Are you a fan Valentino Rossi, MotoGP racers whose career and achievements have no doubt, friends?

Maybe you wish to be like him, right? Instead of participating in speeding on roads that are not useful, it’s better to follow ApkVenue’s method.

In addition to not spending money, you also do not need to fear the risk of getting a police ticket even a life-threatening accident.

Therefore, this time ApkVenue has summarized the group the best motorbike racing game 2019 which you can play on your Android cellphone and PC or game console.

The Latest and Best Motorcycle Racing Game Recommendations in 2019

Gamegenre The race is not only dominated by a line of fast-paced luxury cars, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bugatti, the friends.

There are also some people who are more engrossed in a fast race by using two-wheeled vehicles, aka motorbikes, which are certainly more agile and have more extreme maneuvers.

Curious the same motorcycle racing game what did ApkVenue recommend this time? Come, see the full list below.

List of the Best Android Motorcycle Racing Games 2019

First, ApkVenue has a list the best Android motorbike racing game the majority of which you can play for free by downloading it through the Google Play Store.

In addition, most of what ApkVenue recommends is a motorcycle racing game offline so you don’t need an internet quota to play it. Curious, right?

1. Traffic Rider

For those of you who want to stimulate adrenaline, Traffic Rider could be one of the Android motorbike racing games that you must try.

Here you must be skilled at avoiding vehicles that pass in front of you while driving your motorcycle as fast and as far as possible.

Here you can choose various types of motorcycles with sound characteristics and appearance like a real motorcycle. With a first-person perspective, of course this game will make it more real.

Details Traffic Rider
Developer Soner Kara
Minimal OS Varies with device
Size Varies with device
Download it 100,000,000 and above
Genre Racing
Rating 4.5 / 5 (Google Play)

Download here:

Traffic Rider Icon
Traffic Rider
Racing Soner Kara

2. Cafe Racer

If you are looking for an Android motorbike racing game offline which is lightly played, Cafe Racer must enter inside library your game!

Gameplay offered is not much different when compared to Traffic Rider. What makes it light is the graphics that use checkered animation, 64-bit game style.

But make no mistake, even so the developer promising challenging games with aggressive AI and winding tracks, not just straight roads.

Details Cafe Racer
Developer PiguinSoft
Minimal OS Varies with device
Size Varies with device
Download it 1,000,000 and above
Genre Racing
Rating 4.4 / 5 (Google Play)

Download here:

Cafe Racer 35878
Cafe Racer

Other Android Motorcycle Racing Games …

3. Trial Xtreme 4

Next is the game titled Trial Xtreme 4 which requires you to bulldoze difficult obstacles with a dirt scratching motor.

One feature in this game is Multiplayer Mode, where you can play and compete with other players real-time.

Racing game motor cross this certainly will really spur adrenaline with 3D graphics that look real and spoil the eye.

Details Trial Xtreme 4
Developer Deemedya INC
Minimal OS Android 4.1 and above
Size Varies with device
Download it 10,000,000 and above
Genre Racing
Rating 4.3 / 5 (Google Play)

Download here:

Trial Xtreme 4 Icon
Trial Xtreme 4
Racing Deemedya

4. MotoGP Racing ’19

Speaking of motorbike racing games, of course you should not miss MotoGP Racing ’19 who adapted directly from the world’s most popular motor racing series, the friends.

Attend to the platform Android, this free motorbike racing game has somewhat more complex controls.

Here you have to focus on doing gas pressure until braking during the race. Moreover, it is available Career Mode for you who pioneered to be a pro racer from scratch.

As one of the motor racing games online multiplayer, of course MotoGP Racing ’19 needs a data internet or WiFi network to play it!

Details MotoGP Racing ’19
Developer WePlay Media LLC
Minimal OS Android 4.1 and above
Size 52MB
Download it 10,000,000 and above
Genre Racing
Rating 4.3 / 5 (Google Play)

Download here: MotoGP Racing ’19 via Google Play Store

5. Real Bike Racing

If you want the light version, there is also a game called Real Bike Racing who also adopted racing games Moto GP with various circuits that can be tried.

This game also provides a mode online multiplayer to play together player other from all over the world.

Here you have to complete the race to get money that can be used toan upgrade your character and motorcycle.

Uniquely, Real Bike Racing also supports VR mode alias virtual reality so that the race will feel more real, friends.

Details Real Bike Racing
Developer Italic Games
Minimal OS Android 4.0 and above
Size 21MB
Download it 100,000,000 and above
Genre Racing
Rating 4.1 / 5 (Google Play)

Download here:

Real Bike Racing 366d8
Real Bike Racing

6. Top Bike: Street Racing & Moto Drag Rider

As the name implies, Top Bike: Street Racing & Moto Drag Rider presents the concept of street racing.

In motorbike racing games drag Here, you will face 1vs1 on a straight track and must be the fastest to reach the finish line to come out victorious.

In this game there are more than 70 motor modifications to choose from. Gameplayit’s also fairly easy, just raise the motor gear at a certain RPM to become the fastest, friends.

Details Top Bike: Street Racing & Moto Drag Rider
Developer T-Bull
Minimal OS Android 4.0.3 and above
Size Varies with device
Download it 5,000,000 and above
Genre Racing
Rating 4.4 / 5 (Google Play)

Download here: Top Bike: Street Racing & Moto Drag Rider via Google Play Store

List of the Best PC Motorcycle Racing Games 2019

In addition to the big names Need for Speed ​​and Gran Turismo, it turns out there are also tablets PC motorbike racing game which is not less than two franchise the biggest game.

Here ApkVenue will recommend the best motorbike racing games on PC and other game consoles that you must play, friends.

1. MotoGP 19

MotoGP 19 present as the latest series from franchise the best PC motorbike racing game that already has a satisfying track record since it was released in late 2000.

Moving around the developer until finally now with the auspices of Milestone, the MotoGP game is clearly getting various developments, both graphically, gameplay, and other additional features.

Even in 2016, Milestone also issued a version spinoff from MotoGP titled Valentino Rossi: The Game which is at the same time a tribute to this MotoGP live legend, friends.

Details MotoGP 19
Developer Milestone srl
Publisher Milestonr srl
Release Date June 6, 2019
Genre Racing
Rating Very Positive – 86% (Steam) | *
Price Rp.104,999. (Steam)

2. MXGP 2019

If MotoGP competes on asphalt circuits, it is different from using MXGP motor cross who competed in a land dominated, friends.

Came from the developer the same, namely Milestone certainly makes games MXGP 2019 have qualities that are not far behind when compared to MotoGP 19.

In addition to adapting the track to the racer from the MXGP World Championship title, you will also be presented with a feature to build your own track.

Details MXGP 2019 – The Official Motocross Videogame
Developer Milestone srl
Publisher Milestonr srl
Release Date August 27, 2019
Genre Racing
Rating Very Positive – 81% (Steam) | *
Price Rp.104,999. (Steam)

Other PC Motorcycle Racing Games …

3. Ride 3

Milestone, the developer This Italian game does have a variety of portfolios in developing popular racing games in the world, the friends.

Including for Ride 3 which many gamers refer to as the “Forza Horizon” version of the two-wheeled vehicle.

In the Ride 3 game, you can find 230 motorbikes coming out of 1966 to date. Also present are 30 tracks that can be selected and played in it.

Details RIDE 3
Developer Milestone srl
Publisher Milestonr srl
Release Date November 30, 2018
Genre Racing
Rating Mostly Positive – 76% (Steam) | *
Price Rp.83,999. (Steam)

4. TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge

Want to feel the experience of playing a wild motorbike racing game on a rural road? Well, maybe ** TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge ** could be the cure.

Here you will be presented with a race of 1,000 cc motorbike racing in bulldoze the streets of a typical village that is winding, bumpy, and even surrounded by ravines.

Of course with such terrain, you need to rely on concentration to record the fastest time and win the TT Champions, friends.

Details TT Isle of Man
Developer KT Racing
Publisher Bigben Interactive
Release Date March 27, 2018
Genre Racing
Rating Mostly Positive – 71% (Steam) | *
Price Rp.136,499. (Steam)

5. Road Redemption

Are you one of the best PlayStation 1 game fans called Road Rash? Maybe this brutal motorbike racing game will be the right nostalgic game!

Road Redemption is indeed a game that takes inspiration from Road Rash and provides several changes, such as graphic quality up to gameplay-his.

If on Road Rash you will only be armed with weapons melee, then at Road Redemption firearms were also present, such as pistols, shotguns, and so on Rocket launcher.

Details Road Redemption
Developer EQ-Games, Pixel Dash Studios
Publisher Tripwire Interactive
Release Date October 4, 2018
Genre Racing
Rating Very Positive – 81% (Steam) | *
Price Rp.43,599 (Steam)

6. Fusion Trials

If Trial Xtreme 4 you can play on mobile platform, then you can also feel the PC version of the game called Fusion Trials.

With console-style graphics next-gen, Trials Fusion is staying digadang become one of the best motor racing games that are highly recommended for you to play.

Starting from lighting to the surrounding environment, guaranteed to spoil your eyes and make you addicted in playing deh!

Details Fusion Trials
Developer RedLynx
Publisher Ubisoft
Release Date April 25, 2014
Genre Racing
Rating Mixed – 65% (Steam) | *
Price Rp.77,860 (Steam)

Bonus: Collection of the Best 2019 Car Racing Games for Android & PC

In addition to the motorcycle racing theme, you can also play car racing games that are no less exciting and tense from the list of recommendations above.

For recommendations the newest and best car racing game 2019 for Android and PC in full you can see in the article below, friends.

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The final word

Those are some of the best Android and PC motorbike racing game recommendations for you who like speeding, but in a safe way.

Remember! The games above are only for entertainment media and never try in the real world without expert supervision. Good luck!

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