets a Shield equivalent to 150% damage Frostmoon deals. The damage dealt by Esmeralda ignores all Shield effects and changes his Shield to his HP at the same time.
Skill 1 Esmeralda 052d0
Frostmoon Shield (Skill 1): Esmeralda generates 350/410/470/530/590/650 Shield for himself and increases his Movement Speed ​​by 40% / 40% / 40% / 40% / 40% / 40% in 5/5/5/5/5/5 / 5 seconds. Meanwhile, he changed the Shield from a nearby opponent to his own Shield gradually. Increased speed decays in a short amount of time.
Skill 2 Esmeralda 9b32a
Stardust Dance (Skill 2): Esmeralda swings Stardust and Frostmoon and deals 210/250/290/330/370/410 Magic Damage to nearby opponents. Giving damage to your opponent reduces Cooldown Frostmoon Shield by 1/1/1/1/1/1 second.
Skill 3 Esmeralda C6852
Falling Starmoon (Ultimate): Esmeralda unites Astrospace into two weapons – Stardust and Frostmoon. The longer the duration, the greater the strength. Use this skill again to take out Stardust in the designated direction, deal 350/500/650 Physical Damage, and then Esmeralda moves in the direction specified to deal Frostmoon, dealing 350/500/650 Magical Damage and causing an Immobilize effect on opponents in area for 1.2 / 1.2 / 1.2 seconds.

12. Khufra

New Hero Mobile Legends Khufra 48cb1

His appearance may look thin and less convincing. However, who would have thought that Khufra can be a very reliable Tank Mobile Legends hero.

Khufra was the ruler of a city in the Land of Dawn whose area was covered by a vast desert.

This hero has the ambition to dominate other areas around him. But due to his greed, he was cursed by the magician Eslora to reach his current form.

Not only that, Khufra is also equipped with various skill as follows.

Skill Type Explanation of the Khufra Skill
Khufra Passive Skill 7cc47
Spell Curse (Passive): Khufra activates the Spell Curse left by Esmeralda every 12 seconds to increase the distance of the next Basic Attack, dealing magic damage equal to plus 8% of the maximum HP to the opponent and causing a Slow effect on them by 45%. Lasts for 1.5 seconds. Meanwhile Khufra will also recover 8% of its maximum HP. The skill causes Crowd Control to the opposing Hero, Cooldown Spell Curse will decrease by 4 seconds.
Skill 1 Khufra 6ed6a
Tyrant’s Revenge (Skill 1): Khufra pulled the bandage in his hand to catapult himself in the specified direction, dealing physical damage equivalent to 80/110/140/170/200/230 plus 10% / 10% / 10% / 10% / 10% / 10% maximum HP Khufra to all opponents on that path. When reaching the furthest point or crashing into an enemy Hero, Khufra will immediately stop, dealing physical damage equivalent to 80/110/140/170/200/230 plus 10% / 10% / 10% / 10% / 10% / 10% HP Maximum Khufra to nearby enemies and cause Knockup effect for 1.1 / 1.1 / 1.1 / 1.1 / 1.1 / 1.1 seconds.
Skill 2 Khufra E5205
Bouncing Ball (Skill 2): Khufra wrapped himself in bandages into a Magical Bouncing Ball, increasing Physical & Magical Defense by 75% / 80% / 85% / 90% / 95% / 100%. Opponents who use a Blink type Skill if passing through Khufra will receive the Knockup effect. Setiap kali Magical Bouncing Ball menyentuh tanah akan memberikan Magic Damage setara dengan 30/45/60/75/90/105 ditambah 6%/6%/6%/6%/6%/6% HP maksimal Khufra serta menurunkan Movement Speed lawan di sekitar sebesar 80%/80%/80%/80%/80%/80% selama 0.5/0.5/0.5/0.5/0.5/0.5 detik.
Skill 3 Khufra F682c
Tyrant’s Rage (Ultimate): Khufra menarik semua lawan di sekitarnya ke depannya, memberikan 300/450/600 Physical Damage dan menurunkan Movement Speed mereka selama 1.25/1.5/1.75 detik. Jika lawan terhempas mengenai tembok, lawan akan menerima tambahan Physical Damage sebesar 150%/150%/150% Damage. Skill ini dan efek Slow yang diterima akan meningkat menjadi efek Stun.

Daftar Lengkap Nama-Nama Hero Mobile Legends Terbaru Hingga Saat Ini

Selain daftar hero baru Mobile Legends di atas, ApkVenue pun juga punya daftar lengkap hero Mobile Legends terbaru hingga Juni 2019.

Berikut selengkapnya yang dipisahkan berdasarkan masing-masing role, friends

Hero Tank Mobile Legends

Role Tank dikenal sebagai tembok dan dijadikan lini pertahanan saat berperang melawan musuh, bahkan terkadang bisa jadi salah satu kunci kemenangan, loh.

Berikut adalah daftar lengkap hero Tank Mobile Legends hingga saat ini.

Role Hero Tank Mobile Legends
Tank Mobile Legends 21882
Balmond, Tigreal, Akai, Franco, Minotaur, Lolita, Johnson, Hilda, Gatotkaca, Grock, Hylos, Uranus, Belerick, Khufra, Esmeralda,Baxia

Hero Fighter Mobile Legends

Mungkin nggak setebal Tank, namun hero Fighter Mobile Legends juga bisa memberikan damage yang lumayan besar dalam melakukan team fight, you know.

Penasaran sama daftar lengkap hero Fighter terbaru? Berikut selengkapnya!

Role Hero Fighter Mobile Legends
Fighter Mobile Legends D8dcf
Balmond, Alucard, Bane, Zilong, Freya, Sun, Lapu-Lapu, Chou, Alpha, Roger, Jawhead, Ruby, Hilda, Argus, Martis, Kaja, Aldous, Leomord, Thamuz, Minsitthar, Badang, Guinevere, Terizla, Dyrroth, X.Borg, Masha

Hero Assassin Mobile Legends

Hero Assassin Becomes carry dalam permainan karena kemampuannya dalam menghabisi musuh dalam waktu yang singkat. Maka saat kamu menggunakannya butuh kecepatan dan ketepatan.

Untuk daftar hero Assassin selengkapnya, simak di bawah ini, ya!

Role Hero Assassin Mobile Legends
Assassin Mobile Legends 74a2b
Saber, Alucard, Zilong, Fanny, Lapu-Lapu, Helcurt, Selena, Karina, Hayabusa, Natalia, Lancelot, Lesley, Gusion, Hanzo, Ling

Hero Marksman Mobile Legends

Membidik musuh dan menyerang dari kejauhan adalah salah satu keunggulan yang dimiliki oleh hero Marksman dan jadi kunci di dalam team fight.

Berikut adalah daftar lengkap hero Marksman Mobile Legends, geng.

Role Hero Marksman Mobile Legends
Marksman Mobile Legends 3be3e
Miya, Clint, Layla, Karrie, Roger, Irithel, Bruno, Yi Sun-shin, Moskov, Lesley, Hanabi, Claude, Kimmy, Granger, Wanwan

Hero Mage Mobile Legends

Kemudian ada hero dengan role Mage yang bisa menghasilkan serangan dengan area luas ditambah dengan damage terbesar untuk menghabisi sekelompok musuh.

Untuk daftar hero Mage selengkapnya, cek pada tabel di bawah ini, ya!

Role Hero Mage Mobile Legends
Mage Mobile Legends 1a248
Nana, Eudora, Gord, Cyclops, Zhask, Pharsa, Selena, Alice, Karina, Kagura, Aurora, Vexana, Harley, Odette, Gusion, Valir, Chang’e, Vale, Lunox, Kimmy, Harith, Kadita, Faramis, Guinevere, Esmeralda, Lylia

Hero Support Mobile Legends

Last there role pendukung, yakni hero Support yang membantu hero lainnya dalam permainan. Misal menyembuhkan anggota tim atau memberikan efek pada hero lawan.

Berikut adalah daftar lengkap hero Support Mobile Legends hingga saat ini.

Role Hero Support Mobile Legends
Support Mobile Legends 5aa12
Nana, Rafaela, Minotaur, Diggie, Lolita, Estes, Angela, Kaja, Faramis


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